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Mark Lyden – Veterans: Do This Get Hired

Do This! Get Hired! is Practical Help for Unemployed Veterans

You can NOT expect to get a job in THIS difficult job market by doing the same old things and following the same old advice.  IT WILL NOT WORK!  It is time to get advice that has been PROVEN to work especially in this difficult job market.  Even when nothing else works, this advice WILL!

When you talk to Mark and find out his story, you really get a sense that you are getting to know a real giver.

He and his wife are volunteers for many causes and Mark is doing great with his business and other projects, but when he heard about the unemployment rate of young veterans he was alarmed and wanted to do something. He had written a book to show people how to deal with recruiters and employers and he decided that he would fix it to focus on vets.

The book is full of great information which is broken down very simply. Listen to this interview, Mark gives many of his best tips right here, but buy the book as it helps support HonorVets.org and it really is a great resource.

Also if you know of any students or other professionals that may need some help; please pass this along because Mark’s books for college students and professionals are just as powerful and full of tried and true strategies that get results. – JW

book veterans do this get hiredVeterans: DO THIS GET HIRED

Filled with practical and easy to follow steps, on every major job search topic, which has proven to be extremely effective and has often been the difference between a candidate getting a job or not getting a job.

This book has one primary purpose: To Get Veterans Jobs! With the help of veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines this book was written by a current Professional Fortune 50 Lead Recruiter with nearly 15 years of experience.

Because the author recruits as his profession in this challenging job market every day, he knows what works and what doesn’t.

This is a no-nonsense guide to help vets get hired, even in this difficult job market –even if nothing else has worked.

A substantial portion of the proceeds from book sales are donated back to charity to help veterans at HonorVet.org and to help the stray and abandoned animals at Logan’s Run Rescue.


Mark Lyden is Senior College Recruiter for a Fortune 50 company and has been a professional college recruiter for over 10 years.

He has recruited candidates for small, medium, and large companies and has lead hundreds of college recruiting teams, events, and career fairs on college campuses across the country.

Mark has recruited for technical and non-technical majors at all levels from Freshman through Ph.D. and has recruited for Secret and Top Secret programs.

He has screened, taught, served as a mentor and interviewed thousands of college candidates and has formally presented to approximately 10,000 on various campuses across the United States.

In his career he managed one of the top Co-op / Intern programs in the country. This extensive experience gives him the unique insight and expertise to teach college students the best ways, the proven ways, to approach every major step of their job search process.

Plus because he currently is a Senior College Recruiter as his profession, he understands the challenges of this market.  Mark has a BS, MS, and one year of Ph.D. study in the areas of Business, Human Factors Engineering & Education, and Psychology respectfully.

is an expert at getting people jobs. He has already helped thousands get hired even in this difficult job market. For nearly 15-years, he has been a Professional Lead Recruiter for a Fortune 50 company.

His approach is fresh, practical, easy to follow, and extremely effective. In his recruiting career he has recruited for small, medium, and large companies and organizations.

Mark has screened, taught, mentored and interviewed thousands of candidates and has presented job search seminars across the country. His extensive experience plus the fact that he recruits each day in this difficult job market, gives him the unique insight on the best ways –the proven ways to approach every major step of the job search process so candidates have the best chance at getting hired.

Mr. Lyden’s practical and easy to follow steps, on every major job search topic, has been extremely effective and has often been the difference between a candidate getting a job or not getting a job.

Mark Lyden’s previous top selling book, “College Students: Do This! Get Hired!” has been featured in major news outlets like CNNMoney.com, The Washington Post, and many others. It has helped thousands and thousands get hired.  Now Mark has turned his attention and expertise to helping veterans get jobs.

Mark’s style and approach is fresh and very effective. Those reading or hearing his advice in a seminar are always surprised to learn something new and often discover that what has been holding them back or a mistake they have been making over and over that prevented them from getting hired.

Finally what makes Mr. Lyden’s advice and information so valuable is that it works! But there is a reason why it works better than other information and why so many people get hired with his advice. Every step, trick, tip, or technique he provides has a strong logical reasoning behind it backed up by nearly 15 years of experience.

Anyone can give opinions of what they think might work, or what may have worked for them, but it takes someone doing the job as a Professional Recruiter in this difficult job market to KNOW what works and what specifically you need to do to get hired.


HonorVet.org reviewed the book and said: “If you’re a veteran you need to read this book! Best advice for getting hired that we have ever read.” With his advice, Mark has already helped thousands of people get hired, even in this challenging job market.

What makes his advice different from what you can find on the Internet or in other “How to get a job” books is that his advice has been PROVEN to work.

“If you’re a veteran you need to read this book! Best advice for getting hired that we have ever read.” – HonorVet.org

Because he currently works recruiting in this job market every day, Mark has a unique perspective on what exactly veterans need to do to have the best chance at getting hired. I am a returning Iraq veteran with disabilities. Since being home I have been fired from (2) civilian jobs and turned down for at least 30. I then received Mark’s book, Veterans: Do This! Get Hired! I read it cover to cover in the parking lot of the post office.

The information is straight forward and easy as hell to understand. I followed his advise in chapters 2&3 to the letter. I saw immediate results on the same day I posted my resume by getting 3 requests for interviews. Mark is on- target with this information. ” –  Matt K. U.S Army (Ret.) Panama/Iraq/Somilia

If you need a job and want help getting it … then you should be interested in buying Mark’s book, please go to his website HERE

Mark can be reached by email HERE

JW and Bob Interview Santa Claus

A Rare Opportunity Came Our Way and We Could Not Turn the Old Guy Down

pic jw and bob santaMy old partner, Bob Schecter and I got the rare opportunity to talk to Santa about how he is doing and what’s happening at the North Pole.


pic santaIt is not often we get an exclusive like this one. We caught Santa at his home in Arizona for a short interview.

Santa was very gracious and answered all our questions

We are so honored and excited as we are big fans. Even Bob, who is Jewish loves ole Santa- JW


Our Sincerest Thank You to Stephen B, the comedian that helped us put this together. Stephen said yes to this crazy idea of mine and did an amazing job of writing the whole script. Bob and I just played straight man and Stephen B made the magic.

stephen bStephen B

For nearly 30 years Stephen B has been making audiences laugh in comedy clubs, corporate venues and in churches of all denominations. With his high energy and animated delivery Stephen’s material runs the gamut from silly to poignant to the absurd but he never crosses the line to get a cheap laugh at the expense of decency. His opinionated observations on life and society juxtaposed with his own flaws and shortcomings make for a hilarious combination of rants, raves and stories that poke fun at the absurdity of being human.

Stephen has opened for headlining musical acts such as Manhattan Transfer, Al Di Meola, Weird Al Yankovic, Leon Redbone, Michael Bolton, Julio Iglesias and Randy Stonehill. You can see him at next year’s Spirit West Coast Festivals in San Diego and Monterey CA.



Special shout out to Diana Schecter for creating the fabulous video to go along with our interview.

Bill Crosby – Wickedly Smart Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Bill CrosbyBill Crosby; Not a Famous Actor or Comedian, but one of the hottest on-line marketers on the Web.

If you are a devotee of the social media circuit, (translation – you spend too much time on the internet) you have seen Bill Crosby’s face, voice or name, pop up on your screen somewhere.

If so, then Bill needs no introduction and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this interview.  However, if, unlike us Fools, you actually have a life, then you should know that Bill is one of the few internet marketing guys that we consider a mentor.  While he has far more to offer than we could put in a single interview, we did our best to get Bill out of his internet bubble as he joined us in the Fools Lounge.  And you’ll hear why we intend to have him back again and again.  Listen in!

Bill CrosbyWe don’t care about the number of followers he amassed.. it’s a lot. And we won’t get into the amount of money he’s made… we’re jealous. When it comes to the world of Twitter, and making the most of it, nobody knows the terrain better than Bill, so, we follow him.


One of the things that we like about Bill, is his willingness to share his knowledge. Yes, he does it to make money, of course, but he does it in earnest. To that end, he keeps the price of his products as low as he can, and does his best to give more than he gets paid for.

Bill worked his fingers to the bone, to gain the knowledge, learn the techniques, and gamer the following that he has now. And actually, the Internet changes so very quickly that Bill readily admits he is still working his fingers to the bone. But that is exactly what motivates him to keep coming up with ways to “automate” the marketing process. With a clear understanding of how difficult it is to get started, Bill put together his Content Factory, the essence of which is to “Get Totally Customized Content Fed Into Your Social Media Networks Designed to Engage Your Current Followers, Get New Followers and Build YOur presence ON Autopilot!”

EmmeGirls – Promotional Models and Social Media Marketing

Emme Girls

Bruce and Emme PorterEmme and Bruce Porter

She’s gorgeous, he’s gorgeous … isn’t that enough?

Obviously not for this power-couple who are bent on carving out several places for themselves in the world.

And the old adage, “never judge a book by its cover”, applies here with all of its nuances.

We first got a glimpse of them at emmegirls.com, as many of their clients do, through a recommendation.

EmmeGirl Logo 01And, although their website is filled with the awful distraction of incredibly beautiful models, we managed to focus long enough to realize that there was more .. much, much more than meets the eye.

In fact, so much more that we were skeptical as to whether any mortals could actually survive, much less live their hectic lifestyle.  Of course, we just had to find out for ourselves.  Listen in as we get the story on Emme and Bruce Porter.


EmmeGirls Elite Model Staffing is the vision and concept of CEO, Emme Porter, a former Miss Massachusetts and current Washington Capitals NHL Cheerleader, and a graduate of Boston University. Though the company now has nation-wide reach, she still takes a hand-on approach in the hiring, so clients are assured that all spokesmodels meet Emme’s extremely high standards for personality and intellect … ok, and looks too.

Emme Girls

But EmmeGirls isn’t just about pretty faces representing and marketing your business.  COO, Bruce Porter, Jr., has parleyed over eight years of experience in SEO, web services development, web design, and technical training skills into creating a formidable marketing company whose staff happen to have … pretty faces.

When a client signs on with EmmeGirls, they, their company and product, find avenues for marketing that they might never have found elsewhere, or in so pretty a package.

Bruce and Emme’s Video of the Podcast Interview




Bella Vita is the television ready reality tv show production of EmmeGirls Elite Model Staffing and the life of Emme Porter, Bella Porter and Bruce Porter, Jr.

Join us as we raise our beautiful daughter Bella, travel the world competing at international ice dancing championships all across Europe and staff and produce in-game entertainment at sporting events, runway fashion shows, trade show models, promotional modelsand CEO level spokesmodels from DC to Vegas.


Emme Porter

Emme Porter is a member of the Washington Capitals NHL Cheerleading squad called the Red Rockers returning for her third year.  Her likeness has appeared in advertisements over 10 million times worldwide and she is the most recognizable Washington DC cheerleader. She has been featured in the Washington Post and ABC News.  Emme is former Miss Massachusetts, a graduate of Boston University, a professional ice skater and CEO of EmmeGirls Elite Model Staffing.  If that is not enought Emme is an International Ice Skating Champion and coach. She is a sex symbol, a mother and a savvy business woman.


Bruce Porter, Jr.

Bruce Porter, Jr. is the CEO of Social Networks Manager™ and the COO of EmmeGirls Elite Model Staffing. He has traveled the world competing as an international ice dancer, contracted information technology work with the US government, built social networking sites for businesses, and branded himself as the Social Networks Manager™. He uses social networks management and elite models for advertising and branding. He has competed at the US National Championships in ice dancing and twice competed at the European Figure Skating Championships in 2008 and 2009.


Bella Porter

Bella Porter is the the lovely child of Emme and Bruce Porter, Jr.  She was born on March 10, 2010 and has been a wonderful addition to the family.  The Porter’s take her everywhere and she is loved by all.

Emme Girls


Bella Vita TV


Social Network Manager


Dr Dana Fillmore – Strong Marriage Now

STOP Your Divorce, Save Your Marriage

If you follow the gossip, you would think that couples fall into one of two categories; those who are divorced, or those who are heading for divorce.

The numbers are beyond staggering.  Somewhere near 50% of marriages fail, for one reason or another.  From Sandra and Jesse to William and Kate; Arnold and Maria and on and on.. why didn’t one work and how long will the other last.

For those enlightened, open-minded, and just plain savvy, who want to enhance, preserve, or save their relationship or marriage, there is help.

Statistically, only 25% who seek help, actually get help.  That is, unless they are fortunate enough to know of our guest, Dr. Dana Fillmore, who can claim a 75% success rate, which is so phenomenal that we to ask her to share her thoughts, tools and strategies with us. This is one of my favorite interviews and we had a lot of fun. come Listen in.

book Happily Ever After Dana Fillmore Amy BarnhartHappily Ever After

Dr. Dana Fillmore and Amy Barnhart have released their book Happily Ever After – How to be Happily Married to the One You Already Married.

Improve, revitalize and save your marriage!

Live happily after by following Dr. Dana and Amy’s Marriage Success System: A proven 7-week program to transform your marriage.

This book reveals the secret to finally feeling the ongoing devotion, love and connection that you hoped for when you said “I do.”

You’ll learn what it takes to be happily married, how to work together to build a beautiful future, how to end the fighting, how to effectively communicate, and how to ignite the fire in your sex life.

Psychologist, Dr. Dana Fillmore, has spent more than 15 years bringing countless couples from the brink of divorce to feeling passionately, deeply in love again. Now you too, can use her innovative methods to assess and strengthen your marriage. In this breakthrough book you’ll discover:

  • It’s normal to fall in and out of love in a long-term marriage
  • Why marriages fail and how to prevent that from happening to you
  • The potential dangers of traditional marriage counseling and how to protect yourself
  • How to avoid the cause of 70% of divorces — fighting over money and who does what in the marriage
  • The truth about men, women and sex and how to keep your partner from straying
Amy Barnhart Tia Carrere Dana Fillmore

Amy Barnhart – Tia Carrere – Dr. Dana Fillmore

Dr. Dana Fillmore

has helped hundreds of couples in her practice of over 15 years.

Dr. Fillmore’s success rate with married couples is three times the national average. Across the nation, only one in four couples who seek counseling stay together.

Three out of four of Dr. Fillmore’s couples stay together and have strong, thriving marriages.
Dr. Fillmore is known for being a clear, straightforward communicator. She knows what works for couples and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.  Consequently, she teaches only the key concepts and skills that make a dramatic difference in a relationship. Dr. Fillmore dives right in and provides empowering and thought-provoking information quickly. Everything she teaches is “doable” and delivers immediate results.

StrongMarriageNow.com is an alternative to traditional marriage counseling, couples counseling, couples therapy or relationship counseling. StrongMarriage Now Systems dramatically improve relationships. Looking for Save Marriage How-To’s? Have you asked yourself “How Do I Save My Marriage?” Do you want to stop divorce? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for solutions to your marriage problems or relationship problems or you just want some marriage advice, Dr. Dana and StrongMarriageNow can help you. The StrongMarriageNow System includes downloadable step-by-step exercises and a series of online videos that couples can watch privately on their computer.

Thanks for Improving My Marriage!

My wife said “That’s The Nicest Thing I’ve Seen in 33 Years.” — Bill M, Boca Raton, FL

Spending Time Together and Bonding Has Really Helped

— Miles and Beth – San Diego, CA

Thank you! Now, I can be graceful instead of angry and communicate with my husband.”

— Kathleen W – La Jolla, CA


was founded to help more couples have AMAZING marriages. The StrongMarriageNow System was designed to be straightforward and practical. The System provides the most important lessons that make a significant difference in relationships. Hundreds of couples were surveyed on their most important areas to improve in their relationship. Top areas included communication, spending time together, money issues and sex. The System includes 16 videos and 7 accompanying exercises dedicated to these topics.
All of the advice in the StrongMarriageNow videos is based on scientific research and Dr. Dana Fillmore’s experience. The skills and concepts have been proven effective in countless studies as well as in Dr. Fillmore’s practice.

Amy Barnhart

is the President & CEO of StrongMarriageNow.  Amy is especially passionate about saving marriages having because of growing up with literally 13 broken marriages in her immediate family.  Her mother was divorced 4 times, her oldest sister, 3 times, her next sister, 2 times, her brother twice and her father married three times, divorced twice.

She witnessed a pattern of marrying the same problems over and over again.  And, she felt the pain of so many broken relationships and vowed that when she married she would not follow in the foot-steps of her family.  She committed to staying married and learning what she needed to learn to be happily married.  Thankfully she found Dr. Dana and decided to partner with her to spread those skills to the general public so that more people could avoid the pain she witnessed growing up.

Fix Your Marriage Today

Get FREE Marriage Advice from Dr. Dana (3 Videos Included):
  Heard the words “not in love?” Discover how to feel the love
again in your marriage
  Get your partner checked back into your relationship
  Stop a divorce or avoid a separation
  Feel stuck? How to have a breakthrough
  Get past the pain and move forward

Paul Keetch – Make My Marketing Work

Paul KeetchMake My Marketing Work with Paul Keetch

Paul talks to us about how you can double or triple your current marketing results without having ta costly marketing degree or without hiring an expensive $1000 an hour marketing consultant.

Although still fairly young, don’t let that fool you, we know some of the powerful, successful, talented, and yes,  wealthy people that Paul has worked with, and just how talented he really is, so naturally, when we heard he was publishing his first book, we jumped in line, not only to buy the book, but to speak with Paul directly.

make my marketing work paul keetchSwamped with the many events surrounding the book’s quick rise  to the top of Amazon’s charts, Paul took some time off to join us in the Lounge and fill us in and help us all out.

Make My Marketing Work, has received rave reviews from the likes of: T. Harv Eker, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind;  Christine Comaford, NY Times Bestselling Author of Rules For Renegades; and Libby Gill, Brand Strategist, and Bestselling Author of “You Unstuck”.

We had a great time and got some great information, and so will you This 323 page digital book, Make My Marketing Work, is a compilation of simple marketing ideas that will allow you to quickly and easily generate l qualified leads for your business that convert into sales. Their easy-to-understand language simplifies strategic marketing giving you the fundamental skills you need to grow your business.

Simple, yet effective, marketing ideas will help you transform into a marketing master.Only at a fraction of the cost! This is not a specialized program designed for one specific niche business… it is Universal information that can be applied to any business, regardless of what your specific product or service is.  How you apply what you learn will be different for each and every reader, in each and every business, because it is your prospective customers who will actually determine your marketing strategy.

This program will work for you …..

Personal or business coaching … Consultant … Massage therapy or chiropractic … Dental practice … Alternative health care … House painting … Carpet cleaning … Gardening & landscaping … Window cleaning … Home repair … House cleaning … Job recruiting & placement … Personal fitness training … Consumer goods … Shoes and apparel … Sports equipment … Restaurant or fast food … Books, CDs & info products … Health supplements … Toys … Music / Entertainment … Computer equipment … Office supplies, and more …. In fact any business!

Dr Karen Wolfe – The Unsweetened Truth About Sugar

Dr Karen WolfeGlobal recessions notwithstanding, we live in the midst of abundant wealth and technology, and yet, obesity and chronic disease are at epidemic and epic proportions throughout the world.

dr karen wolfeDr. Karen Wolfe is a pioneer in wellness. She has extensive experience in health care, wellness and disease management and presents at local, national and international conferences on subjects such as Mind/Body Medicine, health care reform, managed care, specific disease management strategies and integrated health management.

She is a licensed physician in her homeland Australia. She worked initially as a family physician followed by 8 years of experience in the administration of national health care, wellness and senior programs in her role as the Medical Director of the Australian Government Health Service.

Karen Wolfe is the author of:

  • Medicine From the Inside Out
  • An Enlightened Guide to Menopause
  • Give Stress
  • Successful Aging
  • A Wise Woman’s Approach to Healing and Cancer
  • What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine

Karen has extensive experience as a physician, speaker, author and health care consultant. She is a national and international speaker on topics such as “Integrating Complementary Medicine Into Managed Care”,” The Mind/Body Connection for Health and Wellness”, “Understanding Managed Care” and many specific health topics.

Visit Dr Karen’s website to find out more about her incredible background and wonderful products – Click HERE

A person’s weight is a reflection of so much more than simply calories in, calories out.  That’s why Karen wrote the book “Create the Body Your Soul Desires” with her dear friend and colleague Dr. Deborah Kern.  And that’s why she absolutely LOVES leading groups like the Sugar Buster Boot Camp she just co-facilitated with Dr. Kern.

If you weren’t able to participate in their recent Sugar Buster Boot Camp and wish you could have – I have great news for you…….

They recorded all 5 teleseminars as they walked people through the process of resetting their insulin response, getting rid of carbohydrate cravings and then creating a healthy, low-glycemic lifestyle.

The recordings are yours to listen to at your convenience – for free!! (click HERE)  

If you want maximum benefit, you’ll want you purchase a RESET Kit and supplements to enhance your success.

You can order those products yourself at ……

or, for more details, go ahead and email Dr Karen directly at email@drkarenwolfe.com.


dr debra kernDr. Deborah Kern is the health scientist who dares people to live in harmony with the wisdom of their bodies. 

Dr. Karen Wolf is the Australian physician who brings the mind and spirit back into medicine.

How to Be The Perfect Networker

How to Be The Perfect Networker by Ken Rochon

So who is Ken Rochon and what can he teach me about being the perfect networker? Well first he is the author of the book “Becoming The Perfect Networker”  Succeeding One Connection at a time.

Ken is a passionate doer. He is a great networker because it is impossible for him not to be one. Ken loves people and places and has to go to every place he hears about and meet as many as he can get to.

But Ken is not just excited about meeting others, he has taken the time to put the new social media to the test, by joining just about everything and trying everything else.

Ken’s book is an homage to his triumphs and failures and he shares all he has learned. Ken is about the Zen of Tao and his book gives exceptional down to earth advice on networking while also taking networking to an almost spiritual level.

Ken shares his love of graphics and print with his love of travel and people and has put together a complete guide to the universe of networking. He has not left anything out. Ken not only belongs to most of the important social networking sites, but he has his own rather successful site and he uses his site to preach and teach his style and method of networking that covers every inch of the web from blogging to social media, marketing and networking. Ken also seems to take everything to the next step.

The Perfect Networker Site


Perfect Networker is a community designed to help connect you with business professionals from all over the world!

We are a community of collaboration… an open network designed to facilitate the needs of its members. We encourage our members to connect with others, share ideas, refer business, generate support for a project, take an online conversation offline and build a relationship!

Perfect Networker is a community of business professionals committed to supporting each others’ success. Take the time to build valuable business relationships by connecting with the members here and your business will thrive!

Yes this book is crammed full of useful information and some that seems not to belong like a page of Universal Hand Signing, but as you get to know Ken you will get why this belongs in a networking book. Ken has taken the time to learn to say hello in a staggering amount of languages and has added them here for you to learn also.

Ken is eclectic, funny, brilliant and at times a bit crazy, but it is working for Ken and many others. Ken gets that networking is not about collecting lists of names or peoples cards, but don’t ever forget your card or Ken will probably roll his eyes at you.

Bob Schecter and I got the chance to talk with Ken about becoming the Perfect Networker and I have to say I am not sure we got to the point where we actually answered the question straight out, but we did get to the hear from the part of Ken that makes him a perfect networker. His love and concern for others. He is now part of a reality TV show called the “Goodfellas” where the participants were choosen because of their philanthropic natures.

Ken is Becoming The Perfect Networker and he can help you become one too.

Ken was late to the call, which sucked and I have to say it took me a minute to warm up to him, probably cause he was late, but we soon got on a rant and went too far in too many directions, but although we usually do a fair amount of cutting and editing to make sure these audio podcasts stay interesting, I decided to leave the conversation as is because I wanted the listener to make up their own minds.

I also left the first 15 or 20 minutes of the call where Bob and I were waiting for Ken as this stuff was very interesting, as we talked about upcoming and past shows and just had some fun.

If you get a moment you can also visit Ken at www.KenRochon.com. Ken is an avid photographer and you have to see his shots he has taken all over the world. I look forward to having another more pointed conversation with Ken.

We hope you enjoy this Networking Fools Audio Podcast Presentation, a Network Alchemists Production.

And don’t forget to check out Ken’s newest book, “How To Make Friends Around the World”.   It will teach you or your child how to speak 9 of the biggest languages in the World. They will never be the same when they can relate to so many. Sale price is $20 plus $5 shipping and handling. Order 2 and shipping and handling is FREE.

Disney Management and Leadership with Former Executive Director of Disney World Lee Cockerell

Lee Cockerell and Mickey Mouse Disney WorldLee Cockerell, VP of Disney World Resort (Retired),

Talks about Disney Management and Leadership Strategies

“As the Senior Operating Executive for ten years Lee led a team of 40,000 Cast Members and was responsible for the operations of 20 resort hotels, 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, a shopping & entertainment village and a sports and recreation complex in addition to the ancillary operations which supported the number one vacation destination in the world.

” One of Lee’s major and lasting legacies was the creation of Disney Great Leader Strategies which continues on as the primary resource for developing the 7000 leaders at Walt Disney World. Lee talks to OPM about his strategies and how you can use them in your life and your business. Continue reading

Rick Frishman on How to Write and Publish Your Own Book

Rick FrishmanFamous Book Publicist and Publisher Tells you How to Write Your Book, Get it Published and How to Market It

Rick Frishman, the founder of Morgan James Publishing in New Your and Planned Television Arts, now Media Connect, has been one of the leading book publicists in America for over 30 years.

Working with many of the top book editors, literary agents and publishers in America, including Simon and Schuster, Random House, Wiley, Harper Collins, Pocket Books, Penguin Putnam, and Hyperion Books, he has worked with best-selling authors including:

Mitch Albom, Bill Moyers, Stephen King, Caroline Kennedy, Howard Stern, President Jimmy Carter, Mark Victor Hansen, Nelson DeMille, John Grisham, Hugh Downs, Henry Kissinger, Jack Canfield, Alan Deshowitz, Arnold Palmer, and Harvey Mackay.

Rick is Publisher at Morgan James Publishing in New York. David Hancock founded Morgan James in 2003 and in 2008 “MJ” published over 150 books. Morgan James only publishes non fiction books and looks for authors with a platform who believe in giving back. Morgan James gives a portion of every book sold to Habitat for Humanity.

Rick has also appeared on hundreds of radio shows and more than a dozen TV shows nationwide including OPRAH and Bloomberg TV. He has also been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Selling Power Magazine, New York Post and scores of publications.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LBomAF3wcc?rel=0&w=640&h=505]

He is the co-author of ten books, including national best-sellers GUERRILLA PUBLICITY and NETWORKING MAGIC. Along with media personality Robyn Freedman Spizman, Rick also co-wrote the popular four-book series AUTHOR 101™ and recently they teamed up for their highly acclaimed book entitled WHERE’S YOUR WOW? 16 Ways To Make Your Competitors Wish They Were You! (McGraw Hill, March, 2008).

Rick’s 10th book “Guerrilla Publicity” 2nd edition was published in October 2008.( Adams Media) He is the co-host (with attorney Richard Solomon) of the radio show Taking Care of Business, which airs every Thursday from 2:00-3:00 pm on WCWP-Radio in Long Island, New York. Rick has a B.F.A. in acting and directing and a B.S. from Ithaca College School of Communications and is a sought after lecturer on publishing and public relations and a member of PRSA and the National Speakers Association.

Rick and his wife Robbi live in Long Island with their three children, Adam, Rachel and Stephanie, and two Havanese puppies named Cody and Cooper. Go to www.rickfrishman.com for more information and to get Rick’s “Million Dollar Rolodex.”

JW Najarian and Bob Schecter got to talk with Rick about:

  • Why publicity is 100 times better than advertising.
  • Working with a PR firm for maximum effectiveness if that’s the route you choose to go.
  • How to become an author in 5 easy steps and in less than 90 days.
  • Real life stories about the “legends” in the business and what you can learn from them.
  • What does a publicity department do for you at a publishing firm and what that means for you.
  • How to get published in the traditional manner and not get taken advantage of.
  • How agents work, what they do and why you need to get them on your side.
  • Understanding the pluses and minuses of radio, TV and other media sources.
  • How to create a press kit that will get you noticed and get you coverage.
  • Maximize your effectiveness when you’re in front of the media to increase your chances for success.

We hope you enjoy this Networking Fools Podcast Presentation, a Network Alchemists Production.

Master Your Debt with Jordan Goodman

Jordan GoodmanMaster Your Debt From Expert Money Man Jordan Goodman

Have paper and pencil ready when you listen in. He’s Awesome!

Master Your Debt - Jordan GoodmanWe managed to catch up with Jordan Goodman, author of 13 books on finance, a regular contributor on CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, and NPR among others, and the owner and host of MoneyAnswers.com.

Jordan was preparing for a spot on the TV show, The View with Barbara Walters, when we caught him for this interview. Check the show below.

Jordan just released a new book, on how to become debt free – “Master Your Debt” .

Jordan Goodman is “America’s Money Answers Man” and a nationally-recognized expert on personal finance. He is a regular guest on numerous radio and television call-in shows across the country, answering questions on personal finances. He appears frequently on NBC’s The Today Show, Fox News Network, Fox Business Network, CNN, CNBC and CBS evening news, and a host of other notable radio and television shows.

He is the author of 13 best-selling books on personal finance including Master Your Debt, and Fast Profits in Hard Times. And somewhere in between all of the above, Jordan manages to personally respond to as many email as he can that get sent to him through his website, What’s Your Money Type.


JW Najarian and Bob Schecter got to talk with Jordan about the hard times we are in.

Jodan disagrees that these are the worst times and hits upon some of the opportunities that are available, not just in the future, but right now. There is no doubt, Jordan has done the research and come up with some great answers. That’s why he’s known as America’s Money Answer Man. Listen-In, and take notes as he shares some great stuff and terrific insights on:

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Mortgage Debt
  • Student Loan Debt
  • Bankruptcy
  • and Much More

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