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Memorial Day 2015

Memorial Day 2015

jw with color walk for warriors color guard

Me with the honor guard from New Directions at the VA Center in Santa Monica, CA

Recently I stopped by a bar to see an old friend from high school. We sat at the bar to catch up and reminisce about the old days. He had stayed in the town I had grown up in, Lake Tahoe, and I had left to join the Navy.

We got into a conversation about vets and he made the remark that he didn’t get why everyone made such a big deal about vets or soldiers as they had signed up for a job and were doing it. Why did they need extra stuff or why did we see them as heroes for doing their job? Arrrrghh!

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Quote On Purpose

“The greatest discovery you’ll ever make, is the potential of your own mind.” — Jose Silva

Double Rainbow at Squaw Valley CaliforniaIf we can loose our ego for a moment and just be… Not comparing ourselves to others or thinking about what you have done or not done and what your going to do next or not do next…

If you can just breathe in the moment and let yourself be aware in the moment you will find that you are part of a large and infinite universe.

Say yes to everything and take the challenge handed to you. Lean into fear and you will discover just how brilliant you are. – JW