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Got What it Takes To Be A Shark Tank Winner?

pic cstw ConversationswSharkTankThe Startup Toolbox Presents

Conversations with Shark Tank Winners

Tuesday, March 10th, @ 6:30 p.m. Reserve Your Seat Today!

Think you have what it takes to make it on Shark Tank? Ever wanted to know what it takes to get onto the show? What happens to the winners after they get the funding from a Shark? What’s it like to become business partners with a multimillionaire/billionaire?

pic CSTW Shelly Ehler contestant pic cstw Dr Edna Ma contestantJoin us for an unscripted, fun, conversation and Q&A session with not-one- but TWO Shark Tank winners- Entrepreneur / Inventor of the ShowNo Towel- Shelly Ehler and Dr. Edna Ma of BareEase as they come and share their experience Before, During and After appearing on Shark Tank.

Don’t miss out. Go to Eventbrite and Reserve Your Seat Today!

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In this open panel discussion we will cover:

  • The most important part of your financial model
  • How to develop and test your Business Funding Pitch
  • How well you should be prepared before going on the show
  • What to expect from a Shark after the being on the Shark Tank
  • Many useful tips on Business Funding, Business Development and much more.

pic CSTW meeting

Rey Ybarra sqPanel Facilitator: Rey Ybarra

Rey Ybarra is a speaker, interactive reality TV creator and author of the book Conversations With Shark Tank Winners. Rey is an interactive reality TV creator and talk show host with over 18 plus years’ experience. He frequently lectures about pitching your business for funding, and hosts live presentations for entrepreneurs, business owners and colleges.

pic cstw dr edna maEdna Ma, MD

A woman of the world, Dr. Edna Ma has devoted her career to pain management. She is a practicing, board certified anesthesiologist, working both in academic and private hospitals in Los Angeles.

Dr Ma received her B.S. degree in biology and her M.D. degree from the University of Colorado, and completed her residency training at UCLA’s Department of Anesthesiology.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Edna launched BareEASE, a prep kit that numbs the skin before bikini waxing or laser.  BareEASE, with its patented formula, is now addressing some of the everyday pains women encounter with beauty procedures. Dr. Edna challenged her own pain threshold in the wild as a contestant on the hit reality TV show “Survivor:  South Pacific.” BareEASE was featured on the popular show SHARK TANK.

She’s able to juggle all of these roles and enjoy her “tiger mom” responsibilities of raising children with the help of her supportive husband.

pic cstw Shelly-HeadshotShelly Ehler

Shelly Ehler is an inspiring entrepreneur who took a simple idea, believed it with all her heart and made it come to life! She is the inventor of the ShowNo towel and was featured on ABC’s Emmy nominated reality show, Shark Tank.

Shelly had three “Sharks” fighting over her and is the only entrepreneur in the show’s history to ever leave with a check in her hand. Her towel has also been featured on The Today Show, The View and Good Morning America.

Shelly’s story of overcoming challenges and following the voice of her heart is truly inspiring. Her motto is, “Dream it, Believe it, Let it Go.”

She believes anything is possible when you follow your heart in faith. She is a wife and mother of two young boys and lives in Ventura County, California.

logo CSTW The Startup Toolbox

About The Startup Toolbox

The Startup Toolbox is a bi-weekly business roundtable/networking and referral group which offers a forum for entrepreneurs at any stage of their business to come out and informally discuss ideas or challenges within their business and to gain some relevant and timely insight and connections that can be used to build their businesses and make their businesses grow. The group is for those who are serious about learning, sharing and growing their business while contributing to the development of others.  Come out and be a part of the learning and fun!

Contact: David OshimaDavid@kleverdog.com 323-924-8463 x3

RSVP at: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/conversations-with-shark-tank-winners-tickets-15643743859

Meet at:

Kleverdog Coworking
418 Bamboo Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90018


$20 per person. Tickets for the event are available on Eventbrite. Each attendee will receive a downloadable copy of Rey’s book, Conversations with Shark Tank Winners. Snacks and beverages provided by our sponsor, Integrated Corporate Solutions.

As I have attended Conversations with Shark Tank Winners before; I can highly recommend this live Q&A with real Shark Tank Contestant Winners.

No Gurus! Just real business people that have taken their product on the show and won. This is the best way to find out what someone needs to do get their product market and investor ready. – JW

The God’s Honest Truth

Miyoshi GrantMiyoshi Grant

We prayed. Focused. Took action. Self-promoted. Contributed, and more. How often do we hear, or have you felt, that you, a devout believer, aren’t seeing any results or payoffs, rewards or the glory spoken of? And so the question rises, “what is really my truth based upon results?” Continue reading

Business Executives Gain a New Resource in the Launch of The Ultimate Sales Machine Blog

Commemorating the first
Chet Holmesanniversary of the passing of legendary salesman and Business Breakthrough’s co-founder, Chet Holmes, a new resource for c-level executives is released.

Those of us who lead today must be lifelong learners in order to compete. Continue reading

Bob Bare of BestSelling Experts on His New Book and Live Training

Successful entrepreneur and businessman Bob Bare talks to us about his new book and amazing new More Power! Conference

We interview Bob who is a successful entrepreneur, businessman and author who loves to interview other successful and interesting experts for his site BestSelling Experts.


Bob Bare and 8 Very Important Speakers Including Bill Gates, Michael Dell and Steve Jobs Marketing Teacher Jay Conrad Levinson

September 20-23, 2012
at the Crowne Plaza, Dallas Texas

This one is over, but you can go to www.MorePowerLive.com to get videos of the speakers and to find out when the next event will be held.


I met Bob at a conference where we were both interviewing some of the more interesting people that spoke or attended there. I am used to doing interviews and after speaking with Bob, I was taken back by his request to interview me!

It is not often that I am asked to be interviewed. Bob was great and asked some great questions and we have become friendly since that interview.

I found out that Bob was producing his first business conference and took the opportunity to get back to Bob and ask him for an interview. I was very excited to get Bob to say yes, first so I could get him back and second because I have gotten to know Bob as someone that knows what he is doing and he loves to teach and help others find success.

Thank you Bob for saying yes to my interview. It turned out to be full of great and very powerful information and mentoring Bob is known for. – JW

Bob Bare

Bob Bare is a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and founder of BestSellingExperts.com. Proud husband, father and grandfather, Bob is passionate about family values, community outreach and spiritual growth.

Through his company, Bob mentors individuals in branding, broadcasting and living their vision through Expert Positioning, Publishing, Publicity and Public Speaking.

Bob Bare is the author More Power!, founder of BestSellingExperts.com and More Power! University.

A serial entrepreneur, who started his first business in 6th grade, Bob is known for his ability to create, grow and turn around businesses while keeping his vision and values in sight. One of Bob’s recent business successes opened its doors in 2006 with no customer base and achieved yearly revenues of 2.5 million dollars within the first four years, in the middle of the economic downturn of 2008. Bob currently owns 7 businesses.

An Iowa native, Bob lives in Dallas, Texas with Jan, his wife for over 35 years. He is the proud father of 3 children and grandfather of 6. He enjoys giving back to his community through active leadership roles in his local church and as president of Dallas North Rotary.

In an effort to pay it forward, Bob produces and hosts Experts Weekly radio, publishes the BestSelling Experts Weekly newsletter and mentors start-up entrepreneurs.

More Power

MORE POWER is a wisdom-packed guidebook for entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals in any industry, guaranteed to create more personal and business power in any economy.

Using a clear, easy approach, Bob Bare reveals the simple, yet powerful principles, tools and strategies he has used over and over to create multiple successful, sustainable businesses.

This practical roadmap is filled with concrete action steps you can easily master and implement right now, wherever you may be in your entrepreneurial journey to help you propel your business, skyrocket your sales, increase your cashflow and maximize your exposure, all while staying true to your vision and core values.

More Power offers simple principles, tactics and strategies that you can easily implement right now to create a successful, sustainable business while staying true to your vision and enjoying your life. As a serial entrepreneur, Bob Bare shares coveted secrets that will skyrocket your sales, your cash flow and your exposure, and create a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Bestselling Experts

Innovators guided by traditional values.

Passionate about results, BSE Embraces today’s cutting edge tools and strategies to propel your vision, your passion and your purpose.

BSE staff brings a powerful blend of gifts and personalities strategy, creativity, visibility and implementation. Our collaborative approach is the secret to our ability to assist you in connecting and engaging genuinely with prospect and current clients by showcasing your expertise and spreading your message out to the world!


To empower and equip companies and individuals with innovative and actionable strategies, tools and ideas to showcase their expertise, allowing them to deliver inspiring, uplifting targeted messages with the purpose to make a positive impact in the world while fueling business growth and profitability.


To become the preferred and most trusted expert building company by continuously delivering outstanding value and satisfaction, focusing on customer loyalty, reliability, respect, responsiveness and superior innovative products and services that enrich the world.


These serve as our compass to guide our actions towards People, Partners, Planet, Productivity and Profits:

  • Integrity in All We Do
  • Honesty and Transparency in our Communication
  • Creating Meaningful Value to Make a Difference
  • Innovation that Inspires Creativity and  Fuels Growth
  • Internal Environment of Collaboration, Trust and Joy
  • Leadership to Impact and Influence
  • Passion for a Better World, a Better Future

More Power Live Conference

Sorry, this one is over, but you can go to www.MorePowerLive.com to get videos of the speakers and to find out when the next event will be held.

What will you learn at More Power! LIVE?

Bob Bare, 40+ year experience serial entrepreneur,
will share how he grew his sales $0 to $2.7 Million
in the Worst Economy Ever!

He has also carefully selected world-class experts who are practitioners, teachers and mentors who care about YOUR success!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn, discover and experience at More Power! LIVE:

Your Road Map To Success [Bob Bare and Odell Stunkard]

  1. How You Can Attract Stampedes of New Customers – Step-by-step plan revealed live for the first time in the U.S.
  1. How to Maximize Your CASH-FLOW (Not Just Revenue). Forget the losing model of “Growing-Growing-Gone” that costs more than you make and sends your business into an early grave.
  1. The Overlooked Secrets of “The Perfect Business” that Pays You in PROFITS and FREEDOM. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too (work less and make more). We’re living proof. And we’re unveiling ALL!

…And many more practical ways to explode your income and carve out a life of freedom and satisfaction in the months and years ahead!

Guerrilla Marketing [Jay Conrad Levinson]

  1. Marketing Vs. Guerrilla Marketing – a concise, eye-opening explanation that will forever change the way you promote and generate new business
  2. The 19 Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing – You could spend months trying to distill the wisdom from a dozen top business books – or – you can spend that time enjoying the fruits of these 19 secrets that have already produced billions of dollars in sales and profits
  3. The The 7-Sentence Guerrilla Marketing Plan – Don’t waste months writing a 30-page plan. And don’t you dare make a move with no plan at all. Steal Jay’s 7-sentence plan and profit from it immediately

..and more!!!!!

Make More Working LESS! [Loral Langemeier]

  1. How to turn your existing skills and passion into a perpetual cash machine – in as little as 2 hours a week with zero money out-of-pocket.
  2. How to easily melt price resistance and double or triple your income
  3. Hear how Loral (in her early 20′s) landed a Multi-Million Dollar contract promoting health on oil rigs by simply replacing one word with another. Find out exactly what she did, so you can do it too

Plus much more!

Truly Leverage The Power of Social Media [Elayna Fernandez]

  1. The 7 Myths of Social Media Branding. How many are holding you back from earning the income you deserve?
  2. Why social media work for some and not others. Discover how to systematize, automate and profit like you never thought possible
  3. The L.I.K.E.D Formula for getting more “likes” and followers. Apply these 5 simple steps to trigger a tsunami of social media exposure

…and lots more advice for making money with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress, and Pinterest

Use Publishing To Skyrocket Your Business [David Hancock ]

  1. 4 easy ways to get your book written FAST (without writing it yourself!)
  2. How to GET PAID to write your book
  3. The 7 Secrets of Bestselling Books – this bullet-by-bullet formula removes all the guesswork

…and A TON more!

Sell With Intention and Double or Triple Your Sales This Year! [ Ursula Mentjes]

  1. Discover the Selling with Intention Formula to double sales results this year
  2. Create an Intentional Schedule to sell more in less time
  3. Understand how Financial Set-Points prevent ultimate success

..and more!

Profit Through Persuasive Speaking [Arvee Robinson]

  1. The 3 BIGGEST mistakes most business owners make when trying to give public presentations and how to instantly look like a seasoned speaking professional by avoiding these goof-ups!
  2.  How to find more opportunities to speak to local groups of your ideal prospects and how to get invited as a speaker.
  3.  What specifically you must do during your presentations in order to generate leads and clients

…and more!

Partnership Secrets Revealed [Paul Miltonberger]

  1. The 5 partnering strategies that bring you more customers, revenue, results, and income. Use one or all 5 to kick your results into hyper-drive
  2. The easiest money you’ll ever make for 10 minutes of your time
  3. How to generate quick bursts of cash over and over again, even if you don’t have a product or service to sell

..and much, much more!

Michael Luckman on Overpowering Fear

Michael Luckman Overpowering FearMichael Luckman, a 40+ Year Veteran of Sales Teaches Us How to Overcome Fear in Selling, but More Importantly in Life.

Michael Luckman is a man that has faced the fear of public speaking, cold calling and fear of failure and has come out the other side grateful, successful and happy.  Michael teaches us how to overpower fear so that we can live the fullest lives we were meant to live.

I have the honor to the first person to interview Michael Luckman for his new book “Overpowering Fear: Defeating the #1 Challenge in Sales and Life“.

I was introduced to this wonderful author by Nance Rosen, Top Job Coach and author of “Speak Up and Succeed“, so let me say a big thank you to Nance because Michael is just what the universe ordered.

Fear is the Number One reason for failure that gains you nothing. Another words, it is fine to fail and even expected that you might fail, if you take a risk and learn a lesson.

If you fail, however, because fear stopped you from trying then it does not take a rocket scientist to tell you that unless you learn to overpower that fear, you will never succeed and thus you will never reach your God given potential.

I have suffered from a few phobias including massive stage fright, but I was a musician and played clubs like The Whiskey and House of Blues. I interview famous celebrities and world renowned scholars and believe me I used to get so fearful that I would get nauseous. I still have problems, but not anywhere close to what I did before.

Michael Luckman knows what he is talking about and he shares what fear and ego is and how you can learn to overpower these feelings that keep you from living the life you were meant to live. Where Mr. Luckman can not help you elliviate your fears, he gives what he calls workarounds.

These are techniques I have used and swear by. If you believe your fears are holding you back, then you need to listen to this interview and pick up this book. – JW

Michael Luckman

With forty plus years as a salesperson, marketing pioneer, entrepreneur and sales trainer, Michael Luckman is today, a successful and dynamic speaker, trainer and coach. In Overpowering Fear he opens up his life and the lessons learned to help his readers uncover their own fear blocks and overpower them, in order to enjoy lives filled with confidence, success and abundance.

Overpowering Fear is Michael’s real world journey through a career filled with amazing achievements – including the launch of the first electronic toy and inventions like the cartridge video game system, the electronic keyboard and the see-through advertising product seen on vehicle wraps.

book Michael Luckman Overcoming FearMichael also “gets real” about the personal defeats that came when fear,
uncertainty and doubt clouded even one of the brightest minds in business.
In working with and training thousands of salespeople, Michael came to the conclusion that those who reach the top in sales are those who have learned to overpower their fears and do whatever is necessary to gain the business. While those we would consider average salespeople succumb to their fears and will do only those things that fall within their comfort zones.

Unlike psychologists and other scientists who approach the topic of fear from an arm’s length or academic perspective, Michael peels back the cover on his own life. With astonishing honesty and impressive insight, he exposes painful, emotional events that began in childhood and continued to dog him as he rose in the business world.

Told with humor as well as deep personal truth, Michael’s life story and his “Luckman’s Laws” help readers take an equally brave and fruitful look at their own journeys. They will be delighted to find ten exercises at the end of the book that Michael created to help them find the causes and cures for their own fears.

Readers will also learn how to identify goals they want to see materialize in their lives, understand what dreams they have been afraid to realize and be able
to create a road map to a fantastic future.

This is a hugely important book because it alone examines the earliest origins of fear, a complex and defeating emotion, from a very personal and relatable perspective. Fear is present in every occupation and in every stage of life, so much so that it is a virtual epidemic affecting almost everyone at any time.

At his website, Michael-Luckman.com, this author provides a wealth of support as well as the opportunity to join him in seminars, workshops and coaching sessions.

For interviews, requests for speaking, media commentary and other story or show ideas, Michael may also be reached directly at (408) 404-6762 Ext. 2


Barbara Wilder Clearing Money Negativity

Barbara Wilder Money is LoveBarbara Wilder – Money is Love

Barbara Wilder talks to us about how the negativity around money can stand in the way of your success, and how you can clear the negativity of your mindset and your money.

I am a huge believer in mindset as what you think translates into what you do and thus whether or not you are successful or have the capacity to be.

I believe our reactive thoughts about money are centered around the negative so when you think about the success you want monetarily, you also bring up all your negative beliefs around money and thus are doomed from that point on to fail.

It works like this; you say you want to make 5 Million Dollars in the next 2 years. The success gurus say you have to vision it and write it down, as what you focus on expands. OK, problem is that whenever you think about money your lizard brain automajically starts spewing all it’s beliefs around money, like rich people are greedy and money is the root of all evil and I must vow to be a poor marter if I want to get into heaven etc. etc.

These thoughts will never allow you to focus positively on gaining the abundance you so surely strive for.

Barbara takes it one step further and believes that money itself actually holds the energy of everyone who has touched it and therefore the money itself holds so much negative energy that fixing your mindset is just not enough.

A fascinating interview. – JW

Barbara Wilder Money is LoveBarbara Wilder

Barbara is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, teacher, and healer.

She is the Founder and Director of The Transformational Light Center. In her groundbreaking book, Money Is Love, she showed us how to reconnect money to the sacred feminine and transform it into an agent for both personal and global prosperity.

Her second book, Embracing Your Power Woman, is a radical program that gives women in the second half of life the skills to recognize, embrace, and embody their innate feminine power.

Barbara has been a guest on network television and on numerous radio talk shows. Her popular workshops inspire participants internationally. She is a dynamic keynote speaker, speaking locally, nationally and internationally, including Deepak Chopra’s Alliance for a New Humanity in Pureto Rico, and The Universal Peace Federation’s International Peace Conference in Seoul, Korea.

She has been a member of the faculty of Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, and Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Originally an actor, production executive, and screenwriter, she recently wrote a play based on her book Embracing Your Power Woman called POWER WOMAN MAGIC which she wrote, produced, directed and performed in in its initial productions.

As a healer, Barbara works with individuals in person, by phone, and Skype, to help them strip away the veils to reveal the light within themselves. Barbara studied for eleven years under the tutelage of Russell Schofield, founder of The School of Actualism, a mystery school based the Hermetic Principles, the writings of Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner, and the ancient practice of Agni Yoga, also known as fire-breathing yoga. She graduated with the highest level of initiation in light-energy healing and transformational growth techniques. In addition to her many achievements, Barbara is an ordained minister and renowned spiritual teacher.

She is also the director and founder of The Power Woman Magic Project, a non-profit organization that exists to produce and promote the play, POWER WOMAN MAGIC and the workshops connected to it. This project was created to help women in the second half of life embrace and step into their power to help shift world focus from domination to co-creation.

Currently Barbara lives in Los Angeles where she maintains her intuitive counseling and light-energy healing practice at the Transformational Light Center, writes, gives workshops, and travels wherever she is called to speak and teach about how we can create a more light-filled and balanced world of peace, goodwill, and abundance for all.

Barbara Wilder Money is LoveBarbara’s Book “Money is Love”

War, Poverty, hunger and crime are caused by the fear that surrounds money and its scarcity.

Money is energy, and energy is limitless. Only our fear and our limited way of thinking make money seem scarce.

Using the tools and the exercises in Chapter Three, you can reconnect with the sacred origins of money, and direct the flow of money through your life and the world on a current of love, joy, goodwill and abundance.

Money is energy, and according to quantum physics the universe is made up of energy, which becomes matter only when information is focused on it. Wood is wood and not iron because of the information that forms the two different kinds of matter. Too many of us labor under the belief that money is “a necessary evil,” which is, more often than not, difficult to obtain.

By changing our feelings about money from fear, anger, greed and scarcity, to love, joy, abundance and goodwill, we can change the way money moves through our lives and the lives of others all over the world. “MONEY IS LOVE” teaches that as we begin to remove the negative thoughts and feelings that surround money and redefine money as love, we bring the power of love into all of our monetary transactions.

This in turn opens our hearts to allow money to flow abundantly into our lives, creating a place of peace and joy. From this place of harmony we can then send money back out into the world on a flow of love and gratitude. Money healed can begin to heal all that it touches.

And because money flows like blood through the planet, diseased it causes disease, but infused with love, money can become rejuvenating. This work stands out from other transformational money theories, because it deals with not only healing our personal relationship with money, but with healing the money itself, returning it to its sacred roots and then using this money infused with love as an agent for healing “Money is the blood of the planet. Heal the money and we can heal the world.” Page 82.

CONTACT Barbara Wilder:


Dave Austin Elite Success Coach ~ When Do You Quit the Dream?

Dave Austin

Dave Austin Success Coach to Top Athletes Discusses When to Hold Them and When to Fold Them

I am a graduate of Harv Eker’s full personal development program. A program I highly recommend. One of the best things I got from the program was getting to know Dave Austin.

Dave coached a good friend of mine and my friend really spoke highly of Dave.

Years later I got the chance to meet Dave myself and he turned out to be such a warm and wonderful person, but more that Dave is the real deal. I live in Los Angeles, CA so every other person I meet is a life coach energy healer.

Dave is the real deal. He is an elite success coach, but made sure all his programs worked by becoming the top or best in all he did (see bio below), then he taught his clients based on his success and they in turn had success.

If you want to really learn from a master, just listen to this interview..

Don’t let the word Elite mess you up. Dave is a real down to earth guy and Dave is the guy I would choose if I wanted to make sure I was successful. Dave makes the interview process easy as he is so wonderfully fun and exciting to talk to and I now call him friend!

Thank you for all you do Dave and thank you for being so gracious with your time. – JW

Dave Austin Head CoachDave Austin

Affectionately known as the “Head” head coach with many of his clients. Dave has studied and learned through personal experience what enables some people to be successful and realize their potential, what holds back others from this same success.

He knows what motivates them, what drives them, and what inspires them. He has an uncanny knack for bringing out the best in his clients.

Dave brings this inspired thought process and insights to countless audiences across the nation and as far away as Uzbekistan — sharing his success methods of Exceeding Your Potential with not only professional and elite amateur athletes, but also with entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, corporate employees and educators.

Dave is a compelling, empowering and compassionate coach who has helped many, many individuals achieve their dreams.

book songwriting for dummiesDave is a San Diego State University graduate with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in both Psychology and Physical Education and uses this unique blend of education in combination with his real life experiences.

Dave has developed specific methodology and results-oriented activities to help people take on greater challenges and produce breakthrough results. His clients are now accustomed to realizing their full potential and to exceeding the boundaries that they previously thought were holding them back.

Dave’s success rate in working one-on-one with athletes is nearly 100%. His methods have proven over and over again to work every time. All that is required is a willing partnership and an open mind.

Get Ready to be Astounded. Here are just some of Dave’s accomplishments:

SUCCESSHIGHLIGHTS: What Dave’s performance coaching has led to…

  • The L.A. Dodgers 2004 Being in Last Place to Winning the Pennant Winning Race
  • The U.S. Olympic Field Hockey Team Best Performance In World Competition and Beating Russia for the First Time in History
  • Luke Scott of the Houston Astros Being Named as the Astros “Hottest Rookie” in 2006
  • Kameron Loe of the Texas Rangers Being this Year’s Best Pitcher in all of MLB’S Spring Training
  • Vince Spadea’s “Hottest Rising Star” on ATP Tour

LIFE EXPERIENCES: Dave’s life experiences include…

  • He is a former world-ranked professional tennis player
  • He received college scholarships in three sports; football, baseball, and tennis
  • He surfed in the Makaha International Surfing Championships in Hawaii
  • He has had acting roles in blockbuster movies such as “Uncommon Valor” starring Gene Hackman and Patrick Swayze, and “The Jagged Edge” with Jeff Bridges and Glen Close
  • His face has been seen by millions of television viewers in commercials such as Diet Coke, Olympia Beer, Roman Meal Bread, and Chevron
  • He had a “Pick Hit” pop single in Billboard magazine as a recording artist
  • He has been a managing director of an independent record label within the Universal Music Group family
  • He was awarded the Presidential Merit Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science (NARAS who puts on the Grammy Awards)
  • He has raised over $1 million in charitable funds putting on The Music & Tennis Festival which featured music acts such as Santana, Queen, Rush, Kansas, Michael McDonald, Commodores, Alan Parsons Project, America, Melissa Etheridge, Loverboy, and featuring David Foster
  • He is a published author, writing the critically acclaimed, “The Unfinished Cross – Listen to the Voice Within ” as well as “Songwriting for Dummies” and is currently writing his next book, “Exceeding Your Potential”

PROFESSIONAL & ATHLETE CLIENT LIST: As a mental performance coach, Dave’s clients include:

  • The U.S. Olympic Field Hockey team
  • The L.A. Dodgers when they went from last place to winning the 2004 Pennant
  • Corporations such as Washington Mutual, Fastclick, and Amgen
  • Plus many professional athletes including Luke Scott of the Houston Astros and “Hottest Rookie” in 2006, and this year’s best pitcher in all of spring training, Kameron Loe of the Texas Rangers.


“You could never pay enough for the value our team has received from this style of “mental conditioning” coaching. This work is priceless.”
Shiv Jagdav
head coach of USA National Field Hockey Team

“As our company embarked on some aggressive growth initiatives, I brought Dave in to prepare our senior management team for the challenges that lay ahead. Dave helped take our confidence and motivation to a new level, which paid big dividends in achieving our goals. Based on my work with Dave, I would highly recommend him to any individual or organization looking for superior results.”
Kurt Johnson
formerly CEO of Fastclick, Inc.

“Whether it be in business or sports, when you are able to operate at the top of your game, successful results come naturally. Dave is a master at bringing out the best in everyone.”
– Mark Monroe
Washington Mutual

“Dave illuminated for us that obstacles area actually moments of opportunities where we can rise above our own current limitations in order to reach the next level of quality, excellence, and achievement.”
– Lee Boothby
SR VP and General Counsel for Enalasys Corporation

“Dave Austin is a phenomenal talent who not only whole-heartedly believes in our vision, he is continually raising the bar for what he knows we can achieve. What impresses me the most, however, is Dave’s genuineness, passion for life and his ability to hold in completion that we are (already) successful.”
– Susan White
VP Business Development for Scisbo Inc.

“The information Dave shares is powerful, to the point, and exactly what my players needed to assist them in obtaining their goals.”
– Page Odle
Director of Baseball for National Sports Management

“What Dave brings to the table is an uncanny sense of what the boys need to hear in order to individually, and as a team, take it to the next level.”
– Bob Gregorchuk
Head Football Coach for Rio Mesa High School

“What Dave teaches goes beyond psychology and touches you at the core of your being.”
– Dr. Ronald Lutz PhD
Dean Emeritus of American Institute of Psychology


Jack Canfield Speaks at National Assoc of Realtors about Success Principles

Jack Canfield Speaks at National Association of Realtors National Conference 2011 in Anaheim, CA

Jack Canfield, Bestselling Co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles spoke at NAR about Success

While covering the National Association of Realtors, Commercial Division National Conference in Anaheim, CA I ran into Jack Canfield. Last place I thought I would get an interview with Jack.

Jack was invited to speak to thousands of realtors about success principles and especially about not allowing the economy and current state of the industry, to be an excuse to fail.

Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen cocreated The Chicken Soup for the soul series®. Jack now has over 40 New York Times Bestsellers. An internationally renowned corporate trainer, keynote speaker, and popular radio and TV talk show guest, he lives in Santa Barbara, California.

Jack I know you were running late so I really appreciate the gracious time you gave me.- JW

Jack CanfieldJack Canfield

As the beloved originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, Jack Canfield fostered the emergence of inspirational anthologies as a genre – and watched it grow to a billion dollar market. As the driving force behind the development and delivery of more than 125 million books sold through the Chicken Soup for the Soul® franchise, Jack Canfield is uniquely qualified to talk about success.

Behind the empire Time Magazine called the “publishing phenomenon of the decade” is America’s leading expert in creating peak performance for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, corporate employees, and educators. Over the last 30 years, his compelling message, empowering energy and personable coaching style has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals achieve their dreams.

Jack Canfield at NAR Conference Talks About Success PrinciplesAffectionately known as “America’s #1 Success Coach,” Jack has studied and reported on what makes successful people different. He knows what motivates them, what drives them, and what inspires them. He brings this critical insight to countless audiences internationally—sharing his success strategies in the media, with companies, universities and professional associations.

Jack is a Harvard graduate with a Master’s Degree in psychological education and one of the earliest champions of peak-performance, developing specific methodologies and results-oriented activities to help people take on greater challenges and produce breakthrough results.

His proven formula for success reached global acclaim with his most recent National Bestseller, The Success Principles™: How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. This new standard in self-improvement contains 64 powerful principles for success utilized by top achievers from all walks of life and all areas of commerce. The Success Principles —and the entire empire of “Principles” books, products, coaching programs and branded retail merchandise —is Jack’s most recent offering to the more than 100 million readers he currently reaches worldwide.

His other best-selling books — The Power of Focus, The Aladdin Factor, Dare to Win, You’ve Got to Read This Book!, and The Key to Living the Law of Attraction , — have generated millions of bookstore and Internet sales, and have launched complementary products such as audio programs, video programs, corporate training programs and syndicated columns to enthusiastic individuals and corporate buyers. His audio program, Maximum Confidence, has sold more than 350,000 copies through Nightingale-Conant alone. MORE….

In this interview Jack talks about his new book he wrote with William Gladstone, called The Golden Motorcycle Gang……

The Golden Motorcycle Gang
Have you ever asked yourself why you are on planet Earth? And what the ultimate purpose for your life might be? Well, Jack Canfield asked himself this very question and came up with a surprising answer—part of which included a vision revealing that he is part of a “Golden Motorcycle Gang”—a gang whose intent is to have fun, but also to make significant contributions to the well-being of humanity.

During a joyful dinner many years ago in Santa Barbara, California, Jack told his friend William Gladstoneabout the Gang. Upon hearing this account, William had an epiphany that Jack’s story held a powerful underlying truth not only explaining Jack’s true purpose, but William’s as well.

For more than ten years, William encouraged Jack to write a book based on the story of the Gang, so they have now collaborated on this work to show you its relevance to this critical moment in the history of human civilization . . . and also to you, personally. As you read, you will be introduced to some of the extraordinary members of the Golden Motorcycle Gang, including visionary thinkers such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, the originator of the concept of Conscious Evolution.

The mystery and adventure inherent in this book reveals that there is now the opportunity for all of us on planet Earth to make a quantum leap in real time toward choosing the actual course of our evolution. Along the way, we are meant to experience the joy that comes from recognizing who we really are.

Marie Diamond on Using Feng Shui to Gain Success in Wealth and Relationships

marie diamondMarie Diamond featured Feng Shui Master in the Book and the Movie “The Secret”

book cover the secret

Talks About How You Can Learn to Use the Power of Visioning, Massive Action, Feng Shui and Dowsing to Change Your Life.

Feng Shui and Quantum Energy Master Marie Diamond sat down with me to talk about how we can use Feng Shui principles to get more success in abundance, health and relationships.

Marie also went over dowsing techniques used to clear negative energy and find positive energy.

Marie and I met each other while working on sustainable projects to help get food, water, education and self esteem to the needy in Africa and other countries. I know her as a great humanitarian who really cares about the world and the people she works with.

I am no guru about this stuff and do not know how or if it works, but I believe that if you want to know about these practices you must go to the Masters and Marie Diamond has been known as a Master internationally for many years.  Here is your chance to listen to one of the worlds best.- JW

Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond  is a globally renowned transformational leader—featured in the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret” and seven other motivational documentaries—who uses her extraordinary knowledge of quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and Feng Shui energy to help people transform their environments and their lives.

Her clients include A-list celebrities in film and music, top selling writers, leaders from Fortune 500 companies, and governments. Diamond combines her intuitive gifts, the growing science of energy flow, ancient wisdom, and modern tools to enlighten homes, businesses, and people. She is known for her passion to help create enlightened leaders around the world.

The internationally acclaimed author, teacher, consultant, and motivational speaker brings her wisdom and counsel to a wide audience through her seminars, personal appearances on TV and radio, tele-classes, coaching, and products.

Born in Belgium, and now living between the United States and France, Marie was a successful lawyer before shifting her focus to the Laws of the Universe.

Marie Diamond is an author, lecturer, teacher, and a leader in the transformational movement. A native of Belgium, Marie trained there as a lawyer and criminologist. Fluent in five languages, she worked in government, publishing, and sales early in her career. Her safety management skills are sought by multinational corporations like BP-Amoco, Exxon-Mobil, and Total Fina, whose productivity and safety records improved dramatically after implementing her recommendations.

Featured in the phenomenon “The Secret”, Marie explains that we are all creators of our own individual universe.

The Law of Attraction and the Laws of the Universe operate the same for everyone. Thoughts have substance, and we manifest those things that occupy our thought lives. We have the power to change our circumstances.

Marie has known that success, physical and emotional well-being, happy relationships, and spiritual wisdom are affected by our environment. Proper guidance of universal energy is essential to maximizing our experience on Earth.

Believing that happiness is attainable for everyone, Marie has a gift for taking complicated concepts and distilling them into their basic forms. Simplicity brings clarity.

Diamond University

Marie has been teaching Masters and other teachers for years and now teaches people like you and me how to use these ancient secrets to help us do better in our lives.

Enjoy the audio and then visit Marie’s website to learn more.

Marie Diamond
Diamond university


Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less(tm) with Ann Convery

Ann ConveryAnn Talks About How to Increase Your Sales, Leads and Clients in 2 Minutes

How would you like to attract up to 50% more cash, clients and business in the next few weeks?

Effortlessly attract new business in 30 seconds or less with no visible sales technique. Anywhere. Any place. Any time.

I met Ann at a training given by Gary W. Goldstein, the producer of the movie “Pretty Woman”.

Gary was teaching his course “Scaling the Great Wall of Hollywood” and he brought Ann in to speak to the group about how to take their current elevator pitch and update it so that it would, not just let people know what you did, but it would also be able to touch the person in the core of their brain and get them to get excited about what you did. – JW

So after sitting down with her for a personal consultation, I was amazed at what she had taught me in a 15 minute meeting.

My expectation was that she would help me refine my pitch somewhat and that would be it, but refine is not the word. Propel to a new quantum place is a better description.

Update: I recorded a video with Ann at Author 101 in Los Angeles. Although we go into much more detail in this podcast we do have a very interesting conversation I know you will enjoy. Here is the link to go check it out. http://onpurposemagazine.com/2012/04/11/ann-convery-video-interview-at-author-101/

Here was my pitch:

Q. What do you do?

A. I consult with businesses to help them use Twitter.

A great short pitch right? I would say it and get little or no response. “Oh that’s great! Which way to the cheese platter” or “I don’t know how to use that Twitter thing yet”.

Ann told me about the Lizard or Old Brain and how it needed to hear what it wanted or it would shut down and put into hibernation, the conscious brain.

We took my pitch and changed it to…

A. I help people like you increase their targeted client or prospect list by 1000+% in 3 months!


At first I said sounds great… then I used the pitch. Most everyone replied with Really! How do you do that?, Can you do that for me., Wow I could use that service., Wow, I have a friend that really needs that…

The difference in response was night and day. Ann has hit on something really basic and useful and you have to listen to this recording because Ann goes into detail and shares over twice as much as she shared with me during that first meeting.

You will walk away with tools and strategies to make a difference in how you talk to new and old clients that will help you increase and propel your business to new heights in less than 2 minutes…

A NOTE: Ann is great at the elevator pitch, but it only begins there. She can help you will all aspects of corporate and business communications and marketing. – JW Najarian

Ann Convery

Ann Convery is an international speaker, seminar leader, trainer and author. Her list of clients reads like a “Who’s Who” of top professionals in the fields of politics, medicine, law, business, health and beauty.

For 17 years she has prepared clients for:

  • CNN
  • 60 Minutes
  • The New York Times
  • Time Magazine
  • Oprah
  • People
  • Vogue
  • and other outlets.
Ann’s extensive background in media training led her to create her popular program, “Speak Your Business in 30 Seconds or Less™”. This radically different approach to marketing has enabled Ann’s clients to generate up to thousands of dollars in business, sometimes within weeks.

Ann has also been interviewed by The Los Angeles Times, Cosmopolitan, First for Women, Presentations Magazine,and many other media.Ann is a highly sought after international speaker.Clients call her from all over the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Canada, Mexico and Australia.Ann has delivered over 125 speeches and trainings for corporate and private groups in Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City, New York, Chicago, Seattle, and California.

A top-selling author, Ann’s second book was published by Harper Collins in May 2006. Ann has published numerous articles including several columns for the Los Angeles Business Journal.


Ann has a few products that will be of interest to you. CLICK HERE to find out more…..

Ann’s Website: http://www.annconvery.com

Bill Crosby – Wickedly Smart Marketing and Social Media Strategies

Bill CrosbyBill Crosby; Not a Famous Actor or Comedian, but one of the hottest on-line marketers on the Web.

If you are a devotee of the social media circuit, (translation – you spend too much time on the internet) you have seen Bill Crosby’s face, voice or name, pop up on your screen somewhere.

If so, then Bill needs no introduction and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this interview.  However, if, unlike us Fools, you actually have a life, then you should know that Bill is one of the few internet marketing guys that we consider a mentor.  While he has far more to offer than we could put in a single interview, we did our best to get Bill out of his internet bubble as he joined us in the Fools Lounge.  And you’ll hear why we intend to have him back again and again.  Listen in!

Bill CrosbyWe don’t care about the number of followers he amassed.. it’s a lot. And we won’t get into the amount of money he’s made… we’re jealous. When it comes to the world of Twitter, and making the most of it, nobody knows the terrain better than Bill, so, we follow him.


One of the things that we like about Bill, is his willingness to share his knowledge. Yes, he does it to make money, of course, but he does it in earnest. To that end, he keeps the price of his products as low as he can, and does his best to give more than he gets paid for.

Bill worked his fingers to the bone, to gain the knowledge, learn the techniques, and gamer the following that he has now. And actually, the Internet changes so very quickly that Bill readily admits he is still working his fingers to the bone. But that is exactly what motivates him to keep coming up with ways to “automate” the marketing process. With a clear understanding of how difficult it is to get started, Bill put together his Content Factory, the essence of which is to “Get Totally Customized Content Fed Into Your Social Media Networks Designed to Engage Your Current Followers, Get New Followers and Build YOur presence ON Autopilot!”

Paul Keetch – Make My Marketing Work

Paul KeetchMake My Marketing Work with Paul Keetch

Paul talks to us about how you can double or triple your current marketing results without having ta costly marketing degree or without hiring an expensive $1000 an hour marketing consultant.

Although still fairly young, don’t let that fool you, we know some of the powerful, successful, talented, and yes,  wealthy people that Paul has worked with, and just how talented he really is, so naturally, when we heard he was publishing his first book, we jumped in line, not only to buy the book, but to speak with Paul directly.

make my marketing work paul keetchSwamped with the many events surrounding the book’s quick rise  to the top of Amazon’s charts, Paul took some time off to join us in the Lounge and fill us in and help us all out.

Make My Marketing Work, has received rave reviews from the likes of: T. Harv Eker, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind;  Christine Comaford, NY Times Bestselling Author of Rules For Renegades; and Libby Gill, Brand Strategist, and Bestselling Author of “You Unstuck”.

We had a great time and got some great information, and so will you This 323 page digital book, Make My Marketing Work, is a compilation of simple marketing ideas that will allow you to quickly and easily generate l qualified leads for your business that convert into sales. Their easy-to-understand language simplifies strategic marketing giving you the fundamental skills you need to grow your business.

Simple, yet effective, marketing ideas will help you transform into a marketing master.Only at a fraction of the cost! This is not a specialized program designed for one specific niche business… it is Universal information that can be applied to any business, regardless of what your specific product or service is.  How you apply what you learn will be different for each and every reader, in each and every business, because it is your prospective customers who will actually determine your marketing strategy.

This program will work for you …..

Personal or business coaching … Consultant … Massage therapy or chiropractic … Dental practice … Alternative health care … House painting … Carpet cleaning … Gardening & landscaping … Window cleaning … Home repair … House cleaning … Job recruiting & placement … Personal fitness training … Consumer goods … Shoes and apparel … Sports equipment … Restaurant or fast food … Books, CDs & info products … Health supplements … Toys … Music / Entertainment … Computer equipment … Office supplies, and more …. In fact any business!

How Easy Is It To Become A White Collar Criminal and Are You At Risk?

Jerome Mayne Diary of a White Collar Criminal

Click Picture to See More of the Book

Jerome Mayne, once a real estate lender found himself in a very bad predicament and ended up paying a high price for his actions

Is this you? You may be surprised to find out just how close many of us may be to taking a shortcut that could cost us dearly. Jerome talks about his story, what he learned and how it changed his life.

Read this excerpt from the diary.    My First Day of Prison

Networking Fool Interview Jerome Mayne
Since graduating from high school in 1985, Jerome Mayne – a regular guy, had a kid, got married, had another kid, built a real estate investment company, got divorced, built a finance company, went to prison, got cancer, lived, got out of prison, had miracle child, and then he got married again.

Needless to say, he has a few stories to tell.

Jerome Mayne is one of the premier speakers on critical decision making in corporate America. With his dynamic message, he has moved and entertained hundreds of thousands of professionals both domestically and internationally. He inspires and motivates business men and women to trust their instincts and make the best decisions in life’s most difficult of situations.

Jerome shares his journey from an aspiring young entrepreneur with a new family to his participation in a white collar crime, real estate finance fraud conspiracy with a faction of con men. His voyage continues with a hurricane of FBI investigations, criminal court and finally, the complete loss of freedom that comes with a federal prison sentence.

Jerome also illustrates that even after the psychological collapse of falling from the graces of society, surviving life is a certainty for anyone.

Jerome has received top rankings for his keynotes from such varied groups as Fortune 500 Companies including Wells Fargo and Met Life to professional associations such as the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals and the California Society of CPA’s. At the annual conference of the National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Jerome was almost the highest rated conference speaker but came in second to the celebrity, Ben Stein.

As an author, levitra online Jerome’s book, Diary of a White Collar Criminal has been read by thousands. It is his personal diary of his life in the real world and behind bars. In it, you’ll find out if there really is a big guy named Bubba. As a columnist Jerome has written dozens of articles for business industry trade publications ranging from the Business Journal to the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Magazine.

The National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) compiled a list of behavioral red flags from almost 1,000 case studies. Their research indicates that, to varying degrees, these behaviors were present in the fraud cases that they studied. If you exhibit some or all of these behaviors, you just might be a would-be felon.

Use your best Jeff Foxworthy voice and say each one of these aloud to see if they apply to you.  Start by saying, “If you (insert red flag), you might be a criminal.”

  • are living beyond your means
  • have financial difficulties
  • have a wheeler-dealer attitude
  • have problems with control issues and are unwilling to share duties
  • have had a divorce or other family problems
  • have an unusually close association with vendor/customer
  • are irritable, suspicious or defensive
  • have addiction problems
  • have past legal problems
  • have past employment-related problems
  • complain about inadequate pay
  • refuse to take vacations
  • have excessive pressure from within your organization
  • your life circumstances are unstable
  • have excessive family or peer pressure for success
  • complain about lack your of authority
  • have a roommate named Bubba

Ok, now take it easy, that last one was mine. These are red flags only!  This is obviously, somewhat, tongue-in-cheek.  However, I believe it’s usefulness is that, in general, an understanding of the behavioral characteristics of white collar professionals – those who may be most vulnerable to cross the line, will be helpful to you in your career.

NOTE: The Networking Fools no long exist, but this information is still great.

Dr Karen Wolfe – The Unsweetened Truth About Sugar

Dr Karen WolfeGlobal recessions notwithstanding, we live in the midst of abundant wealth and technology, and yet, obesity and chronic disease are at epidemic and epic proportions throughout the world.

dr karen wolfeDr. Karen Wolfe is a pioneer in wellness. She has extensive experience in health care, wellness and disease management and presents at local, national and international conferences on subjects such as Mind/Body Medicine, health care reform, managed care, specific disease management strategies and integrated health management.

She is a licensed physician in her homeland Australia. She worked initially as a family physician followed by 8 years of experience in the administration of national health care, wellness and senior programs in her role as the Medical Director of the Australian Government Health Service.

Karen Wolfe is the author of:

  • Medicine From the Inside Out
  • An Enlightened Guide to Menopause
  • Give Stress
  • Successful Aging
  • A Wise Woman’s Approach to Healing and Cancer
  • What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine

Karen has extensive experience as a physician, speaker, author and health care consultant. She is a national and international speaker on topics such as “Integrating Complementary Medicine Into Managed Care”,” The Mind/Body Connection for Health and Wellness”, “Understanding Managed Care” and many specific health topics.

Visit Dr Karen’s website to find out more about her incredible background and wonderful products – Click HERE

A person’s weight is a reflection of so much more than simply calories in, calories out.  That’s why Karen wrote the book “Create the Body Your Soul Desires” with her dear friend and colleague Dr. Deborah Kern.  And that’s why she absolutely LOVES leading groups like the Sugar Buster Boot Camp she just co-facilitated with Dr. Kern.

If you weren’t able to participate in their recent Sugar Buster Boot Camp and wish you could have – I have great news for you…….

They recorded all 5 teleseminars as they walked people through the process of resetting their insulin response, getting rid of carbohydrate cravings and then creating a healthy, low-glycemic lifestyle.

The recordings are yours to listen to at your convenience – for free!! (click HERE)  

If you want maximum benefit, you’ll want you purchase a RESET Kit and supplements to enhance your success.

You can order those products yourself at ……

or, for more details, go ahead and email Dr Karen directly at email@drkarenwolfe.com.


dr debra kernDr. Deborah Kern is the health scientist who dares people to live in harmony with the wisdom of their bodies. 

Dr. Karen Wolf is the Australian physician who brings the mind and spirit back into medicine.

Do You Need A Degree To Make Money?

Do You Need a Degree to Get a Job or Make Money?

How Bad Does Our Education System Suck?

Networking Fools Blogtalk Radio Show

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Networking Fools JW Najarian and partner Bob Schecter are your hosts for a discussion on why the heck you need a degree. Bob believes the degree is a bunch of crap and that experience is a much better indicator of your worth and skill set.

Do you need a degree to be successful? You hear about the studies that show that professionals with degrees make more over their lifetimes, but what about people that get a high profile degrees and failed. Or people like Bill Bartman, who became a multi-billionaire without a degree?

Were Fools, not experts, but join us anyway for a discussion and debate on our views. You are invited to comment and tell us your take.

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10 Reasons Why You Will Fail At Social Business Networking

Many of us have found that social networking can pay off very big.  Some of us run around signing up for everything without results.  Why do I think so many fail at taking advantage of this incredible opportunity? 


I have to define that I am a user of LinkedIn and have my own network at www.crepig.com, which is niched toward commercial real estate professionals and investors.  I am not talking about MySpace or other sites for making friends.  Thought I still believe that most of these reasons still could apply.


  1. You don’t upload your photo.  People like to see who you are.  Upload a professional or at least halfway decent picture of yourself.  Take the time to make sure it is not too dark or that you are too small to be recognized.  Also if you upload your business logo or a picture at least you have gone halfway, but you still get a better response from your own face…
  2. You don’t join any groups.  If you don’t like the groups offered start your own.  I have started several groups on LinkedIn and some have grown to Super Groups and others have done nothing.  Why?  I find that I never know what the public wants.  Put yourself out and find out.  Join a group that means something to you.  Woody Allen famously said that “80 percent of success is showing up.”
  3. You don’t participate in the group you belong to.  If 80% is showing up the other 20% is participation.  If you sit back and wait for people to come to you; you will wait a long time.
  4. You don’t place your promotion in a Forum or Blog.  If you don’t let people know what you offer what other reason might they have to connect or speak to you?
  5. You don’t fill out your profile completely.  If people are searching for your service and your profile doesn’t name your product, project or service than how will they find you?
  6. You don’t place your contact information in a non private area for people to see and be able to get ahold of you.  If you are afraid that you might get spammed then go to your email provider and make an alias address.  When I join a network I make an alias account.  eg. at LinkedIn I use linkedin@prigen.net.  This allows me to see where I am getting emails and spam from.  I can then change the email whenever I wish without my friends loosing my main address.  I can’t tell you how many times I read something I got excited about only to find that the writer did not leave any contact info… Argh! 
  7. You don’t allow emails from forums or mail to you to get to you.  If you join a site and then don’t allow the site to keep you abreast of what is up then how will you stay in the loop.  Sometimes you just want to get your name or business out there and don’t want to be bothered by updates.  OK, but at least allow the site to contact you.
  8. You never update your profile.  If you are not getting feedback or contacts from your current profile or Forum post you need to update it.  Every copy writer that is worth their salt knows that you need to change up constantly to find out what copy works best.  If you are getting a lot of play from your promotion then you don’t have to change till demand goes down, but feel free to play.
  9. You have something to say or promote and you don’t set up any teleseminars.  You can get a conference line from FREE Conference call for FREE.  Duh….  Get a number and promote your teleseminar or Webinar in the Events Section.
  10. If you are doing all the above and still not getting any play you might have to re-evaluate what you offer.  Successful businesses make money in direct respect to the value they offer.  What value are you offering.  If you offer no or little value then you will make no or little money.


In conclusion I would ask that if you want success you need to make your own Luck, get off your butt and do something.  Don’t wait for the phone to ring… Make it ring.  Get involved.  Get to know people.  Call people that you consider prospects and ask them what they need.  Don’t vomit all your information all over them and especially don’t be pushy.  What a big turn-off.  Listen, get to know another person and be of service.   

JW Najarian 11/21/08