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Quote of the Moment

I used to call this quote of the day, but I never get them out daily or even monthly sometime so it is now just the quote of the moment.

“As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be you can’t see how it is.”

— Ram Dass: Spiritual Teacher

This is a great quote because it talks to me about what I am up against daily. The law of attraction states that what you focus on expands and that is a good thing and could be a bad thing.

It is not uncommon for me to speak to someone that has such a strong agenda and focus, as to be unaware of what is going on around them. This can cause them to follow a path for too long a period or the wrong path entirely.

I will be doing an interview shortly with Michael Oliver. I happen to like Network Marketing (MLM) and have helped found a couple of MLM companies and I know Michael because he wrote this incredible book called

How To Sell Network Marketing Without
Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends!

I bring this book up, not to sell it, although you should get it whether you are or are not in networking marketing because it talks to the new paradigm of sales Michael calls Natural Selling.

But back to the point. Whether you are selling or just trying to build rapport or you want your ideas heard or your objectives met, you have to meet with others wants, needs and desires first.

You have to be in your Ekhart Tolle aware moment with others. Not thinking about what you are going to say, but listening to what the person in front of you is saying. Very hard to do, at least for me.

In parting, I could speak to this quote all day, because it speaks to many aspect of the day to day for me.

Be Well

Fools Quote Of The Day

“Character isn’t something you were born with and can’t change, like your fingerprints. It’s something you weren’t born with and must take responsibility for forming.”

Jim Rohn: Was an entrepreneur, author, and speaker

This is a lesson we desperately need to learn. As a society we have, for too many years, assumed someones character, just by the job or position they held. Doctor, Religious Leader, Politician etc..

And as for our own character, we all believe ours is good, but we all make mistakes and may have done things we regret.

So how do we stay on track?

One of the ways is to come up with your list of values. This is part of writing your goals and mission statement.

Yes for your life as well as your business.

You can now take the list of your core values and weigh the decisions you make against them.

If you consistently are in-congruent with your value list you need to change the list or your behavior.

Also try to keep integrity as the number one value, as integrity means that you will follow your values in value order.

What is value order?

Let’s say that your value list reads like this…

1. Family
2. Health
3. Career

Then if you are asked, by your boss, to do a dangerous job on a Sunday, when your child has a recital, you would refuse your boss and not go to work on Sunday. You would instead show up for your child’s recital. You are in integrity with your values.

On the other hand if you do go into work you are out of integrity with your values. But wait… Nothing is always so black and white.

If your family needs the money to eat their next meal and you have cut every expense to the bare bone then you may be in integrity as your family does come before your health.

Not as easy as it sounds huh..

That is why the quote is so important. It says you are always forming. Staying on the path is not always easy, but the more we work at it the better we all are.

JW Najarian

Tapping the Source Movie Premiere

Tapping The Source Movie Premiere

November 12th 2010
Agape Spiritual Center

by JW Najarian

An incredible night of fun and entertainment occurred recently at the Agape Center in Culver City, California. Networking Fools Media was on had in collaboration with The Legacy Broadcast Network as media to interview and take pictures of the stars, authors and everyone associated with the film Tapping The Source.

Tapping the Source is a book by William Gladstone, Richard Greninger and John Selby which discusses using the Master Key System. This system takes off where other books leave off by giving you a system for achieving your goals.

Tapping the Source Movie Premeire Panel

The Tapping the Source Movie 115 individuals speak in one voice in one movie. The movie interviews leaders in all walks of life, talking about how to be happy and live your passions.

The premiere had a full Red Carpet and a panel of some of the best known speakers in the movie talked and answered questions after the movie was over.


Lisa Schneiderman, Dennis J. Kucinich and Jean Houston at Tapping the Source Movie Premiere

Some attendees of the premiere in no particular order: Tracy Trottenberg, Carmel Maguire, Bernie Dohrmann, Peggy O’Neil, Brad Laise, Shelly Hunt, Neale Donald Walsch, Dave Austin, Rassouli, Mark Victor Hansen, Crystal Dwyer, Richard Greninger, John Selby, William Gladstone, Larry Benet, Cathy Lee Crosby, John Assaraf, Greg S. Reid, Paul Hoffman, Cynthia Kersey, Cynthia Brian, Wendy Robbins, Victor Villasenon, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Yogiraj Satgurunath, Dennis Kucinich, Catrien Maxwell, Jean Houston and many others.

Pic 442

Networking Fools is proud to be adding the Legacy Broadcast Network (The Legacy Show with Lisa Schneiderman) to our network and at that time we will being posting the various interviews. To see more pictures of the event to to Flickr

Here is a short Trailer of the event:

Tapping The Source – The Movie

Master Your Debt with Jordan Goodman

Jordan GoodmanMaster Your Debt From Expert Money Man Jordan Goodman

Have paper and pencil ready when you listen in. He’s Awesome!

Master Your Debt - Jordan GoodmanWe managed to catch up with Jordan Goodman, author of 13 books on finance, a regular contributor on CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, and NPR among others, and the owner and host of

Jordan was preparing for a spot on the TV show, The View with Barbara Walters, when we caught him for this interview. Check the show below.

Jordan just released a new book, on how to become debt free – “Master Your Debt” .

Jordan Goodman is “America’s Money Answers Man” and a nationally-recognized expert on personal finance. He is a regular guest on numerous radio and television call-in shows across the country, answering questions on personal finances. He appears frequently on NBC’s The Today Show, Fox News Network, Fox Business Network, CNN, CNBC and CBS evening news, and a host of other notable radio and television shows.

He is the author of 13 best-selling books on personal finance including Master Your Debt, and Fast Profits in Hard Times. And somewhere in between all of the above, Jordan manages to personally respond to as many email as he can that get sent to him through his website, What’s Your Money Type.


JW Najarian and Bob Schecter got to talk with Jordan about the hard times we are in.

Jodan disagrees that these are the worst times and hits upon some of the opportunities that are available, not just in the future, but right now. There is no doubt, Jordan has done the research and come up with some great answers. That’s why he’s known as America’s Money Answer Man. Listen-In, and take notes as he shares some great stuff and terrific insights on:

  • Credit Card Debt
  • Mortgage Debt
  • Student Loan Debt
  • Bankruptcy
  • and Much More

See All Jordan’s Stuff | Most Highly Recommended Resources What’s Your Money Type | Everyone’s Money Book | Master Your Money Type About Jordan E. Goodman | Contact Jordan | Hire Jordan to Speak