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Want to be a Powerful Speaker? Throw Fear Aside with the WOW Factor

Lynn RoseLynn Rose on Becoming a Masterful Speaker and Powerful Communicator.

Lynn Rose has been touted, “The Voice Of Transformation.” She is a multi-faceted Singer/Songwriter, who also has made her mark as a Host for TV and Radio.

She started out having starred in a National Broadway show and from there, appeared in TV and Film including, ‘General Hospital’,‘Talk Soup’, a CBS TV Movie, Hosting for ESPN, a Disney Film and more.

As a Headliner, Lynn has toured all around the world having opened for Sheryl Crow, Jay Leno and Kenny Loggins and many more. She even sang at The Super Bowl 2003.

Her passion and her purpose is to connect people to their hearts and help empower them thus, Lynn is also a Motivational Speaker.

JW Najarian, Lisa Schneiderman, Renee Piane and Lynn Rose Cracking it up on the Red Carpet of the BraveHeart Women Awards Show

Lynn Sits Down with Networking Fool

Networking Fool’s Bob Schecter and JW Najarian were very excited to talk with Lynn about her WOW program. JW has know Lynn through various functions and groups for the last couple of years and has always been captivated by her stage presence and the ease at which she commands the stage and always makes every thing she says sound sound authentic and powerful.

Lynn shared some excellent techniques in the audio that will help anyone feel more confident when faced with speaking with a group. I know this will sound like a commercial for Lynn’s the WOW Factor and I want to make it clear that we make no money from introducing Lynn’s system to you.

We have not taken the course, so I cannot tell you how good it is, but I know Lynn and if she can teach what she has, we all need to take these lessons. The Network Fool wants to find cool stuff and show it too you. What you do with the info is up to you.


WOW I Can Be a Great Speaker!

“As it turns out, Lynn teaches very small and intimate groups her stage secrets. I didn’t know there were any secrets. I thought you were a born speaker and the rest of us just sucked. I also get very nervous and have stage fright even though I have taught, spoken and played as a musician in front of several large crowds. I just thought that if I did it enough the fear would go away and if I worked on not saying uh or um too much, that I could get better. Thank technology for editing software. I can make my bumbling, fumbling interview style sound less bumbling and fumbling. ” – JW

Lynn Rose Banner for WOW event

What is the WOW Factor?

The WOW Factor is a two day program with Lynn in a very intimate setting. She likes to keep the class size at around 10. Lynn goes over the two day structure in the audio above so make sure you listen to it. The WOW Factor is about? Listen to the audio…. Where Lynn tells you all about how she went from frustration and fear to being confident and in control. What Will You Learn?

  • Being a Master at instantly connecting powerfully with your audience or clients and make extraordinary impact any and every time you hit the stage or are in the media
  • A Breakthrough in banishing any barriers that could ever hold you back in any way (nothing can stop you from being your best ever again!)
  • How to be COMPLETELY who YOU are, free of all the ‘shoulds’, ‘templates’ or old, tired ways and revel in the freedom of that
  • The Four SECRET distinctions that ensure you have any crowd or person mesmerized by you
  • Knowing how to avoid the FIVE mistakes many professional speakers make that you want to avoid!
  • Mastering your ability to shift your attitude and feelings in an INSTANT so you can always stand in your power (this impacts all areas of your life and will WOW you)
  • Speaking off the top of your head – in the spur of the moment – in any situation! (you never have to rely on notes or powerpoint again and you can never be thrown!
  • Uncovering what may be hiding from your view that’s acting like a foot on the brake of going for it in your speaking, career or your life and how to release that and finally have an ease of BEING and pursuing your passion
  • Fully unleashing and discovering what is YOUR unique inner brilliance
  • Possessing the #1 Ingredient that makes you a consistently Masterful Speaker
  • How, by a simple, little known adjustment of your body language and posture, your presence can come ALIVE!
  • How to use your voice in a commanding way
  • Your confidence boosted like you’ve never experienced before (and the peace of mind that comes from that)
  • Possessing the SECRET technique that works EVERY TIME to get a crowd of even thousands quiet!
  • Knowing how to create energy even when you’re dog tired!
  • Reaching your next greatest level of mastery in your presentations – no matter where your experience level is right now!

THE WOW FACTOR www.WowYourAudiences.com LYNN ROSE SITE www.LynnRose.com

Lynn Rose

310-306-5966 TEL 310-306-8367 FAX Lynn@LynnRose.com


The Twitter Song – Everybody Tweet Tweet

One Fun Night with Motivation and Food for the Soul – Featuring Conscious Evolution

Empower 180 – Empowering Women in Business

Les Brown and JW Najarian

One incredible day and night, in September of 2010, I I got a chance to hang out at Empower 180 for the kickoff of their national tour. You can go to www.Empower180.com for more information and to see where they will be next.

What an incredible event that almost no one went to. I am not sure if it was the marketing or if people are just giving up? Actually I visited another event later in the evening at UCLA at Royce Hall and the event was a sell-out so I have to believe it is marketing.

Anyway I really hope they do better going forward as this is an incredible lineup of speakers.

  • Les Brown
  • Christine Comaford
  • Barbara DeAngelis
  • Garret Gunderson
  • Kevin Harrington
  • Chris Howard
  • Lynn Rose
  • Bill Walsh

and so many more..

Chris Howard and JW Najarian

These events are so powerful as they help us find out who we are and where we are going and they help us ask the questions of ourselves that we need to ask and many of the speakers motivate us to new highs and many others give us answers to the big questions. Especially now we need to get together with other like minded business people and entrepreneurs, because we cannot expect different results from doing the same thing over and over.

Many of my colleagues give me a hard time for going to these events, but I not only owe my life to my mentors, but owe my growth to allowing myself to be open to being on the learning line of my life.

Take a chance and change your life. Plug in, read, go to webinars and seminars… grab the great info and don’t buy anything if you don’t want to, but do put yourself out.

Kevin Harrington and JW Najarian

I was really lucky to find out from my good friend Lisa Schneiderman, that another event was going on at Royce Hall, UCLA campus. After getting the chance to say hello to Les Brown, and Garret Gunderson, I got a chance to meet Kevin Harrington who you may know from Shark Tank. This guy has sold over 4 billion dollars worth of products and discovered Billy Mays. This is a guy I am guessing you would like to get the chance to spend a minute or two with. I got to sit down and watch someone pitch him a product and then got my picture with him. Nice guy.

I took off to Royce Hall, but got there late so I missed Deepak, but did get to see many others speak to conscious Evolution. An incredible program.

A Call to Action: Global Thought Leaders Address Global Concerns

Best-selling authors and Evolutionary luminaries, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Gregg Braden, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Debbie Ford and Bruce Lipton join other world-renowned thought leaders to ignite conscious action for a healthier planet and more peaceful human existence. The gulf oil spill, the economic meltdown, combative political views in our 24/7 world…we’re on a collision course of our own making unless we approach the mounting concerns that we face as a global community.

Siedah Garrett who is famous for writing “Man in the Mirror” and then getting to go on stage and sing it with Michael Jackson stopped by to sing a song she wrote for the event and along with the Agape Church choir. She also sang the most moving version of Man in the Middle. Here it is on YouTube. I only got the end. Awwww

The day was full of passion and great information and the night was filled with hope and the dream of a better world going forward.

Thank you Lisa Schneiderman of Schneiderman PR Firm and also my hang buddy Aggie Kobrin of Off Hollywood Media you both ROCK!

JW Najarian

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