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The Commercial Real Estate Professional Investor Group CREPIG is being offered for sale

crepig 3d plagueBidding Is Closed.

CREPIG, once one of the largest private CRE websites is offering it’s websites and social media clout to the commercial real estate industry.

NOTE: Information may have changed since you last looked at this page. Please go to the offer section and re-read if you have not done so in the last 8 hours. To go to offer click here

What is CREPIG

Hello, my name is JW Najarian and I am the founder and creator of On Purpose Magazine and the Commercial Real Estate Professional and Investor Group (CREPIG) site. It has been a wonderful run. We started CREPIG in October of 2008 officially. It was open a bit earlier to a smaller group of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) professionals.

The site was initially created to help an ailing industry. The economic crash in 2006/7 crippled the industry severely and CREPIG was formed to  try to get the industry back on it’s feet by providing information we believed necessary to help out many struggling CRE professionals, after the market crash.

CREPIG jw najarian interviewing with greenpearl speakersI did interviews with the top CRE execs and world class economists and heads of banks to try and figure out how to move ahead in a world where money went from being easy to becoming almost impossible to get.

CREPIG jw najarian with ryan slack greenpearlI talked with hard money lenders and so many others and at some point realized that the market would take more time than we first thought, to come back.

crepig stats 100403CREPIG grew quickly and became one of the top 10 CRE sites nationally, we competed with several sites and although we never reached numbers like Loopnet, we did do very well.

I published news and articles and did graphs based on MIT / Moody studies that showed that the trends ahead for commercial properties were not going to be as they were in the past. Since 1985 there was a steady growth in CRE of around 8% growth year over year, till the crash and all the new studies showed only a 3% growth rate for the next 15 to 20 years.chart TBI

cppiallpropertyallyearindex110521At that point I made CREPIG into a site where you could post your deals and these deals were shared with the 5000+ on this site, plus an additional 40,000 across CRE social media.

The social technology companies like Twitter and Linkedin have changed policies as to slow down and even stop the auto posting of the forum here to other forums.

IMG_0088I have paid hundreds a year to keep this open and free for you the CRE public, but I came down with stage IV cancer and have had to stop spending time I did not have on providing free services to an industry that barely uses them.

I did help co-author a cancer book Cancer: From Tears to Triumph and it went #1 Bestseller in the US, Canada and Australia in the first week of publication which allowed us to give over $25,000 to a children’s cancer fund.

Book Cover - Cancer: From Tears to Triumph

Click Here to Order From Amazon

It allowed me to tell my story and help cancer patients, family members, friends and caregivers see the gifts and positive side of the challenges and tragedies associated with this terrible disease.

My digital art, featured at www.ArtQuench.com Gallery, Magazine and Coffee Table Art Book Series and is being received well. So I am not down and out, but do need to stop paying for CREPIG and let it go to someone who has the capability to do something with the foundation I have laid over the years.

I have met and spent a lot of time with many of you and I have to say we had a great family of CRE pros at CREPIG and it’s other social media proponents. I have grown to know, work with and care for so many of you, but it is over for me now and I just want to thank all of you and wish you the best going forward.

I want to thank my incredible staff of volunteers for all their selfless work and support for CREPIG and me. So thank you Bob Schecter, Sossi Crilly, Beth Ann Grib and Bill Evans

If you have the right stuff and want to run this site. Call me at 818-353-9100 and listen to the message to find out how to make an offer. I will consider all offers. I will be shutting down the site in January one way or the other.

Many have asked what the current traffic is like. I do not consider this a selling point as no one has promoted the site for over 2 years, but the numbers are actually good for a site that I do very little work on.

The forum keeps chugging along and so we continue to get fair traffic relatively, but remember the offer is not for traffic. It is for the site and all the other social media Super Groups and the ability to use those platforms to grow your business or to use as a foundation to start a new business. Here are the current stats.

crepig traffic

Notice Unique visitors is rather large, which is good. Would like to have a smaller bounce rate, but everyone that visits seems to spend on average just under 3 minutes, looks at just under 3 pages and so without any moderation the site still gets over 15,000 pageviews. The right person could take this back to the previous numbers or more in no time.

Here is what I am offering

As the founder and creator of the CREPIG site www.CREPIG.com the Linkedin Groups and the Twitter Group associated with CREPIG I would like to offer the following.

What you get

  • CREPIG Site (as is) with a cost of $24.95 a month that the new owner will take over in January 2016. The site has 5600+ members with full contact info. NO SALE OF MEMBER LIST outside this deal.
  • Twitter CREPIG Accounts @CREPIGsite 43,600 and @RREPIG 35,700 Followers ~ Total 75,000+ Followers
  • Linkedin CREPIG Group 21,700+ RE Professional Investor Group with 2400+, RE Open Networker / Investor 2000+ Members for a Real Estate Total of 25,000+ Members.
  • CREPIG.com URL which you will pay for after transfer and CREPIG Site is on a Ning platform and costs $24.95 a month to maintain (not counting your or your IT departments time)
  • (NEW) Facebook CREPIG Page with over 800 members
  • So in Total of over 111,000+ Real Estate Followers and/or Members

If you are not sure if the lists of CRE Professionals and Investors is real or useful, just know that it reached you! That has to mean something. 🙂

What I am looking for:

I am looking to make the best deal possible.

I am putting the CREPIG site, social media and the brand up for bid. In a perfect world I would like to receive a dollar amount and a percentage of any profit going forward. That is not necessary, however. I will take just a dollar amount, but keep in mind, best deal wins.

Also know that whether or not I get a percentage of profits going forward, I will not be able to work with your staff at no cost. If I am needed for technical issues (transfer of URL and sites not included. I will help to make transfer as smooth as possible.) I will ask for an additional $80 per hour with a minimum of a one half hour per session.

Note that because of my health condition, I may not be able to help, but I do have a partner that can help with all realms technical including porting over to new platform etc., so you will never be left out in the cold if you or your team need technical help with the new sites and apps.

This is a FIRE SALE. The average cost of a single lead is very expensive out on the open market. Depending on whether you will be pursuing an inbound or outbound marketing strategy here is what you will pay, on average for a good lead according to Hubspot, the leader in Internet and Social Media Marketing Research.

What is CREPIG Worth?

Average Cost of a Lead

Using these numbers and taking CREPIG leads, depending on your promotional strategy, at their worst, these are the numbers I should be asking for.

111,000 / 2 = roughly 50,000 (figuring for dupes)
50,000 / 2 = 25,000 (figuring for worthless leads)
25,000 / 2 = roughly 12,000 leads (figuring for good leads that go no where)12,000 / 4 = 3,000 leads (just to make sure I am fair)
So let’s figure 1110 leads are solid sales (That is 1% of the leads offered)
1110 x Inbound Lead Amount (Most of the people I have spoken to will use Outbound Marketing techniques with my members and followers) of $135
This equals a lead cost of hundreds of thousands

Now to be ultra fair take the 5,000 members I have at CREPIG.com and say that only 50 of the names are useful leads. The math would look like this 50 x $135 = $6750.00 or 50 x $346.00 = $17,000

So worst case the site is worth close to $7,000. To the right person this site and it’s associated groups is a goldmine if used properly. I have checked these amounts with Internet marketers and car dealers and they are similar. Check out Driving Sales Forum, Hubspot, The Marketing Sherpa and many other forums and sales organizations.

If you Google Commercial Real Estate Leads you will find one company that charges $35.00 per lead. Then you find that the company has a Ripoff Report as they do not provide sales ready leads. Are there good leads under $135 each? I do not know, but I haven’t found any. Have fun.

How Do I Make An Offer?

I am starting the bidding right now. The bidding process will end on December 15th at midnight – Pacific Time. I am asking for 50% on sale and other 50% on delivery. All sites, social apps and Linkedin Groups will be transferred as is and the sale will be final.

Update: I will post the latest bids on December 13th so that everyone has a chance to counter offer. The post will be on this page only.

I will not part out the different platforms separately. The bid and sale will be for all that is listed above. No more or less.


Good Luck and may the best Deal win.
JW Najarian
CREPIG Founder

Cancer: From Tears to Triumph Goes International Besteller

Book Cover - Cancer: From Tears to TriumphAs a co-author on the #1 International Bestseller “Cancer: From Tears to Triumph”

I am extremely excited to announce that the book, which was released on September 3rd 2015, has hit #1 Bestseller in Canada, Australia and the United States, in the first week, making me a #1 International Bestseller co-author!!

JW NajarianHello, I am JW Najarian and I am the founder and am the Editor and Chief of On Purpose Magazine. Yes, the magazine you are reading right now. I was offered the opportunity to write one of the chapters (chapter 8, Seeing Cancer As a Gift) by the main author Viki Winterton who I met via Rick Frishman co-founder of New York’s Morgan James Publishing.

Rick FrishmanRick has a couple of events every year called Author 101 University. Rick invites some of the most prominent and most diverse lineup of people in the publishing industry to help new and seasoned authors a way to get in front of the industry leaders and find out more about new ways of publishing and promoting their books. It is a great conference and I HIGHLY recommend any author or writer go to this event.

Viki Winterton

Viki Winterton

Anyway, I met Viki from Expert Insights and when she found out that I have stage 4 prostrate carcinoma, she kindly offered me a chapter to write in the book.

I was so happy as I know through Rick, that Viki has had a few number one books and I knew this was a chance to tell my story and that by getting in this potential bestseller I could reach a larger audience and hopefully help others with cancer handle this tough journey.

This book is full of stories from patients, survivors, health care professionals and family members of patients and the departed. It is the inspirational book on cancer that all patients, and their loved ones need to read to get through the rough times. Remember the family and friends of a patient go through much of the same pain, depression, anxiety and fear that the patient does. Not in the same way, but sometimes just as bad. I know of a couple of professionals that have lost patients they had gotten to know as very close friends and so even the professionals feel the pain and we all need hope. Cancer: From Tears to Triumph, gives that hope and so much more.  For more info watch the video above.


When you finish your last radiation treatment at USC Norris Cancer Center you get to ring this bell. It seems silly, but you are so glad it is over that this bell can really choke you up.

I had found that even thought the treatments, the pain, the side effects from the drugs, the knowing your may only have a short time with your loved ones an having to tell people like your mother that you have a terminal disease is just no picnic, but that with the right attitude you can find blessings and gratitude in so many things and I really wanted to share that with others.


My cancer had moved from my prostate into the bone and I had some tumors boring into my spine. I had to have spine surgery to address the tumors and this is me with USC P.T. staff learning to walk correctly. I didn’t know I had it wrong all these years… 🙂

So many patients fall apart and it is hard not to have your pity party and why me days. In fact I would agree that someone in that position has every right to feel depressed, angry and just plain bad about bad news, but I have also found that in doing so, the patient puts themselves in a terrible place that if hard to get out of. I believe what you focus on expands and focusing on all the crap that comes with a terminal disease can kill you faster and harder that the disease itself.

If you have cancer or know of someone that does, you need to get this book for yourself or your friend or family member. The only positive way through the storm is with hope and inspiration and this book is full of stories by survivors and others like myself.

Here is the official press release:

Cancer: From Tears to Triumph—Essential Secrets on Achieving Purpose, Passion and Creative Healing

Cancer is a Global Epidemic! Global cancer cases are predicted to reach 26.4 million a year by 2030. In 2013, there were over 7.5 Million. (State of Oncology 2013 Report)

Got Cancer? There is hope!

Cancer can be detected early, and may be preventable and treatable. Those whose lives have been touched by Cancer are in the ultimate position to spread their stories of challenge, hope, and inspiration to the world!

In the new bestseller, Cancer: From Tears to Triumph from Expert i Insights Publishing, readers will feel inspiration wash over them as they read these amazing stories from across the globe, filled with hope and wisdom that can be used to overcome obstacles and achieve lasting peace, happiness and fulfillment in life.

Stories of struggle, hardship, and triumph are tremendously important because they can motivate others to keep going even when it feels like the weight of the world is on their shoulders. True stories that speak of courage and persistence help people recognize their own power and open their eyes to possibilities so they can do what it takes to change their lives forever.

“The most important thing someone touched by cancer can do is to share their experience with the world and bring hope to others facing this challenge. This book is dedicated to those who share their stories in service to others.”    ~Viki Winterton, Publisher 

Every life holds an inspirational story and everyone has the power to inspire others. Cancer: From Tears To Triumph is a priceless guide that will show readers the way to live by choice…not by chance.

A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, helping families of children with Cancer.

line 01

pic EIPPY AwardsThe EIPPY Book Awards Extravaganza 2015 and Author 101 Oct 21st – 24th

This year the EIPPY Awards, Extravaganza 2015 and Author 101 are being held at the same venue on the same dates. More like the EIPPY Awards are on the 21st of October and Author 101 will be held in the same venue the 22nd through the 24th. If you want to find out how to publish a book and get it to bestseller status or increase the sales of your current books then this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

I will be receiving an award for my part in writing chapter 8 of “Cancer: From Tears to Triumph”, at the EIPPY Awards on the 21st so I hope to meet you there. I will also be at Author 101, as I have for the last five years! I never miss Author 101. After years of attending a plethora of conferences, it is the last conference I still attend. It is that good.


You can get tickets to the whole event by going to http://expertinsightspublishing.com/Extravaganza2015.html

You can also just sign up for Author 101 by itself.  I believe there is still time to get the earlybird special which is buy one ticket and get in a friend for free. To check this out go to http://www.webmarketingmagic.com/app/?af=1392722

An isiolated writing feather with an inkwellExpert Insights

Working with Viki Winterton and her staff was an incredible delight. They made it easy to tell my story and helped with every step of the process. They are true professionals and they not only know what they are doing, but they do it with kindness and the most compassionate support I have had the pleasure of receiving in some time.

If you want to write a book, have written a book or just need help on the with publishing and promotions, Expert Insights Publishing is the real deal and they have helped so many authors get through the process and they have worked with some of the great authors and thought leaders of our time and have, with their books, helped countless individuals with uplifting, inspiring and educations books that are full of great information, stories and more.

Find out more at the Expert Insights Publishing Website

Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day 2015

jw with color walk for warriors color guard

Me with the honor guard from New Directions at the VA Center in Santa Monica, CA

Recently I stopped by a bar to see an old friend from high school. We sat at the bar to catch up and reminisce about the old days. He had stayed in the town I had grown up in, Lake Tahoe, and I had left to join the Navy.

We got into a conversation about vets and he made the remark that he didn’t get why everyone made such a big deal about vets or soldiers as they had signed up for a job and were doing it. Why did they need extra stuff or why did we see them as heroes for doing their job? Arrrrghh!

Continue reading

Wheelchair Solutions is Making Ordinary Wheelchairs, Walkers and Slings More Functional and Cool Looking

pic wheelchair solutions Wheelie Slings - 7Kathy Mondotte is Making Wheelchairs and Walkers Fashionable with Wheelchair Solutions

In this Audio Interview of Kathy Mondotte, Founder of Wheelchair Solutions, we hear her inspiring story how she survived a crushing blow to the spine which had her in a wheelchair for 13 months and how she is making a difference with products that make wheelchairs, walkers and slings, sexy, cool and fashionable.

Continue reading

Texas Farm Girl Rebecca Crownover with Billy Dawson

rebecca-crownover-author-texas-farm-girlRebecca Crownover and her new children’s book “Texas Farm Girl”

Teaches kids about what farms, farmers and the farming community are really like.

Rebecca Crownover is best known for her first well received, children’s book “My Daddy is in Heaven with Jesus“.

In this new children’s book she tells the story of this Texas farm girl working with her father who teaches her about farming and the story of the challenges they endure and despite the difficulties, how much they love what the do.

This is my audio interview with Rebecca about her book and Rising country star Billy Dawson about his new song “Texas Farm Girl” that he shot on Rebecca’s farm and in their hometown of Sunray, Texas.  Yes the video is included…. Continue reading

Raising Minimum Wage Plus Obamacare Equals Disaster

Affordable Care Act Expert Consultant Minda Wilson Esq. Raising Minimum Wage Plus Obamacare Equals Disaster

pic Minda Wilson Obamacare Expert Affordable Healthcare ReviewIn this audio interview with Minda Wilson, she explains how raising the minimum wage will have disastrous effects on the people it helps the most; the working poor.

Continue reading

Economist Ilya Kuntsevich The World’s Economic Formulas Don’t Work

ilya kuntsevich shIn Economic Equilibrium: Geomtry of Economics Ilya Kuntsevich Argues that all the current economic formulas are flawed and need to be rewritten using Geometry.

  • What’s wrong with the economic system if it breaks down now and then?
  • Should the modern economic theories, accounting principles, and financial models be relied upon going forward?
  • Could we devise an alternative economic system, which would be whole and sustainable, and allow a crisis-like proof pace of economics?
  • Could we design and build more intelligent tools and models in order to see the big picture and avoid future crises?

These are the questions tackled in Economical Equilibrium: Geometry of Economics by Ilya Vladimirovich Kuntsevich.

In this audio Interview Ilya talks about his book his ideas and how we can change the system to avoid crashes and financial ruin around the world.

Continue reading

Kevin Sorbo Supports Better Education for Kids and New Movie Alongside Night

Kevin Sorbo 02Kevin Sorbo about The Movie Alongside Night and Giving Kids a Better Education

Kevin Sorbo, known for shows and movies like as Hercules, Andromeda, Meet the Spartans and Soul Surfer. Recently he starred in the movie Alongside Night. He plays an award winning world economist that along with his son take to the job of saving the country with a government that has run amok.

In this video interview On Purpose Magazine talks to Kevin about this role and his work with World Fit for Kids. Continue reading

Nichelle Nichols Supports Kids and New Movie Alongside Night

Lt. Uhura Nichelle Nichols from WikipediaNichelle Nichols, best known for Lt. Uhura on Star Trek Came out to support The Movie Alongside Night

Nichelle Nichols, Actress, Singer, Producer, best known for her part as Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek and the first movies, came out to The movie Alongside Night starring Kevin Sorbo as she was in J. Neil Shulman’s award winning movie Lady Magdalene’s.

Nichelle also wanted to support the Alongside Night sci-fi stars in this film, including Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager), Garrett Wang (Star Trek: Voyager), Jake Busey (Starship Troopers) and Actor/Author/Director J Neil Schulman wrote an episode for The Twilight Zone TV Series. Continue reading

LAVA’s 30th Anniversary Meeting at Skirball Center

banner lava 30 year 02 shLos Angeles Venture Association (LAVA) Has their 30th Anniversary Meeting.

Since 1985 the Los Angeles Venture Association has been providing forums where entrepreneurs and executives of start-up, emerging growth and late stage venture funded companies actively meet and learn from fellow executives, investors, bankers, financial advisors and other providers of professional services.

This is their 30th year and they are still going strong. Many of the past presidents were at the meeting and talked about their time as president and the Continue reading

Stefano Langone’s New Song Yes to Life

Stefano Langone talks to us about his support for Stand Up For Cancer

Stefano Langone talks to us about  his support for cancer research Plus we look at stefano’s new video Yes to Life and my favorite I’m on a Roll

I caught Stefano Langone at the GBK Celebrity Gifting Suite for the American Music Awards. Stefano was a wonderful interview, mainly because I forgot to turn on RECORD for our interview and though he was really busy, he re-recorded the whole interview for me.

I received a tweet from Stefano to update my story cause my story was getting old. So here you go Stefano. I do not have an updated interview, but I do have the new video of Yes to Love to share with everyone. If you get a chance also listen to On a Roll. I really like that one.

Stefano talks about his support of the environment and cancer research especially Stand Up 2 Cancer which is a great organization. – JW


Stefano LangoneStefano Langone

From Wikipedia

Langone was born on February 27, 1989 in Bellevue, Washington to Carrie and Ernie Langone.[1] He is half Spanish and half Italian.[2] His father works as a career advisor at The Art Institute of Seattle and is also a singer and musician.[1][3] Langone has been singing and playing the piano since childhood. He attended Emerald Park Elementary School, Meridian Junior High, and Kentwood High School, as well as Bellevue College, where he was given a full ride scholarship.[4] He performed with Bellevue College’s ‘Celebration!’ vocal jazz ensemble while he was a student there.[5]

On May 28, 2009, he was involved in a near-fatal accident after being hit by a drunk driver.[6] The accident resulted in two broken arms, a fractured pelvis, and other serious injuries. In addition, Langone had to re-learn to walk and has extensive scarring as a result of the accident.[7]

Post Idol

Following his elimination, Langone appeared on several talk shows. He appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly on April 25, 2011, as well as The Today Show on April 26, 2011. In addition, Langone appeared on The Rachael Ray Show along with Paul McDonald and Pia Toscano on May 25, 2011.[10]

The following summer, Langone toured with the American Idols LIVE! Tour 2011, which began in West Valley City, Utah on July 6, 2011 and ended in Manila, Philippines on September 21, 2011.

On September 24, 2011, Langone sang the National Anthem at the Western Hockey League game opener between the Seattle Thunderbirds and Portland Winterhawks. On September 26, 2011, Langone and James Durbin appeared on Dr. Drew‘s “Lifechangers” TV Talk show.

As of October 9, 2011, Langone has officially moved to Los Angeles to begin a music career. Langone is currently being managed by 19 Entertainment.[11]

While recording for his upcoming debut album, Langone has performed at several events. On October 15, 2011, Langone performed at Eva Longoria’s Charity Padres El Cancer in Las Vegas.[12] On November 24, 2011, Langone performed at the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade. On December 4, 2011, Langone performed at Trevor Live, an event benefiting The Trevor Project.

album stefano yes to loveStefano’s New Song

button amazon buy from 02button buy from itunesYes To Love

Check out Stefano’s newest song on Amazon or Itunes or go to Vevo to watch the video or…..

logo stand up to cancer su2cStand Up To Cancer

Since our launch in 2008, we’ve been amazed by the outpouring of generosity and hope from the ever-growing SU2C community. You’ve shared your stories. You’ve launched stars in honor of loved ones. You’ve sent letters to Congress. You’ve spread the word to friends and family. You joined us for our second, commercial-free telecast on September 10, 2010 and, most importantly, pledged over $80 million to accelerate ground-breaking research and bring new treatments to patients as quickly as possible.

We’ve all come together — from patients to clinicians, from advocates to lawmakers, from children to teenagers to parents and parents of parents — in support of one cause: finding a cure for cancer. We can’t thank you enough for making Stand Up To Cancer what it is today. This is where the end of cancer begins

To learn more about the people behind SU2C, visit the links below.

  • Co-Founders
  • Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF)
  • SU2C Team
  • Why We’re Different
  • The Science




Thanks to GBK Productions – Gavin and his great staff. As always you host the best.

On Purpose Magazine Has Moved and Is Growing


On Purpose Magazine has moved to a more robust platform and is getting ready for a face lift.

You should not notice any differences in the look and feel of On Purpose Magazine, but there has been a major change recently.

On Purpose Magazine was originally hosted with WordPress.com and is now running WordPress.org.

I know this doesn’t sound like much to most of us, but to the techies and website gurus out there, this is a major change.

What it means is that we now have more room to grow and expand usability for our readers.

Keep your eyes peeled for some big changes coming soon, but for now we will continue to produce the best and most interesting content we can.


JW Najarian is Guest on Jackie Keller’s Show Food Exposed – What’s on Your Plate?

JW and Jackie Keller on Food Exposed shJackie Keller, Bestselling Author, Wellness Coach, Owner of Premiere Healthy Food Company Nutrifit, LLC

Featured JW Najarian (that is ME! I am the Editor and Chief of On Purpose Magazine) on her emPOWERme.Tv Show Food Exposed – What’s on Your Plate?

Here is short snippet of the full show:

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1pftjs_on-purpose-magazine-with-jw-najarian-food-exposed_lifestyle Continue reading

Happy Easter

Colorful Eggs by Valerie NajarianWe at On Purpose Magazine want to wish you and your family a wonderful Easter weekend. If you do not celebrate Easter our wishes for you and yours do not change in the slightest.

This is a picture my wife took of the eggs we are hiding in the back yard for our yearly Easter Egg hunt.

The each have change we have saved over years in them. So at the end of the day the kids will have a variety of nickels, dimes and quarters strewn all over the living room floor to see who did the best this year.

pic gratitude coinOne has a gratitude coin in it and that is the big winner!

Love and Light to All.

JW Najarian
Editor and Chief

JW Najarian to Guest on Jackie Keller’s Show Food Exposed – What’s on Your Plate?

pic jackie kellerJackie Keller, Bestselling Author, Wellness Coach, Owner of Premiere Healthy Food Company Nutrifit, LLC

Will be featuring me, JW Najarian (that is ME! I am the Editor and Chief of On Purpose Magazine) on her emPOWERme.Tv Show Food Exposed – What’s on Your Plate? on April 22nd 2014 Continue reading

The Commercial Real Estate Distressed Assets Association CREDAA Story 2009 to 2011

CREDAA Advisors

About The Commercial Real Estate Distressed Assets Association


CREDAA was founded in pre-launch in January of 2010 and was first developed starting on August 20th 2009.

CREDAA is the brainchild of Scott Miller and Warren Samek, both National Commercial Account Executives with Fidelity National Title in Seattle, WA and JW Najarian, formally a commercial lender with Pathfinder Commercial Mortgage and the Founder of The Commercial Real Estate Professional Investor Group out of Los Angeles.

After the real estate and stock markets fell in September of 2008 the founders envisioned a commercial real estate collapse coming as the CRE market tends to lag just around 2 years from the Continue reading

Barry Bostwick Supports Efforts to Find a Cure for Prostate Cancer

Barry Bostwick Prostate Cancer Survivor, supports efforts to treat prostate cancer.

Famous for movies like Rocky Horror or television shows like Spin City and so many other wonderful parts, Barry Bostick takes a minute while busy supporting vendors and great causes at the GBK Gifting Lounge for the 2013 Emmy Awards. Continue reading

Veterans Day Celebrity Shout Out Video

banner Veterans Day Celeb Shoutout

Vets this video is for you…

As the creator US Veteran Group on Linkedin and a proud Navy veteran, I am always looking to support our troops and veterans. I so a lot of celebrity interviews and whenever I get a chance I ask for a shout out for the vets and troops.

Here are the celebs:

  • Adrian Paul – Highlander
  • Barry Kerch – Drummer Shinedown
  • Bruce Boxlightner
  • Buzz Aldrin – Astronaut
  • Edwin Hodge – Red Dawn
  • Ernie Hudson
  • Gary Busey
  • James Van Der Beek
  • Joanna Cassidy
  • Kent Shocknek – CBS News Anchor Los Angeles
  • Lorretta Divine – Greys Anatomy
  • Magic Johnson
  • Marilou Henner
  • Nick Young – The Clippers
  • Peter Jason
  • Robert Wuhl
  • Sharon Gless
  • Steven Webber
  • Stuart Pankin
  • Warren Sapp

This video is just a few of the many I have done. I hope to release a lot more soon.

Vets we love you…. You should have a week or a month, not a day.

Please share this with as many as you can and have a wonderful Veterans Day.

Related Links:

US Veteran Group on Linkedin
US Veteran Group on Facebook

Special Thanks goes to…

GBK Productions
Norby Walters – Night of 100 Stars
Alfred Music – NAMM Show

Kent Shocknek Supports Learning Ally at Night of 100 Stars

Kent Shocknek on helping the dyslexic and blind with audio books.

In this video interview, CBS News Anchor, Voice Over Professional, Speaker, Host and Actor Kent Shocknek talks to us about Oscars 2013 and his support of Learning Ally and gives a shout out to U.S. Veterans. Continue reading

Cheech Marin at GBK Gift Lounge Supports Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Cheech Marin is an actor, director, comedian, author, and Chicano art collector.

In this video interview Cheech talks to us about his support of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Continue reading

Jonny Bowden Does Taking Omega 3 Increase Your Risk of Prostate Cancer?

jonny bowden w frame and shJonny Bowden well known nutritionist talks about recent studies that claim that there was a link between increased risk of prostate cancer and Omega 3 fatty acids in the blood.

The media was quick to take the studies to the next level by reporting that omega 3 supplement and other omega 3 rich foods like salmon and tuna could be responsible for a higher risk of getting prostate cancer especially Continue reading

Minda Wilson Obamacare Expert Great Intent; Bad Implementation

Minda Wilson Founder at Affordable Healthcare Review believes the Affordable Care Act (ACA) comes from good intent, but is a big mess when it comes to implementation.

pic Minda Wilson Obamacare Expert Affordable Healthcare ReviewWhether you are a fan of Obamacare or not, the news this week about CGI and it’s failed attempt to build a usable website and platform for the federal ACA rollout has proved that implementation of the new law will not be as smooth as anyone would hope.

Add to that a very confused public and private sector over just how the ACA will affect everyone and you have a Continue reading

Purina Tidy Cats Helps Raise Funds for SPCALA at GBK Emmy Awards Gift Suite

Purina announces Tidy Cats new Lightweight cat litter product by allowing celebrities to hurl huge cat litter containers into a bucket.

Purina tidy cat lightweight Ed O'Neil and Matt LeBlanc at GBK for SPCALA

Ed O’Neil and Matt LeBlanc help raise funds for spcaLA with Purina Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter Toss at GBK Gifting Suites for the Emmys 2013

Okay, that doesn’t sound weird at all right!? Celebrities had a blast free throwing large Tidy Cats Litter containers into a bucket to show how Continue reading

Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte Fights for Equality and Diversity in The Arts and Media

RJ Mitte 500x500 sq by JW NajarianRJ Mitte of “Breaking Bad” Supports Diversity and Awareness of Actors and Professionals with Disabilities

RJ Mitte found some time to talk with us about his support of diversity in the arts and media while he was busy supporting vendors and great causes at the GBK Gifting Lounge for the 2013 Emmy Awards. Continue reading

Jim Berkenstadt on Jimmie Nicol The Beatle Who Vanished

Jim Berkenstadt is Known as The Rock and Roll Detective and His New Book “The Beatle Who Vanished

Tells the story of former Beatle Jimmie Nicol. Jimmie Nicol took over for Ringo Star as the Beatles drummer for their first world tour for 13 days which led blacklisting, betrayal, drugs, divorce, bankruptcy and an eventual disappearance. Continue reading

Justin Daniels of Clarity Way – No More Vodka In My Orange Juice

Justin Daniels has a Bestseller with his first book “No More Vodka in My Orange Juice”

Warning: Some Adult Content….

After years of abusing alcohol and several attempts at rehab, Successful businessman Justin Daniels decided that there was a better path to rehabilitation and so he started Continue reading

Business Executives Gain a New Resource in the Launch of The Ultimate Sales Machine Blog

Commemorating the first
Chet Holmesanniversary of the passing of legendary salesman and Business Breakthrough’s co-founder, Chet Holmes, a new resource for c-level executives is released.

Those of us who lead today must be lifelong learners in order to compete. Continue reading

Jackie Keller Eating Healthy; Staying Green

jackie keller 01 shJackie Keller, Bestselling Author, Wellness Coach, Owner of Premiere Healthy Food Company Nutrifit, LLC

Talks to OPM about her books, her philosophy, her company that has helped thousands of people and well known celebrities take charge of their nutritional needs and how she runs a successful company and stays green  and philanthropic while doing it. Continue reading

Carter Lee Author – When Jonathan Cried for Me

Carter Lee sqCarter Lee Washington Times Columnist, Author, Comedian, Speaker, Life Coach and Entertainment Promoter on his book “When Jonathan Cried for Me”. Continue reading

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull on Thick As A Brick 2 Tour

logo Jethro TullIan Anderson takes a moment to discuss what ever happened to Gerald Bostock, the Thick As A Brick Tour and Prostate Cancer

Ian took a moment to talk to us while on a small rest period between dates. Continue reading

Sandro Monetti Gives Unforgettable Hollywood Tours

hosting awards showTourific Escapes Awesome Hollywood Tours Now Adds Famous Celebrity Journalist Sandro Monetti To Their Many Cool Tours

Tourific Escapes already has a Hollywood Food Tour and A Hollywood Chocolate Tour, but now they have added a world famous celebrity reporter to their ranks to give you the Hollywood tour of a lifetime. Continue reading

Tom Bähler Famed Music Composer Turned Author

Tom BahlerFamed Composer Tom Bähler on His New Book “Anything is Possible; a Tale of Aesop”

Tom Bahler was a background singer for the Partridge Family, wrote Bobby Sherman‘s hit “Julie Do Ya Love Me”, Cher‘s “Living in a House Divided” and Michael Jackson‘s “She’s Out Of My Life”. He has also appeared in a film or two. He was an associate producer and arranger on “We Are The World”. Music Supervisor on “The Color Purple” and Choir Arranger on “The Wiz”. He has also composed the music to a number of other movies and scored a number of soundtracks.

And now Tom Bahler has written a fascinating fictional account of the life of the famed creator of Aesop’s Fables, a brilliant storyteller and eternal optimist who lived around 600 BCE. Tom joins us while speaking at Author 101 to talk about his new book and his new journey writing.

I love to interview authors because they are often great story tellers and they have rather interesting lives.

Tom Bähler is absolutely no exception. He has one of the most interesting stories you will run across.

Tom is a fun guy, who really likes people and loves to share his story and it was so fun getting to talk with him. Rick Frishman pops in at the end of the interview and we all have a great time.

Thank you Tom for gracefully giving your time, as you were quite popular and busy at the conference and thanks to Rick Frishman for such a great conference that attracts such great people like Tom – JW

tom bahler 02 shTom Bähler

Thomas Bähler has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the entertainment industry. He composed music for Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, directors Steven Spielberg and Barry Levinson, magicians Siegfried and Roy, Superbowl Halftime Shows and a number of other high profile stage productions.

As a songwriter he’s written many hits including “She’s Out of My Life” “Living In A House Divided” and “Julie Do You Love Me.” Thomas created vocal arrangements for the landmark charity event “We Are the World,” as well as for Barbara Streisand, Billy Joel, and the motion picture version of “The Wiz.”

He served as Music Director for a number of events sponsored by the White House, including “America’s Millennium”, “Points of Light” and President Clinton’s Inaugural Concert. Mr. Bähler has also served as Music Director and arranger for “The Kennedy Center Honors.”

Tom Bahler Anything is Possible - Order NowThe Book

Anything Is Possible; A Tale of ÆSOP

Anything Is Possible, Illustrated edition, an original novel by Thomas Bähler is a thought-provoking modern treasure, a fascinating fictional account of the life of the famed creator of Aesop’s Fables, a brilliant storyteller and eternal optimist who lived around 600 BCE.

The life of the great philosopher and teacher Æsop is explored for the first time ever in a brilliantly crafted historical fiction illuminated by fifty full page illustrations .

The novel begins with Aesop’s birth as a slave, covers his long quest for freedom and examines his service to the richest and most powerful man in the world.

Many would be surprised to know that Æsop, an enduring philosopher in the modern world, was born a slave. Yet, later in life, he served as Ambassador to the wealthiest King in ancient history, simply with a fierce belief in his own potential, and the ever-stalwart laws of reality…anything is possible.

Today, Æsop and his fables are quoted an estimated one million times daily, across the globe. Not bad for someone who lived 2600 years ago.

Written with the same simple genius as its central protagonist, in Anything Is Possible, the reader discovers the meaning of Æsop’s profound lessons on his/her own… subsequently, you, the reader, own these lessons, forever.

Change requires your permission.
Are you ready to BE POSSIBLE?

If this man, born a slave in 620 BC, can still inspire the world with his message in the year 2013… what does that mean YOU can do?


We are all here to serve.

We are all here to BE POSSIBLE.

“A thought provoking exploration of freedom. It will inspire anyone who has ever dreamed of a better life.” – Quincy Jones

Thomas Bahler Links

Tom’s Official Website
Tom’s IMDB Page
Tom’s Wikipedia Page
Tom’s Twitter Page

tom bahler and Gary Goldstein 02I caught Tom at Rick Frishman‘s Author 101 University Event in Los Angeles. Tom had a small booth where her signed books for people and was available to talk to everyone.

tom bahler and Gary Goldstein 01Tom also spoke on stage along with his friend Hollywood Producer of “Pretty Woman”, “Mothman Prophecies” and “Under Siege I & II, Gary W. Goldstein.

This is one you didn’t want to miss.


Rick Frishman’s Author 101 University

Are you curious about what publishers like Harper Collins, Morgan James, Adams Media, Wiley, Random House, and Simon & Schuster are looking for?

What is the best way to get your manuscript read when you’re an unpublished author? Want to know the biggest mistakes to avoid when writing book proposals?

You’ll be engaged as these top pros share their expertise, reveal the inner workings of the publishing industry, and discuss various approaches to common marketing and publishing challenges. ENROLL NOW

Author 101 University Event Website: www.author101university.com

NicodermCQ / Nicorette Introduce Pledge to Quit Smoking Program

NicodermCQ / Nicorette Introduce New Pledge To Quit Program at GBK Luxury Gifting Suite to Help Support TabaccoFreeKids.org

NicodermCQs Jason Andre explains their new pledge program and how they are helping GBK Gifting Suites help people and kids, quit smoking.

As someone that has recently stopped smoking, I can attest to how tough it can be.

I quit with every other puff and finally it took. I really should have tried NicodermCQ or Nicorette, but I was too stubborn and it cost me so much quality time with my lungs.

Since quitting I have gotten rid of my smokers cough, I feel better, taste more, am in better shape and have lost over 15 pounds. Yes that is right lost pounds! I quit to save my health so I am eating healthier also.

If you are still smoking, make a pledge to stop. I know it is tough, but it is worth it and I believe that the patch and gum might just be what you need to be successful – JW


What is a nicotine patch?

To some people, the toughest part of quitting is dealing with the nicotine cravings that come with it. One way to overcome the need for nicotine is to stop smoking but partially replace

the nicotine that you would have had from smoking. As your body adapts to having less, you will experience the urge to smoke less often. Eventually, you can completely stop supplying your body with nicotine. This is the idea behind Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).

Patches like NicoDerm CQ are just one form of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. They look like large adhesive bandages and stick onto the skin in the same way. The sticky side of the patch contains a layer of nicotine. While you wear the patch, nicotine passes through the skin into your blood. This delivers nicotine in a steady stream, helps reduce the nicotine cravings that come from quitting and making it easier for you to use your willpower to quit smoking.

Unlike other patches, NicoDerm CQ features Time Release SmartControl Technology so it acts fast and lasts long to help control your cravings and double your chances of quitting*. And since it’s a thin, clear patch, it’s easy to wear discreetly.

Nicorette Gum

How Nicorette® Gum Works

It is difficult when you’re quitting and all you can think about is your next
cigarette. Nicorette Gum® helps calm your withdrawal symptoms when you’re
trying to quit. That’s because, when you stop smoking, the sudden removal of
nicotine from your system lowers your dopamine levels, making you feel
moody and irritable.

Nicorette Gum provides a controlled amount of nicotine to your system at a slower, less intense pace than cigarettes and without the toxins in cigarette

smoke. It’s a temporary therapeutic aid that reduces withdrawal symptoms and helps you quit smoking.

Your body gradually adjusts to having less nicotine until you no longer need any. By helping to relieve cravings, Nicorette lets you focus on disrupting the patterns that link cigarettes to so many of your daily activities.

logo tobacco free kidsTobacco Free Kids

Winning the Fight Against the World’s Leading Cause
of Preventable Death

The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is a leading force in the fight to reduce tobacco use and its deadly toll in the United States and around the world. Our vision: A future free of the death and disease caused by tobacco.

We work to save lives by advocating for public policies that prevent kids from smoking, help smokers quit and protect everyone from secondhand smoke.

How We Fight Tobacco

To achieve our mission, we:

  • Promote public policies proven to reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke. These include higher tobacco taxes, comprehensive smoke-free laws, well-funded tobacco prevention and stop-smoking programs, and tough regulation of tobacco products and marketing.
  • Expose and counter tobacco industry efforts to market to children and mislead the public.
  • Strengthen tobacco control efforts in the United States and worldwide by providing support and information to our many partners.
  • Mobilize organizations and individuals to join the fight against tobacco.
  • Empower a tobacco-free generation by fostering youth leadership and activism.
  • Inform the public, policy makers and the media about tobacco’s devastating consequences and the effectiveness of the policies we support.

Saving Lives in the U.S. and Around the World

In the United States, we advocate at the national, state and local levels for the proven policies that reduce tobacco use and save lives.

Internationally, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids supports governments and non-governmental organizations in promoting and implementing these policies. We are a partner in the Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use, which focuses on low- and middle-income countries where more than 80 percent of tobacco-related deaths will occur in the coming decades.

While we have made enormous progress in the United States, tobacco still kills more than 400,000 Americans every year. The worldwide death toll is at more than five million a year and climbing. With your support, we can win the fight against the world’s leading cause of preventable death.

Created in 1996, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that accepts no government or tobacco industry funding. We rely on contributions from individuals, philanthropic foundations, corporations and other non-profit organizations.

Learn more about our work:

Use these Links To find out more about both products and to get help.

Nicorette Gum
Tobacco Free Kids

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Nicorette Gum UK
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Food That Can Help You Quit Smoking
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Thanks to GBK Events – Gavin and his great staff. As always you host the best.

GBK, is a luxury lifestyle gifting and special events company, specializing in entertainment marketing integration. Formed in 2000 by Gavin Keilly, the company’s Founder and CEO, GBK consists of five divisions: GBK Celebrity Gifting, GBK Special Events, GBK Weddings, GBK Charitable Consulting and GBK Marketing/Public Relations. Widely known in the entertainment industry for bringing that little extra something into the Gifting Lounge environment, GBK offers its clients a full range of marketing services. For more information on Gavin B. Keilly (CEO), Carla Domen (VP) or GBK,, please go to: gbkproductions.com.

Don Green’s New Book “Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill”

don green shExecutive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Don M. Green Talks to OPM About His New Book

Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill: Essential Lessons for Using the Power of Positive Thinking

Author, Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur and CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Don M. Green spends some time with JW Najarian talking about his life, the foundation, Napoleon Hill and his new book which talks about Continue reading

Marilu Henner Supports the Alzheimers, PCRM and US Vets at Night of 100 Stars

Marilu Henner 04 sq shMarilu Henner Supports Alzheimers Association on Celebrity Apprentice

Marilu Henner is best known for her role in Taxi, but she also a producer and author of Total Health Makeover and she supports the Alzheimers Association and PCRM. Continue reading

On Purpose Magazine Stories Trending High on Trendspottr.com

On Purpose Magazine and Authoritative Links

Getting sites with decent link authority is not always easy, but it is important when you are trying to build traffic and credibility so I was checking my out links back to my site and found that Continue reading

Buzz Aldrin Gives a Shout Out to US Veterans at Night of 100 Stars

Buzz Aldrin at the Night of 100 Stars Talks About US Veterans

Gemini 12 and Apollo 11 Astronaut and second man to step on the Moon gives a Shout Out to Continue reading

ArtQuench Gallery February Juried Art Competition Deadline Feb 28th 2013

Peter Schachter Relativity

AQG Represented Artist; Peter Schachter

logo ArtQuench

ArtQuench Gallery February Juried Art Competition

There is still time to enter this month’s competition for a chance to Win One Year of Representation with one of the best on-line art galleries today.

As an Entrant to one of ArtQuench’s monthly juried art competitions you will receive: Continue reading

Greg S. Reid’s New Book “Stickability” The Power of Perseverance

Greg S. Reid Greg S. Reid Bestselling Author, Speaker, Teacher, Filmmaker, Publisher, Talks About His New Upcoming Book Stickability

Greg Reid, Bestselling Author of Three Feet from Gold and many other books, talks to us about how perseverance and not giving up on your dream is the most important key to your success .

I also get a chance to talk to Greg about publishing a #1 bestseller. As a bestselling author and publisher he has a very keen perspective on the writing, publishing and marketing processes that work. Continue reading

Danielle Rios brings Interior Design From the Runway to GBK Oscar Gift Suite

Danielle Rios brings Interior Design From the Runway to GBK Academy Awards Gifting Suite


Interior Designer Danielle Rios takes inspiration from Alexander McQueen, worn by Jessica Chastain and Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway’s Valentino for the design of GBK’s 2013 Oscar Luxury Lounge.

Going to the many gifting suites in Los Angeles you will find that many are held in the some of the hottest and best known hotels in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. GBK is no different, except that GBK always goes one step further and does a complete design concept for each event.

It is always exciting to walk in to see what wonderful design concept they have come up with for each event and this year for the Academy Awards I was lucky enough to find out who was designing.

The following was my conversation with Danielle Rios designer and Nadine Jolson part of GBK PR all about the show and the incredible designs based on exquisite gowns from Valentino and Alexander McQueen, for this year.JW

pic daneille rios design conceptsThe Design

From Runways to Red Carpets to Oscar Lounges, Rios will showcase fashion-influenced vignettes, styled with an elegant, edgy display of furnishings and decorative touches at the lounge for Nominees and Presenters.  The celebrity-gifting event will be held at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles on Friday February 21st and Saturday February 22nd from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“I believe that there is always the possibility for style and unexpected glamour,” says Rios, “I am thrilled and honored to be working with the leader in luxury gift lounges, GBK.” – Danielle Rios

Rios, a former Tadashi model, takes her experience from the runway to interior design for high-end residential, hospitality and commercial designs. By infusing her knowledge and expertise from both worlds, Rios established a unique trademark in creating fashionable interiors. The mixing of fashion sensibilities and interior design is a collective approach that she takes with every job.

“Time-honored style and fresh avant-garde elements create dynamic groupings and spaces,” Rios says.  A modernist at heart, Rios adds a traditional twist into her designs.

Contributing manufactures and contractors are: Elitis wall coverings and Bergamo and Rubelli fabric by Donghia Inc., Gaetano fabric by Elan Collections, Leather by Moore & Giles Inc., Nolita Sofa from the Magni Collection, Kailash Table by Chista, Grand Facet by Gary Hutton, Sophia Floor Lamp by Fuse Lighting, Reborn Antiques, Ryan Gallery, and John Jory LLC. s

Rios received her Bachelors of Science for Architectural Interior Design from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is a registered Interior Designer and Associate for AIA in the state of Nevada and has offices in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Danielle Rios 02 shDanielle Rios

Danielle’s high expectations and personal drive have launched her into an exciting venture of design and construction development. Working on multi-million dollar estates, commercial properties and collaborating with Clientele has proven to be a successful endeavor. Since the commencement of her business, the focus has been on predominately high-end residential, hospitality and commercial design. This past year however, Danielle has expanded her creativity to antique furniture importation and renovation. Creating unique pieces into timeless furniture with an updated style and sense of elegance has expanded her savvy expertise in design.

nichole kidman valentino fashion

Nichole Kidman in Valentino for the Golden Globes

Prior to Danielle creating her own business, her formative years were rooted in hospitality design. She worked and cultivated her skill for two leading design firms in Las Vegas for six years. Soon after, those connections led to a joint design venture that launched luxury international hospitality projects. It was during those formative years that she realized that her enthusiasm for design was geared around creating alluring, exciting spaces and adjusting with an ever-changing world.

Danielle Rios was born in Puerto Rico. She received her Bachelors of Science for Architectural Interior Design from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and is a registered Interior Designer in the state of Nevada. Danielle is currently operating out of Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


Website: www.DRDS.net

Nadine Jolson 310 614 3214,  Email: jolsoncreative@mac.com


Thanks to GBK Events – Gavin and his great staff. As always you host the best.

GBK, is a luxury lifestyle gifting and special events company, specializing in entertainment marketing integration. Formed in 2000 by Gavin Keilly, the company’s Founder and CEO, GBK consists of five divisions: GBK Celebrity Gifting, GBK Special Events, GBK Weddings, GBK Charitable Consulting and GBK Marketing/Public Relations. Widely known in the entertainment industry for bringing that little extra something into the Gifting Lounge environment, GBK offers its clients a full range of marketing services. For more information on Gavin B. Keilly (CEO), Carla Domen (VP) or GBK,, please go to: gbkproductions.com.