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carole krechman 01 shCarole Krechman has built hotels in China, owned and operated the Ice Capades Skating Rinks, worked with United Nations world leaders, is the recipient of the Encore Purpose Prize, she was managing director of a capital development firm raising over $250 million for various new media clients and now she has started CV Studios Entertainment.

Carole Kreshman has worked with world leaders and run very large successful enterprises. She has also endured the loss of a child and had to go bankrupt at one time. One thing is clear when you speak with her, is that she has a sense of humor, she is very smart and and she cares deeply about our children and world peace and is not waiting for someone else to do something about it.

On Purpose Magazine’s JW Najarian got a chance for a one on one audio conversation you won’t want to miss. We talk about how can a women or anyone, for that matter find success and how she her studio and it’s sponsors are helping aspiring filmmakers and the filmmakers of tomorrow find opportunities.

There are interviews and then there are interviews. As I was doing my research on Carole Krechman she just got more and more interesting with every turn of the page or in my case every Google search.

Carole did not let me down in this interview she spoke authentically to me about failure, success, loss, opportunity, business, attitude and so much more.

I have to tell you that after I stopped the recording she answered a question so many other gurus and professionals just could not answer to my satisfaction that I have to mention it here.

I often ask successful people “When do you know when to stop or change direction?” Winston Churchill said “Never, never, never, never quit” and I am paraphrasing as I believe he said never a bunch more times, but I watch American Idol when all the judges tell the contestant to find another career, but they refuse to listen and promise us that we will see them again as big stars and on Shark Tank we often see people that have put their life savings, mortgaged their home and put their kids school funds into a project no one wants to buy.

So when, if you want to be successful do you quit? Carole told me, in not so many words that she learned in architecture school that you need to know how to plan out every project. First it minimizes risk, but it also give you a clear path to the completion of the project. She also mentioned that when she took on a new task that she was unsure of she gave herself a budget, date or some end point where, if it didn’t work, she stopped. What a great answer, but then she went on to say to me, and this will attest to Carole’s genius, that she does not just quit, she pivots. Wow! What a great answer. Why loose all you have done on a project when you can use the resources and connections etc… to put into a new project? I had an Aha moment… duh, how simple, yet profound.

I know so many that quit and fail, but do not know how to learn a lesson from the failure or how to pick themselves up to start a new project.

What is important about this interview is not just Carole’s insight into the world, but what she is working on with CV Studio Entertainment. She is building a platform for creative film makers and others to get their work seen. She is helping young people learn how to create things with meaning and giving them opportunities by showing them how to use media to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings in a new highly technical world.

In order to achieve these goals CV Studios Entertainment is producing Peace In the Streets Global Film Festival which includes partners like UNICEF, Voices of Youth, Clear Channel, MTVAct, Dish Network and many others. (See Below)

Carole was great to talk with and I thank her for her time and wisdom – JW

carole krechman 02 shCarol Kreshman

Carole Sumner Krechman, currently the CEO of CV Studios Entertainment, has been the leader of multiple globally successful businesses, including the launch of The Peacemaker Corps Association 1997.

In 2008, she was honored for her years of philanthropy, receiving the Purpose Prize Fellowship.

From 1998 until 2008, she was the Managing Director of Digital Directions Group (“DDG”), a technology-focused investment-consulting and structured capital development firm raising over $250 million in capital for various new media clients. She owned and operated a chain of family entertainment facilities under the brand name Ice Capades throughout the U.S..

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