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Don Green’s New Book “Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill”

don green shExecutive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Don M. Green Talks to OPM About His New Book

Everything I Know About Success I Learned from Napoleon Hill: Essential Lessons for Using the Power of Positive Thinking

Author, Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur and CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation Don M. Green spends some time with JW Najarian talking about his life, the foundation, Napoleon Hill and his new book which talks about Continue reading

Greg S. Reid’s New Book “Stickability” The Power of Perseverance

Greg S. Reid Greg S. Reid Bestselling Author, Speaker, Teacher, Filmmaker, Publisher, Talks About His New Upcoming Book Stickability

Greg Reid, Bestselling Author of Three Feet from Gold and many other books, talks to us about how perseverance and not giving up on your dream is the most important key to your success .

I also get a chance to talk to Greg about publishing a #1 bestseller. As a bestselling author and publisher he has a very keen perspective on the writing, publishing and marketing processes that work. Continue reading

Danielle Rios brings Interior Design From the Runway to GBK Oscar Gift Suite

Danielle Rios brings Interior Design From the Runway to GBK Academy Awards Gifting Suite


Interior Designer Danielle Rios takes inspiration from Alexander McQueen, worn by Jessica Chastain and Nicole Kidman and Anne Hathaway’s Valentino for the design of GBK’s 2013 Oscar Luxury Lounge.

Going to the many gifting suites in Los Angeles you will find that many are held in the some of the hottest and best known hotels in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. GBK is no different, except that GBK always goes one step further and does a complete design concept for each event.

It is always exciting to walk in to see what wonderful design concept they have come up with for each event and this year for the Academy Awards I was lucky enough to find out who was designing.

The following was my conversation with Danielle Rios designer and Nadine Jolson part of GBK PR all about the show and the incredible designs based on exquisite gowns from Valentino and Alexander McQueen, for this year.JW

pic daneille rios design conceptsThe Design

From Runways to Red Carpets to Oscar Lounges, Rios will showcase fashion-influenced vignettes, styled with an elegant, edgy display of furnishings and decorative touches at the lounge for Nominees and Presenters.  The celebrity-gifting event will be held at the Sofitel Hotel in Los Angeles on Friday February 21st and Saturday February 22nd from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“I believe that there is always the possibility for style and unexpected glamour,” says Rios, “I am thrilled and honored to be working with the leader in luxury gift lounges, GBK.” – Danielle Rios

Rios, a former Tadashi model, takes her experience from the runway to interior design for high-end residential, hospitality and commercial designs. By infusing her knowledge and expertise from both worlds, Rios established a unique trademark in creating fashionable interiors. The mixing of fashion sensibilities and interior design is a collective approach that she takes with every job.

“Time-honored style and fresh avant-garde elements create dynamic groupings and spaces,” Rios says.  A modernist at heart, Rios adds a traditional twist into her designs.

Contributing manufactures and contractors are: Elitis wall coverings and Bergamo and Rubelli fabric by Donghia Inc., Gaetano fabric by Elan Collections, Leather by Moore & Giles Inc., Nolita Sofa from the Magni Collection, Kailash Table by Chista, Grand Facet by Gary Hutton, Sophia Floor Lamp by Fuse Lighting, Reborn Antiques, Ryan Gallery, and John Jory LLC. s

Rios received her Bachelors of Science for Architectural Interior Design from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. She is a registered Interior Designer and Associate for AIA in the state of Nevada and has offices in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Danielle Rios 02 shDanielle Rios

Danielle’s high expectations and personal drive have launched her into an exciting venture of design and construction development. Working on multi-million dollar estates, commercial properties and collaborating with Clientele has proven to be a successful endeavor. Since the commencement of her business, the focus has been on predominately high-end residential, hospitality and commercial design. This past year however, Danielle has expanded her creativity to antique furniture importation and renovation. Creating unique pieces into timeless furniture with an updated style and sense of elegance has expanded her savvy expertise in design.

nichole kidman valentino fashion

Nichole Kidman in Valentino for the Golden Globes

Prior to Danielle creating her own business, her formative years were rooted in hospitality design. She worked and cultivated her skill for two leading design firms in Las Vegas for six years. Soon after, those connections led to a joint design venture that launched luxury international hospitality projects. It was during those formative years that she realized that her enthusiasm for design was geared around creating alluring, exciting spaces and adjusting with an ever-changing world.

Danielle Rios was born in Puerto Rico. She received her Bachelors of Science for Architectural Interior Design from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and is a registered Interior Designer in the state of Nevada. Danielle is currently operating out of Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


Website: www.DRDS.net

Nadine Jolson 310 614 3214,  Email: jolsoncreative@mac.com


Thanks to GBK Events – Gavin and his great staff. As always you host the best.

GBK, is a luxury lifestyle gifting and special events company, specializing in entertainment marketing integration. Formed in 2000 by Gavin Keilly, the company’s Founder and CEO, GBK consists of five divisions: GBK Celebrity Gifting, GBK Special Events, GBK Weddings, GBK Charitable Consulting and GBK Marketing/Public Relations. Widely known in the entertainment industry for bringing that little extra something into the Gifting Lounge environment, GBK offers its clients a full range of marketing services. For more information on Gavin B. Keilly (CEO), Carla Domen (VP) or GBK,, please go to: gbkproductions.com.

How To Download YouTube Videos – Business Insider

How To Download YouTube Videos – Business Insider.

Have you ever wanted to download a YouTube video to watch later?

What about just downloading the audio?

There’s a wonderful extension for Firefox called YouTube MP3 Podcaster that makes both processes a snap (try to look past the clunky name, it works really well).

All you need to do to get started is go download the extension and follow these easy instructions.

Found this on one of my favorite sites Business Insider!

Joseph Knudson on Living the Difference

Joseph KnudsonJoseph Knudson is on a Mission.

His mission is to bring to light growing up gay and the prejudice and lies he had to live through in order to find himself.

“Living the Difference” is Joseph’s story about growing up gay, but it is not a pity party, it is the story, the good, the bad and all the obsticles and hurdles he had to maneuver deciding to live his life the way it was meant to live.

More importantly Joseph tries to lift the curtain to all sorts of prejudice, even beyond the gay and lesbian community.

Joe Knudson is a 56 year old divorced gay male who came out later in life. Having been married for several years, he is the father of two fantastic sons.

Living the Difference - JW Knudson

Living the Difference - JW Knudson

He went through what many in the gay communityhave gone through themselves, struggles with identity, as well as fitting in a “one-sided” society.

While he lead a seemingly straight life throughout his early and younger middle age years, he knew he was definitely different from the so called “typical male”.

He married his high school sweetheart and began on a journey of hope that his true inner feelings and desires would someday change. He has written a book, Living The Difference and is using this book as a vehicle on his mission to educate the world’s population about understanding and accepting people who are gay.

Living The Difference

J.C. doesn’t try to convince you of what being gay is or is not. He believes that being gay is as natural as being straight and so he doesn’t waste time defending that position.

He simply and neatly opens the doors and lets you look inside his life. He is respectful. He doesn’t impose on the reader or force intimacy. His story explores the wasted moments and the misery created through self denial and ignorance, showing clearly that living a lie leads to a life full of regret and self judgment.

By embracing himself and his natural desires J.C. opened himself and his life for self respect, for true loving, lasting relationships, and to mutual appreciation. He shares his confusion and desires without being explicit, and in so doing makes it possible for others to learn from his life, offering as much in the way of comfort and hope as he does to dispel fear and ignorance.

Living the Difference reveals in its pages a man with high standards, ethics, dedication, love, and loyalty. By Vonnie Faroqui “Ink Slinger’s Whimsey”

I was pleased when Joseph agreed to do an interview with me as he is very active in the gay and lesbian community and writes the Gayly Blogger.

Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural

Biological Exuberance: Animal Homosexuality and Natural

We mentioned this book, in the interview, which was talked about by Ricky Gervias in his HBO special (video can be found on YouTube, but be careful it is for mature audience only),