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JW Najarian is Guest on Jackie Keller’s Show Food Exposed – What’s on Your Plate?

JW and Jackie Keller on Food Exposed shJackie Keller, Bestselling Author, Wellness Coach, Owner of Premiere Healthy Food Company Nutrifit, LLC

Featured JW Najarian (that is ME! I am the Editor and Chief of On Purpose Magazine) on her emPOWERme.Tv Show Food Exposed – What’s on Your Plate?

Here is short snippet of the full show:

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1pftjs_on-purpose-magazine-with-jw-najarian-food-exposed_lifestyle Continue reading

JW Najarian to Guest on Jackie Keller’s Show Food Exposed – What’s on Your Plate?

pic jackie kellerJackie Keller, Bestselling Author, Wellness Coach, Owner of Premiere Healthy Food Company Nutrifit, LLC

Will be featuring me, JW Najarian (that is ME! I am the Editor and Chief of On Purpose Magazine) on her emPOWERme.Tv Show Food Exposed – What’s on Your Plate? on April 22nd 2014 Continue reading

Best Sloppy Joe Recipe

[recipe title=”Sloppy Joes” servings=”4″ time=”30 mins” difficulty=”Easy”]

SloppyJoes 1

Serving Size: 1 bun & ¾ cup mixture


  • ¼ cup carrots, finely chopped
  • ¼ cup celery, chopped
  • 2 clove garlic, minced
  • ½ cup green bell pepper, chopped
  • ¾ lb ground turkey
  • 1 cup ketchup
  • 2 cups mushrooms, finely chopped
  • 1 cup tomato juice
  • 1 tsp NutriFit Calypso Salt Free Spice Blend
  • 1 tsp safflower oil
  • 1 cup onion, chopped
  • ¼ cup red wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
  • 6 hamburger buns


Note – For each teaspoon of the Calypso Spice Blend you may substitute: 1/2 tsp. ground chiles, 1/4 tsp. cumin, 1/8 tsp. black pepper, and 1/8 tsp. garlic powder.

  1. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Add mushrooms, onion, green bell pepper, celery, carrot, garlic, and turkey; saute 5 minutes until meat is browned, stirring to crumble.
  2. Stir in ketchup, red wine vinegar, worcestershire sauce, calypso blend and tomato sauce; bring to boil.
  3. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  4. Serve on toasted hamburger buns.


banner Jackie Keller

By Jackie Keller
From: Jackie Keller, Founder – NutriFit, LLC

Your Chance to Meet Kelli Richards, Jacqueline Wales and Gary W. Goldstein

logo innerfluence

On January 8th 2014

Can you imagine getting the opportunity to sit down with powerhouse Silicon Valley business consultant Kelli Richards, FBI, American Airlines to Citibank consultant Jacqueline Wales and billion dollar box-office movie producer for films like “Pretty Woman” and “Mothman Prophecies”?

Here is your chance!

“Innerfluence” Kick Off Event (Added Evening)

Wednesday, January 8th 

At the Private Residence of Jacqueline Wales.

Join coaches Kelli Richards and Jacqueline Wales who are your private and personal Think-Tank and Think-Big, and 100% committed to your massive growth, measured in productivity, reward and dollars. Also meet Gary Goldstein, Business Strategist, Advisor to CMO’s, Billion Dollar film producer of Pretty Woman who will bring his entire toolkit and proven strategies to amplify your mission and your results.

Okay some of you have seen me mention this before… about the kickoff meeting of Innerfluence on December 4th. I ended up getting very sick after the above interview and did not have appropriate time to get this message out to everyone in time.

The post went out late and I felt awful, but Jacqueline has added a very exclusive meeting to kick off The iNNerfluence Event.

This meeting will be held at Jacqueline’s private residence so she can only accommodate a very limited amount of people.

If you want to increase your InnerFluence in 2014?  If you didn’t get the chance to sit down in December with Kelli Richards, Jacqueline Wales, and Gary Goldstein then make time on January 8th to attend this life-changing presentation in Oakland, CA.

This is your chance to meet and work with three of the most incredible, highly sought after, success and business consultants including famed author of The Fearless Factor Jacqueline Wales, All Access Group CEO and media trailblazer Kelli Richards and Hollywood producer Gary W. Goldstein, producer of box office hits like Pretty Woman, Under Seige I & II and Mothman Prophecies.

Learn how you can massively increase your self-awareness, leverage superstar connections, and build a thriving business in less time than you thought possible with these three powerhouse individuals who are ready to rock your world.

This will be a one time, very intimate meeting in January with the possibility of working with these three for the next year!. Make this new year the most spectacular ever.

Chances like this do not come along everyday.

If you would like to attend please contact  jacqueline@innerfluence.com and let her know you’re interested in attending as soon as possible. – JW

I got a call the other day from my great friend and mentor Gary W. Goldtein. Gary was extremely excited about a talk he is about to give in Redwood City.

Now Gary gets to speak at many events and lately he has really cut back on speaking since Gary is very busy with his consulting business.

Anyway, when Gary gets excited I listen. He went on to explain who he was speaking with and about what they were doing together.

I understood immediately why he was so excited. He would be speaking with two extreme consultants in business about a new program they would provide this next year called Innerfluence which is a one year, very intimate coaching program for a very small and unique set of business people.- JW

Gary Goldstein sh

Gary W. Goldstein

Producer of some of Hollywood’s biggest box-office hits, like “Pretty Woman“, with Julia Roberts “Mothman Prophesies” with Richard Gere and “Under Siege I and II” with Steven Segal, which have generated well over a billion dollars in worldwide sales and revenue. Gary’s productions have also received multiple Academy Award nominations, Golden Globe Awards and Peoples Choice Awards.

Gary advises a diverse set of corporations and sits on several boards helping companies and entrepreneurs alike, take their business and passions to exciting new levels. has a passion for helping entrepreneurs play at the same level, and with the same agility that drives an 8-figure film ‘startup’.  With his expert guidance you can accomplish in a few months what any other business might accomplish in 3-5 years.  His great gift is unearthing that singular story that powerfully elevates context, makes your enterprise the only solution, and utterly disarms your competition.

kelli richards shKelli Richards

Media traiblazer, super-connector and influencer across media, digital music, entertainment and technology, Kelli Richards literally & figuratively lives in the cross-hairs of Silicon Valley, forecasting trends and connecting decision makers to talent and one another.

Kelli is sought after consultant, mentor, producer and speaker,

Kelli and team consistently work their magic bringing business opportunities to life by bringing together best of breed tech companies, record labels, film studios, consumer brands, artists and celebrities.  Kelli envisions and executes on a very big scale.

jacqueline wales shJacqueline Wales

An astonishingly diverse list of important companies and organizations — from the FBI to American Airlines, from Citibank to Standard & Poor’s, the list is long — seek the counsel and consulting services of Jacqueline Wales.

Jacqueline’s retreats and mentoring programs are renowned for obliterating barriers & unleashing explosive human performance, for her pioneering work at the vanguard of leadership, marrying human technologies that exalt, instruct and inspire people in business, government and philanthropy to achieve well beyond what their history might otherwise suggest is possible.

For those who hunger to truly become the author of their life journey and legacy, Jacqueline is the short cut!

logo innerfluence


The INNerFluence(TM) Program helps you simplify the complex. 
We teach you how to explode your influence in the world.

We know you’re brilliant. We also know the hard truth… how vast the distance between success and mastery. Our sole mission is to teach a level of stewardship most have not even imagined.  Before 2014 is over, you will have broken your own mold, and exceeded all expectations for your life, and your business.
Please join us On January 8th, 2013 
Introducing InnerFluence, an unprecedented program connecting self-mastery and influence to shift your sense of what’s possible for your life, your business, and your legacy. If you love good wine, mouth-watering food, and enjoy connecting with great people, you’re going to love this event.  Join us for an evening of calorie-laden conversations that will expand your brain. 

Space is extremely limited so if you would like to attend please contact  jacqueline@innerfluence.com and let her know you would like to attend as soon as possible.

More than ever, your personal success today depends on the right connections, cooperation and creativity with other high achievers and entrepreneurs (measured not just in millions of dollars in revenue, but in bottom line, impact and influence). 

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to :

  • Wipe out the distractions, become a Ninja, and stay laser focused on the 20% that takes you over the top.
  • Identify and master your strengths, and outsource your weaknesses.
  • Create a new story that makes people fall in love with you, your business, your mission and bring you surprising and disproportionate word-of-mouth influence.
  • Acquire major strategic relations to explode your results.
  • Think bigger ideas, deploy more powerful market-based strategies to surpass whatever you previously defined as ‘success’.  

Join coaches Kelli Richards and Jacqueline Wales who are your private and personal Think-Tank and Think-Big, and 100% committed to your massive growth, measured in productivity, reward and dollars. 
Also meet Gary Goldstein, Business Strategist, Advisor to CMO’s, Billion Dollar film producer of Pretty Woman who will bring his entire toolkit and proven strategies to amplify your mission and your results.

Beyond spectacular, you will also learn during the evening how you can join us at Jacqueline’s beautiful secluded home in Bali. This is a place where scents, sights and sounds conspire to connect you more deeply with yourself, and with your peers. Where you can unplug, reset, and rejuvenate to make a bigger contribution to the world at large.

Space is extremely limited so if you would like to attend please contact  jacqueline@innerfluence.com and let her know you would like to attend as soon as possible.

Ubuntu Bracelet Campaign – A Great Bracelet and A Great Cause

Do Ubuntu Bracelet Campaignpic ubuntu bracelet

Ubuntu (/ˈbʊnt/ oo-BUUN-too; Zulu/Xhosa pronunciation: [ùɓúntʼú]) is a Nguni Bantu term roughly translating to “human kindness” Read More….

The Orphan Bracelet Campaign (OBC) helps AIDS orphans by equipping their primary caretakers – usually women – with the means to sustain themselves and improve their health.


This includes training women to make bracelets to sell for an income and establishing community-based permaculture gardens. The OBC was founded by director Louise Hogarth, who was inspired by the women and children in her film “Angels in the Dust.” Continue reading

Wicked Audio WI8152 HEADPHONES with Mic

Wicked HeadphonesWicked Audio WI8152 Headphones with Microphone – Where Talk Meets Music

I purchased these headphones over a month ago from Amazon as I needed something I could use as a headset when on a phone call, but could also double as a good set of headphones.

Most of the headphones on the market are really large or very small. The small ones always fall out of my ears and sometimes I do not want to have one side in my ear and the small ones do not do that well.

logo wicked audio shThe Wicked Audio headphones also can fold up nicely. Wish they came with a cool carrying case, but that would jack the price. I used a cool Sephora bag to put mine in as they fold down almost small enough to fit in your pocket, but definitely small enough to fit comfortably in a back pack.

The sound quality is extremely better than any small headphone I have owned… Yes even the expensive ones.

I talk to a ton of people on the phone and I have to turn down the volume as the gain is very high even for the bass… This makes phone calls decent even in a car!

I have not had any complaints on any calls about microphone quality. I used to hear all kinds of bitching about how bad my headsets sounded.

I prefer the in line (no blue tooth) corded headset. Blue tooth is always problematic for me at least. These headphones are crazy comfortable and light weight and not as flimsy as I thought they would be for fold up headphones…

pic wicked audio WI-8151Wicked makes a few colors of these headphones, I bought the black ones. I think they are very stylish and they do not look too old school or too young either.

I went to the Wicked Audio website and could not find these headphones on their site. I hope they have not discontinued them. The are available all over the web in plentiful numbers as of the posting of this article.

So I can say this was a great buy, at a decent price. I want to get an additional pair for working out as I don’t want to wear the one I sweated on for long periods.. TMI? – JW

Buy Now or get more Information:

pic Paypal Button


  • DRIVER 40mm
  • FREQUENCY 20Hz-20,000Hz
  • IMPEDANCE 32 Ohms
  • CORD LENGTH 4ft/1.2mm LIGHT WEIGHT 2.4 oz


  • Compact and stylish headphones
  • High fidelity
  • Talk with music
  • In-line mic
  • Answer-hang up button
  • Enhanced bass

Wicked Audio Website

New Product – Vivid Hair Therapy from Apriori Beauty

logo apriori beautyApriori Beauty announces their newest innovative product Vivid Hair Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner.

Vivid hair therapy shampoo conditioner and oilVivid Hair Therapy

Revitalize hair with ViViD Hair Therapy therapeutic formulations infused with science and nature to nourish and protect hair and scalp with a simple, 3-step, daily regimen.
Cleanse and condition with gentle, nourishing ingredients that also moisturize and soften.
Strengthen with ingredients that protect color, detangle, filter UV rays, and build volume. And, enhance overall radiance with Synergistic Shine™ — ingredients that work synergistically between each formulation to build shine and strength. – [More Info]

Vivid Hair Treatment ShampooVivid Shampoo

This gentle, cream shampoo melts into a cleansing lather while delivering nourishing benefits to hair and scalp without stripping natural oils. Ingredients in each ViViD formulation work synergistically to build and produce stunning shine and strength.
Item #070, ViViD Shampoo, 10 fl oz | 296 mL – Shop Now!

Vivid Hari Treatment ConditionerVivid Conditioner

Nourish and protect hair and scalp with this highly concentrated, antioxidant-rich formula designed to soften, moisturize, detangle, and protect color. Ingredients in each ViViD formulation work synergistically to build and produce stunning shine and strength.

Item #071, ViViD Conditioner, 10 fl oz | 296 mL — Shop Now!

Vivid Oil TreatmentVivid Oil Treatment

Revitalize and style hair with this nutrient-rich oil providing intense shine, strengthening properties, and increased manageability.

Item #075, ViViD Treatment Oil, 1 fl oz | 30 mL — Shop Now!
Apriori Beauty Hair care  set

ViViD Set Special
ViViD BOGO50 — Buy the ViViD Shampoo + Conditioner, get the ViViD Treatment Oil at a 50% savings (only $9)! Item #072, all 3 ViViD products, regularly $64 — only $55
Shop Now!


  • Cleanses & Conditions — Cream formula cleanses and conditions hair and scalp. Scalp skincare is vital for vibrant hair! Silky hair makes for greater manageability!
  • 3-Step, Daily Regimen — Products for the whole family. Packaging is color differentiated for easy, at-a-glance identification in the shower.
  • Synergistic Shine™ — Ingredients in each formulation work together to enhance shine and to build strength over time, with each use.
  • Color-Safe! — Formulated with ingredients to protect color and to filter UV rays to keep color from fading.
  • Luxurious lather without sulfates — Each ViViD formulation is also paraben and sulfate-free!
  • All-natural fragrance — Scent is composed of natural compounds and essential oils derived from violet, orchid and vanilla. Nothing synthetic!

I have been looking forward to using this product ever since I heard that Apriori Beauty was developing it. I have not been disappointed. The shampoo is highly concentrated so you do not need a lot to get great suds without using SLS.

My hair type is oily but after washing, it was clean without being stripped of essential oils.

The conditioner is very thick and rich and works great. I have also used it to shave and it moisturizes my beard well. I also tried as a leave in conditioner and though it may not be suited for that it did not cause flacking when it dried as have other products I have tried.

Without using the oil treatment, my hair was very soft and manageable, but with a small bit of the oil treatment run through my hair and I cannot stop touching my hair!! This stuff is wonderful. – JW

logoApriori Beauty

Apriori Beauty is a company created for women, by women* with a mission to help as many people as possible look and feel beautiful with the purest, most-natural and most- innovative products and opportunity.

*(Ok as a man I can say that I believe men can use these products too and can also capitalize on the opportunity.)

When you look beautiful, you feel good. When you feel beautiful, you look good. And, when you can share this beauty with others, you can feel good inside and out.


If you use and Love a product, you will naturally Share it with others. Apriori Beauty is all about Use Love Share™ — Using great products that you Love, Sharing them with others and getting rewarded for it!

Disclaimer:  I (JW Najarian) am a founding member, investor and independent distributor with Apriori Beauty. Why… Cause I love this company and their innovative, high quality, pure and safe products.

If you are looking for an opportunity to make some additional money in your spare time sharing exceptional, innovative products and you would like to work with me then get in touch. I am looking to build a team successful team of men and women that want to do more while offering exceptional quality products and challenging themselves to be the best they can be.

Order Now

Apriori beauty Product catalog

Get A Catalog of Apriori Beauty Products

Get A Catalog of Apriori Beauty Products


Vivid Hair Therapy Products
Apriori Beauty Main Site
Apriori Beauty Products
Apriori Beauty Specials
Apriori Beauty Opportunity

Jackie Keller Eating Healthy; Staying Green

jackie keller 01 shJackie Keller, Bestselling Author, Wellness Coach, Owner of Premiere Healthy Food Company Nutrifit, LLC

Talks to OPM about her books, her philosophy, her company that has helped thousands of people and well known celebrities take charge of their nutritional needs and how she runs a successful company and stays green  and philanthropic while doing it. Continue reading

Leveraging Social Media to Find More Deals and Dollars in Commercial Real Estate

JW Najarian interviewed by Value Hound Academy

Leveraging Social Media for the Commercial Investor or Professional

JW NajarianJW Najarian Founder of one of the largest Commercial Investment Groups on the web and co-founder of the CRE Distressed Assets Association talks to ValueHound about the truth about using social media to build leads, find funding, deals and resources.



Wednesday September 21, 2011, 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST

We are pleased to pass on an invitation from Value Hound Academy to attend their webcast interview with JW Najarian, Founder of membership website CREDAA- Commercial Real Estate Distressed Assets Asscociation and CREPIG- Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investors Group.

Leveraging Social Media to Find More Deals and Dollars

Finding great deals and the financing to get your deals funded has become very competitive.  If you’re like most, you read about other real estate investors finding and closing great deals, but you are scratching your head wondering how are they finding these deals and dollars?  How are they uncovering off market deals and beating others to the best deals?  Where are they finding the equity and debt funds to get their deals closed?

To get answers to these questions, we are speaking with JW Najarian, a leading expert on how to leverage social media to build strong personal and business relationships so that you can find more deals and dollars. JW has founded many leading social media sites, including the largest group of almost 11,000 members on LinkedIn called CREPIG, Commercial Real Estate Professionals and Investors Group.

JW, teaches us the ABC’s of using social media to improve our real estate businesses.  He will teach us how to effectively use the tools of the new economy to give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In this interview with JW, you will learn:

  • How social media will help you find more deals and dollars
  • The biggest myths and misconceptions of using social media
  • How members of JW’s many social media sites are profiting
  • The biggest mistakes investors are making using social media
  • The “must have” tools for rolling out a social media campaign
  • Why it’s in your best interest to starting using social media
  • The best social media strategies to get results
  • The do’s and don’ts of communicating within social media sites

If you are looking for a competitive advantage to build your real estate business and find off market deals and dollars, then you need to listen to this interview with JW Najarian.  This timely interview will help you set-up your social media campaign to build strong relationships. JW reveals to truth about using social media to leverage your business so that you step into the new economy and don’t get left behind.

To sign up to this F.R.E.E webcast, please click on the link below:


Great News – Someone May Owe You Money!

Someone May Owe You Money!

How Do You Find Out? Read On…

My mother called me today to give me a couple of sites to look at. One was for Omega 3 rich oil from the green lipped mussel. I have taken Moxxor for a couple of years so I didn’t need that lead, but I will share it here – OmegaXL.

I make no claims with either of these supplements, but I am a big proponent of Omega 3 intake.

Anyway the other site she mentioned was http://www.Unclaimed.Org this site checks for monies owed you that you may not know about.

Seems my mom went on and found a couple of bucks and so did my brother. One of my mom’s friends found over $800 bucks owed to her. NICE….

I checked my name and not a cent to me…. My wife was owed .05 cents, but my mother in law hit the jackpot for a few hundred!! NICE….

It is a government site so there is no scam here. The site directs you to each different state site that checks their database for lost monies.

This is great stuff. Check it Out and if you hit it REAL BIG. Help a brother out and send a finders fee.

Christopher Law – Athlete, Actor, Wildlife Art Publisher and African Safari Guide

Watch these incredible video interviews in sequence Or you can listen to the complete Audio Podcast below

Your Going to Want to Watch these Full Screen!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8F33pC0iYI&fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0&w=400&h=160] [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aryiL7rp4kc&fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0&w=400&h=160] [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUxxqSQ24Ow&fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0&w=400&h=160]

Christopher and Toni Law on the Masai Mara

Christopher and Toni Law on the Masai Mara

Christopher Law – Safari Guide

Christopher has been an athlete, Art Auctioneer, an singer, an actor, Philanthropist and since 1987, an experienced African Safari Guide. Christopher tells his story about first coming to Africa in 1986 and how it stole his heart and soul. He talks about the African experience and how you too will be never return and be the same. His favorite saying is, “If you have only two places to go in the world, you should go to Africa Twice!

Who is Christopher Law?

Christopher Law

Christopher Law

Christopher and his wife, Toni Law, who is a legend in Hollywood and author of “The Gentle Jungle”. They live in Newport Beach and travel to Africa for Safaris and to visit daughter Tana, The Executive Director of Kenya Water Wells Trust and their 3 granddaughters that live in Langata, Kenya. I met them both at our good friend, Gene Massy’s office, formally Robert Altman’s office, who directed M.A.S.H. the original movie, Nashville and many more. It was a special day since I have been talking about doing this for close to a year now.

Christopher shared with us his incredibly interesting and full life that led us to speak to him about Duma African Safaris, where he has been designing and guiding safe, secure, custom, photo safaris since 1987.

Christopher Law Heinz Gerick catalogue

Heinz Gerick (sp) motorcycle racing leather catalogue

Christopher was Vietnam Era Veteran, in the Air Force. On the GI bill he attended The Professional Theater Workshop in Hollywood, which led him to become a Model, and a commercial, TV and stage actor. He was in many commercials; Ford, Miller Beer, Spokesman for Revlon, and many others.

He also appeared on a few soap operas, like General Hospital and One Life to Live, had parts in a few movies and on shows like the original Hawaii Five-O, Night Gallery, 4 Seasons. On stage Christopher received great reviews for his role in Gardner McKay’s play, “SEA MARKS” opposite Mara Purl.

I was introduced to Christopher and Toni when I was on the member board at Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB). Christopher, and I are Founding Arc-Angels in HUB. HUB worked with Kenya Water Wells Trust. He also helped HUB bring our members over to Africa so they could experience and contribute service first hand.

Kenya Water Wells Trust

watoto william kAJIADO 007

The KWWT Team and Happy Recipients

Toni Law & daughter Tana started Kenya Water Wells, to help with a severe shortage of safe drinking water. In Kenya, as in much of Africa, the lack of safe drinking water causes many severe problems including dehydration, starvation and disease.

watoto william kAJIADO 029

Young Women Getting Good Water from Kenya Water Well

The daily chore of fetching water is no small task in rural Kenya and young women often walk as far as ten kilometers to collect what water they can, from a polluted, dirty, hand-dug wells, full of parasites and bacteria. These primitive wells are also structurally dangerous and often collapse when they get deep enough.

In Kenya, the high mortality rate among children under five years old is primarily due to waterborne diseases such as gastroenteritis, diarrhea, malaria, and amoebic dysentery, to name just a few. Contamination from human and livestock waste is also a major cause of water-related diseases, despite the sanitary disposal methods of most of the population.

Flies and other disease-carrying insects are drawn to unsanitary water sites and compound the risk of infection. All of these problems are exacerbated by the fact that economic hardship, inadequate education, and lack of public transport prevent many individuals from seeking healthcare in the early stages of an illness.

Kenya Water Wells Trust Video Demo

Quicktime Broadband:

Quicktime Modem:

Windows Media Broadband:

Windows Media Modem:

So this is how I know Christopher & Toni, as a compassionate couple, that know you get more from giving. It also shows in their Safari business, much of which comes from repeat customers or referrals.

Duma African Safari

Duma SafariDuma African Safari is a premiere photo safari experience. Great food, lodging and accommodations, all the while getting close to nature, allowed to get the full experience of Africa, it’s drama, it’s beauty, and it’s soul.

Christopher and Toni Law are two people that know and Love Africa!

Big Elephant with Tusks

Big Boy, Outside Finch Hatton’s

Christopher with his love and compassion for Africa and the peoples of Africa and Toni who has grown up living with getting to know the animals of Africa like very few ever get the chance to; as she, along with her first husband Ralph Helfer, developed Affection Training, getting rid of the old whip, gun and chair training of the past. They both reared and trained many of the animals that starred in thousands of Hollywood shows and movies.

Experience Africa

Young Male Lion - Duma African Safari

Young Male Lion

So if you want to experience Africa in style and grace with two people that really know what the African experience is all about, you must check out www.DumaAfricanSafaris.com.

  • Photo Safaris
  • Yoga and Meditation Safaris
  • Water Project Safaris
  • and Much More….

Christopher Law sitting outside his room during a safari

Christopher takes only small groups and he will totally customize your experience and journey based on what you want or let him suggest to you an adventure that will change your life.


  • Great Food
  • 5 Star Service
  • Tents with flushing Toilets & Persian rugs
  • This is not an uncomfortable camping experience. You will feel pampered and safe. While having the adventure of your life.
duma lodging

Duma African Safari Lodging


Here is what a couple of Dumas’ Clients have to say about their experience.

Robert Allen, New York Times Best Selling Author
“An endorsement is obvious: “Let the supreme Safari experts, Christopher and Toni, create memories for you like they did for us. Magical! Images of Africa that will live in our hearts forever. It was better than our dreams, more amazing than our wishes.” Thanks a million for your expert help.  You’re awesome!
Bob Allen

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator,#1 New York Times best selling series
Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-author, Cracking the
Millionaire Code and The One-Minute Millionaire
Christopher Law is the insiders’ insider on African Safaris. Having lived there for two years, working with the great Archeologist, Dr. Leaky, he knows Africa, loves it, has family there and can Give what is affectionately called: ‘The cooks tour.’ I enjoyed the real Africa that he and his lovely wife Toni shared with my team and me.

Patricia Farren, Partner, Cahill, Gordon & Reindel

“Christopher took my son Harry Lapham on safari when Harry was 15 & 26. It seemed thoroughly well organized and first rate in every respect. Christopher has lived in the region and has many insider advantages in terms of access to unique private estates, and gamekeepers and he seems to have an unerring ability to go where the animals are. My son told us that at lavish tented camps in the evening, groups with other guides would complain about seeing too few prides or herds, or seeing only

Cheetah Siteing

other Land Rovers, while it was clear from Harry’s journal and photos that he saw an abundance of animals every day on an up-close basis.

He also learned so much about the animals, I assume from Christopher. To this day he can look at his album and say this is a certain type of antelope, found only in the Ngorongoro Crater, while that’s a different antelope, found on the plains of Tanzania. Then he would tell us how they came to develop different markings.

Christopher is a charming, funny, nurturing person with a wealth of good stories and local lore. The group he assembled for Harry’s tour were lovely families and artists, who bonded  during the trip and continue to stay in touch. Harry still raves about the superb accommodations and food. Fitch Hattons’ served the best meals he’s ever experienced.

Finally,  Christopher’s advance information on visas, shots, garlic pills and other requirements were clear, thorough and right on point. I’m sure that my son would be pleased to share his photos, experiences etc. if you’d like more information. He’s at sloppyninja@hotmail.com. For our part, we were thrilled with Christopher’s arrangements and care. Have a lovely trip — I can’t wait to do it myself.

Dancing with the Masai Duma Afircan Safari

Regards, Patricia Farren

Paul H. Casey, Founding Family of United Parcel Service

“I have known Christopher and his wife Toni for many years – originating in the art world. I have a game ranch in South Africa and live part of each year there. I hadgone on a photo safari in Kenya and Tanzania in 1974, and felt it was time to do it again with a camera and not a rifle. In January of this year, I joined up with Christopher and his group in Amsterdam for what turned out to be a most enjoyable trip. There were 3 men and 3 women that Christopher took very good care of, using the best of safari camps with excellent food.

He makes travel easy from one area to another, and game viewing is mostly from a vehicle. I would highly recommend that you go on what will be a most memorable adventure. Experience a ride on a camel, have live elephant walk past your vehicle so close that you could nearly touch them and have hippopotamus in the water outside your cabin.

These are only some of the many enjoyable experiences you can expect. In conclusion, Christopher is quite knowledgeable about these areas as well as the flora and fauna. He would make sure that you will see some fantastic sights. Bottom line, go – you will have a ball.
Paul Casey (age 77 and having made over 45 trips to Africa since 1967).”

Bill Crosby – Wickedly Smart Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Bill CrosbyBill Crosby; Not a Famous Actor or Comedian, but one of the hottest on-line marketers on the Web.

If you are a devotee of the social media circuit, (translation – you spend too much time on the internet) you have seen Bill Crosby’s face, voice or name, pop up on your screen somewhere.

If so, then Bill needs no introduction and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this interview.  However, if, unlike us Fools, you actually have a life, then you should know that Bill is one of the few internet marketing guys that we consider a mentor.  While he has far more to offer than we could put in a single interview, we did our best to get Bill out of his internet bubble as he joined us in the Fools Lounge.  And you’ll hear why we intend to have him back again and again.  Listen in!

Bill CrosbyWe don’t care about the number of followers he amassed.. it’s a lot. And we won’t get into the amount of money he’s made… we’re jealous. When it comes to the world of Twitter, and making the most of it, nobody knows the terrain better than Bill, so, we follow him.


One of the things that we like about Bill, is his willingness to share his knowledge. Yes, he does it to make money, of course, but he does it in earnest. To that end, he keeps the price of his products as low as he can, and does his best to give more than he gets paid for.

Bill worked his fingers to the bone, to gain the knowledge, learn the techniques, and gamer the following that he has now. And actually, the Internet changes so very quickly that Bill readily admits he is still working his fingers to the bone. But that is exactly what motivates him to keep coming up with ways to “automate” the marketing process. With a clear understanding of how difficult it is to get started, Bill put together his Content Factory, the essence of which is to “Get Totally Customized Content Fed Into Your Social Media Networks Designed to Engage Your Current Followers, Get New Followers and Build YOur presence ON Autopilot!”