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Any civilization in the last 5,000 years can only be understood and measured by what we can read and discover about them.  If they did not keep track of their accomplishments and cultures, chances are, we would know very little about them and their achievements.

  •  If you do not know where you came from, do you really have a good idea of where you are headed?
  • How do you build upon the accomplishments of the past or avoid the mistakes of the past if you are unaware of them?

These seem to be good questions to ask people who do not have a good grasp of how this country started and developed throughout the last 200 years.  As was pointed out by one museum curator, those in the last generation (the Great generation of World War II) seemed to have more Continue reading

Art Quench Presents; Fire Art Studios & Gallery Artist Robert Lait

Art Quench Presents; Fire Art Studios & Gallery Artist Robert Lait


I began drawing at a very early age, spending countless hours with my tightfisted and myopic pencil renderings. I started art lessons at twelve, learning oil painting from the local Grumbacher dealer and began learning about the renaissance. My first visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art featured an exhibition by Vito Acconci. (Google him) In high school I studied Escher, Duchamp and Vasareli. By the time I saw the images of a wheel-chaired Matisse happily tapping his toe on the floor as he scissored his shapes, I knew that painting and the visual arts were what I wanted to pursue.

I’ve used watercolor and acrylic paint, but from high school all the way through graduate school I worked primarily in oils, always feeling that as a medium it provided for the most brilliant colors and the highest contrasts. I love the glow of sunlight on the surface of oil paintings. The reflective and refractive light gives great variety to tone and texture. I enjoy the way oil paintings, whether representational or abstract, take on the atmosphere or sheen of the room they are in.

I try to make my images as if I’m going to be living with them for a long time. I want them to reveal themselves over time and to forge different and multiple connections between the subject matter and the matter in which they are painted. I think realism has much to do with the passivity of the viewer.

Robert 200310

I typically work on three to six canvases at once, each surface gets covered in succession and the schedule is determined by drying times. I put on many layers of paint, with different medium recipes throughout the process. I use palette knives to apply paint directly to the canvas. This gives me a… [READ MORE]

Robert 200217

Robert 201203

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