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Michael Luckman on Overpowering Fear

Michael Luckman Overpowering FearMichael Luckman, a 40+ Year Veteran of Sales Teaches Us How to Overcome Fear in Selling, but More Importantly in Life.

Michael Luckman is a man that has faced the fear of public speaking, cold calling and fear of failure and has come out the other side grateful, successful and happy.  Michael teaches us how to overpower fear so that we can live the fullest lives we were meant to live.

I have the honor to the first person to interview Michael Luckman for his new book “Overpowering Fear: Defeating the #1 Challenge in Sales and Life“.

I was introduced to this wonderful author by Nance Rosen, Top Job Coach and author of “Speak Up and Succeed“, so let me say a big thank you to Nance because Michael is just what the universe ordered.

Fear is the Number One reason for failure that gains you nothing. Another words, it is fine to fail and even expected that you might fail, if you take a risk and learn a lesson.

If you fail, however, because fear stopped you from trying then it does not take a rocket scientist to tell you that unless you learn to overpower that fear, you will never succeed and thus you will never reach your God given potential.

I have suffered from a few phobias including massive stage fright, but I was a musician and played clubs like The Whiskey and House of Blues. I interview famous celebrities and world renowned scholars and believe me I used to get so fearful that I would get nauseous. I still have problems, but not anywhere close to what I did before.

Michael Luckman knows what he is talking about and he shares what fear and ego is and how you can learn to overpower these feelings that keep you from living the life you were meant to live. Where Mr. Luckman can not help you elliviate your fears, he gives what he calls workarounds.

These are techniques I have used and swear by. If you believe your fears are holding you back, then you need to listen to this interview and pick up this book. – JW

Michael Luckman

With forty plus years as a salesperson, marketing pioneer, entrepreneur and sales trainer, Michael Luckman is today, a successful and dynamic speaker, trainer and coach. In Overpowering Fear he opens up his life and the lessons learned to help his readers uncover their own fear blocks and overpower them, in order to enjoy lives filled with confidence, success and abundance.

Overpowering Fear is Michael’s real world journey through a career filled with amazing achievements – including the launch of the first electronic toy and inventions like the cartridge video game system, the electronic keyboard and the see-through advertising product seen on vehicle wraps.

book Michael Luckman Overcoming FearMichael also “gets real” about the personal defeats that came when fear,
uncertainty and doubt clouded even one of the brightest minds in business.
In working with and training thousands of salespeople, Michael came to the conclusion that those who reach the top in sales are those who have learned to overpower their fears and do whatever is necessary to gain the business. While those we would consider average salespeople succumb to their fears and will do only those things that fall within their comfort zones.

Unlike psychologists and other scientists who approach the topic of fear from an arm’s length or academic perspective, Michael peels back the cover on his own life. With astonishing honesty and impressive insight, he exposes painful, emotional events that began in childhood and continued to dog him as he rose in the business world.

Told with humor as well as deep personal truth, Michael’s life story and his “Luckman’s Laws” help readers take an equally brave and fruitful look at their own journeys. They will be delighted to find ten exercises at the end of the book that Michael created to help them find the causes and cures for their own fears.

Readers will also learn how to identify goals they want to see materialize in their lives, understand what dreams they have been afraid to realize and be able
to create a road map to a fantastic future.

This is a hugely important book because it alone examines the earliest origins of fear, a complex and defeating emotion, from a very personal and relatable perspective. Fear is present in every occupation and in every stage of life, so much so that it is a virtual epidemic affecting almost everyone at any time.

At his website, Michael-Luckman.com, this author provides a wealth of support as well as the opportunity to join him in seminars, workshops and coaching sessions.

For interviews, requests for speaking, media commentary and other story or show ideas, Michael may also be reached directly at (408) 404-6762 Ext. 2


Dave Austin Elite Success Coach ~ When Do You Quit the Dream?

Dave Austin

Dave Austin Success Coach to Top Athletes Discusses When to Hold Them and When to Fold Them

I am a graduate of Harv Eker’s full personal development program. A program I highly recommend. One of the best things I got from the program was getting to know Dave Austin.

Dave coached a good friend of mine and my friend really spoke highly of Dave.

Years later I got the chance to meet Dave myself and he turned out to be such a warm and wonderful person, but more that Dave is the real deal. I live in Los Angeles, CA so every other person I meet is a life coach energy healer.

Dave is the real deal. He is an elite success coach, but made sure all his programs worked by becoming the top or best in all he did (see bio below), then he taught his clients based on his success and they in turn had success.

If you want to really learn from a master, just listen to this interview..

Don’t let the word Elite mess you up. Dave is a real down to earth guy and Dave is the guy I would choose if I wanted to make sure I was successful. Dave makes the interview process easy as he is so wonderfully fun and exciting to talk to and I now call him friend!

Thank you for all you do Dave and thank you for being so gracious with your time. – JW

Dave Austin Head CoachDave Austin

Affectionately known as the “Head” head coach with many of his clients. Dave has studied and learned through personal experience what enables some people to be successful and realize their potential, what holds back others from this same success.

He knows what motivates them, what drives them, and what inspires them. He has an uncanny knack for bringing out the best in his clients.

Dave brings this inspired thought process and insights to countless audiences across the nation and as far away as Uzbekistan — sharing his success methods of Exceeding Your Potential with not only professional and elite amateur athletes, but also with entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, sales professionals, corporate employees and educators.

Dave is a compelling, empowering and compassionate coach who has helped many, many individuals achieve their dreams.

book songwriting for dummiesDave is a San Diego State University graduate with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in both Psychology and Physical Education and uses this unique blend of education in combination with his real life experiences.

Dave has developed specific methodology and results-oriented activities to help people take on greater challenges and produce breakthrough results. His clients are now accustomed to realizing their full potential and to exceeding the boundaries that they previously thought were holding them back.

Dave’s success rate in working one-on-one with athletes is nearly 100%. His methods have proven over and over again to work every time. All that is required is a willing partnership and an open mind.

Get Ready to be Astounded. Here are just some of Dave’s accomplishments:

SUCCESSHIGHLIGHTS: What Dave’s performance coaching has led to…

  • The L.A. Dodgers 2004 Being in Last Place to Winning the Pennant Winning Race
  • The U.S. Olympic Field Hockey Team Best Performance In World Competition and Beating Russia for the First Time in History
  • Luke Scott of the Houston Astros Being Named as the Astros “Hottest Rookie” in 2006
  • Kameron Loe of the Texas Rangers Being this Year’s Best Pitcher in all of MLB’S Spring Training
  • Vince Spadea’s “Hottest Rising Star” on ATP Tour

LIFE EXPERIENCES: Dave’s life experiences include…

  • He is a former world-ranked professional tennis player
  • He received college scholarships in three sports; football, baseball, and tennis
  • He surfed in the Makaha International Surfing Championships in Hawaii
  • He has had acting roles in blockbuster movies such as “Uncommon Valor” starring Gene Hackman and Patrick Swayze, and “The Jagged Edge” with Jeff Bridges and Glen Close
  • His face has been seen by millions of television viewers in commercials such as Diet Coke, Olympia Beer, Roman Meal Bread, and Chevron
  • He had a “Pick Hit” pop single in Billboard magazine as a recording artist
  • He has been a managing director of an independent record label within the Universal Music Group family
  • He was awarded the Presidential Merit Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Science (NARAS who puts on the Grammy Awards)
  • He has raised over $1 million in charitable funds putting on The Music & Tennis Festival which featured music acts such as Santana, Queen, Rush, Kansas, Michael McDonald, Commodores, Alan Parsons Project, America, Melissa Etheridge, Loverboy, and featuring David Foster
  • He is a published author, writing the critically acclaimed, “The Unfinished Cross – Listen to the Voice Within ” as well as “Songwriting for Dummies” and is currently writing his next book, “Exceeding Your Potential”

PROFESSIONAL & ATHLETE CLIENT LIST: As a mental performance coach, Dave’s clients include:

  • The U.S. Olympic Field Hockey team
  • The L.A. Dodgers when they went from last place to winning the 2004 Pennant
  • Corporations such as Washington Mutual, Fastclick, and Amgen
  • Plus many professional athletes including Luke Scott of the Houston Astros and “Hottest Rookie” in 2006, and this year’s best pitcher in all of spring training, Kameron Loe of the Texas Rangers.


“You could never pay enough for the value our team has received from this style of “mental conditioning” coaching. This work is priceless.”
Shiv Jagdav
head coach of USA National Field Hockey Team

“As our company embarked on some aggressive growth initiatives, I brought Dave in to prepare our senior management team for the challenges that lay ahead. Dave helped take our confidence and motivation to a new level, which paid big dividends in achieving our goals. Based on my work with Dave, I would highly recommend him to any individual or organization looking for superior results.”
Kurt Johnson
formerly CEO of Fastclick, Inc.

“Whether it be in business or sports, when you are able to operate at the top of your game, successful results come naturally. Dave is a master at bringing out the best in everyone.”
– Mark Monroe
Washington Mutual

“Dave illuminated for us that obstacles area actually moments of opportunities where we can rise above our own current limitations in order to reach the next level of quality, excellence, and achievement.”
– Lee Boothby
SR VP and General Counsel for Enalasys Corporation

“Dave Austin is a phenomenal talent who not only whole-heartedly believes in our vision, he is continually raising the bar for what he knows we can achieve. What impresses me the most, however, is Dave’s genuineness, passion for life and his ability to hold in completion that we are (already) successful.”
– Susan White
VP Business Development for Scisbo Inc.

“The information Dave shares is powerful, to the point, and exactly what my players needed to assist them in obtaining their goals.”
– Page Odle
Director of Baseball for National Sports Management

“What Dave brings to the table is an uncanny sense of what the boys need to hear in order to individually, and as a team, take it to the next level.”
– Bob Gregorchuk
Head Football Coach for Rio Mesa High School

“What Dave teaches goes beyond psychology and touches you at the core of your being.”
– Dr. Ronald Lutz PhD
Dean Emeritus of American Institute of Psychology


How Easy Is It To Become A White Collar Criminal and Are You At Risk?

Jerome Mayne Diary of a White Collar Criminal

Click Picture to See More of the Book

Jerome Mayne, once a real estate lender found himself in a very bad predicament and ended up paying a high price for his actions

Is this you? You may be surprised to find out just how close many of us may be to taking a shortcut that could cost us dearly. Jerome talks about his story, what he learned and how it changed his life.

Read this excerpt from the diary.    My First Day of Prison

Networking Fool Interview Jerome Mayne
Since graduating from high school in 1985, Jerome Mayne – a regular guy, had a kid, got married, had another kid, built a real estate investment company, got divorced, built a finance company, went to prison, got cancer, lived, got out of prison, had miracle child, and then he got married again.

Needless to say, he has a few stories to tell.

Jerome Mayne is one of the premier speakers on critical decision making in corporate America. With his dynamic message, he has moved and entertained hundreds of thousands of professionals both domestically and internationally. He inspires and motivates business men and women to trust their instincts and make the best decisions in life’s most difficult of situations.

Jerome shares his journey from an aspiring young entrepreneur with a new family to his participation in a white collar crime, real estate finance fraud conspiracy with a faction of con men. His voyage continues with a hurricane of FBI investigations, criminal court and finally, the complete loss of freedom that comes with a federal prison sentence.

Jerome also illustrates that even after the psychological collapse of falling from the graces of society, surviving life is a certainty for anyone.

Jerome has received top rankings for his keynotes from such varied groups as Fortune 500 Companies including Wells Fargo and Met Life to professional associations such as the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals and the California Society of CPA’s. At the annual conference of the National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Jerome was almost the highest rated conference speaker but came in second to the celebrity, Ben Stein.

As an author, levitra online Jerome’s book, Diary of a White Collar Criminal has been read by thousands. It is his personal diary of his life in the real world and behind bars. In it, you’ll find out if there really is a big guy named Bubba. As a columnist Jerome has written dozens of articles for business industry trade publications ranging from the Business Journal to the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Magazine.

The National Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) compiled a list of behavioral red flags from almost 1,000 case studies. Their research indicates that, to varying degrees, these behaviors were present in the fraud cases that they studied. If you exhibit some or all of these behaviors, you just might be a would-be felon.

Use your best Jeff Foxworthy voice and say each one of these aloud to see if they apply to you.  Start by saying, “If you (insert red flag), you might be a criminal.”

  • are living beyond your means
  • have financial difficulties
  • have a wheeler-dealer attitude
  • have problems with control issues and are unwilling to share duties
  • have had a divorce or other family problems
  • have an unusually close association with vendor/customer
  • are irritable, suspicious or defensive
  • have addiction problems
  • have past legal problems
  • have past employment-related problems
  • complain about inadequate pay
  • refuse to take vacations
  • have excessive pressure from within your organization
  • your life circumstances are unstable
  • have excessive family or peer pressure for success
  • complain about lack your of authority
  • have a roommate named Bubba

Ok, now take it easy, that last one was mine. These are red flags only!  This is obviously, somewhat, tongue-in-cheek.  However, I believe it’s usefulness is that, in general, an understanding of the behavioral characteristics of white collar professionals – those who may be most vulnerable to cross the line, will be helpful to you in your career.

NOTE: The Networking Fools no long exist, but this information is still great.