Cami Boehme Viridian Engergy Exec on Green Renewable and Sustainable Energy

cami boehme drk bgnd shCami Boehme, Executive from Viridian Energy on Green, Renewable and Sustainable Energy.

Viridian Energy supplies electricity, gas, solar and wind power that help reduce commercial and residential carbon footprints, can save money and can give energy independence and sustainability to it’s clients.

We get a chance to speak with Cami Boehme, their Chief Strategy Officer and we go into some detail about all the different technologies and which ones may be best suited to your situation and needs.

I have been wanting to speak with a professional in the field of green energy for some time. On Purpose Magazine has not reported on this subject in length before.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Viridian Energy by a good friend and talked them into getting me in touch with management so that I could have a conversation about what is green, what is sustainable and renewable energy and what makes sense.

We go into detail about the different types energy sources, their impact, cost, viability and much more.

If you are interested in becoming more energy independent or want to be a responsible consumer or both, then you have to listen to this interview.

Viridian works with a great channel of distribution. Word of mouth. It allows those who wish to help other consumers learn more and make the change, a great opportunity to make this into a business for themselves or just offset costs even more by referring customers.

It took me a while to get this interview scheduled because Viridian is growing fast and the executives are very busy so thank you to Cami Boehme for taking the time to speak with us and really dig into the issues. – JW

cami boehme light bgnd shCami Boehme

Chief Strategy Officer – Viridian Energy

The energy business seems a perfect fit for Cami, who often appears to be running on her own personal generator. Recognized as one of the “40 Professionals Under 40 to Watch” and as one of the top 10 entrepreneurs in Northern Utah, Cami’s inspired drive, quick intelligence and global perspective bring a powerful dynamism to Viridian.

Thanks to her dedication, foresight, and astute planning the Viridian mission has been seen and heard across the world.

Cami’s exceptional creative leadership derives in part from her time on the agency side, both as Partner and Brand Director for Advent Creative, a Utah-based creative services firm, and as the Founder of Digital Slant, a Utah-based brand consultancy. Under her guidance, Digital Slant was listed as one of the fastest-growing companies in the state two years in a row.

A born teacher as well as doer, Cami was the Associate Director of Marketing and a Lecturer at the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University, where she was responsible for strategic brand direction and development of new instructional initiatives in collaboration with other departments.

Cami earned both a B.S. in Mass Communications and an MBA from the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University.

logo viridian Energy greenViridian Energy

About Viridian

Founded with the vision of empowering consumers to be part of a significant, collective environmental impact by choosing Viridian ( as their energy provider, this socially responsible company connects with customers through a vibrant network of Independent Viridian Associates.

Committed to sustainability, community action and global initiatives, Viridian Energy offers affordable electricity that is more than 50% renewable, natural gas with carbon offsets to mitigate usage and residential solar power to a range of customers throughout 13 states plus Washington DC.

Viridian Energy is part of the C rius family of best-in-class energy brands which also includes: Cincinnati Bell Energy, FairPoint Energy, FTR Energy Services, Public Power, and the newly-launched Citra Solar. Learn more at

Viridian Purpose

Sustainability is not merely a word at Viridian: It is our driving force. Our goal was never to simply create an energy company, but to create a path to a more sustainable world. To that end, we have established our Sustainability Initiative to promote global and community activism and enterprise. It’s our pledge to our customers and Independent Associates that together we will be part of the solution.

In essence, we’ve created a dynamic sustainability team. By making one simple choice to switch to Viridian, each of our customers plays an active role in supporting the renewable energy we source, the global environment we help protect, the national economic development we drive and the community projects we take on in the communities we serve.

As we work together to realize our vision of a greener and more sustainable lifestyle, we focus on four focal action points: our Four Pillars of Sustainability. They form the framework for making a measurable and positive long-term impact on the environment while growing our company.

Pillar of Sustainability Our Commitment Your Opportunity
Products & Practices
  • Renewable electricity options
  • Affordable solar options
  • Responsible natural gas, counterbalanced with carbon offsets
  • The Simply Right Fund, supporting environmentally conscious natural gas extraction
  • Carbon offset program for corporate and event travel
  • Transparent and comprehensive sustainability reporting
  • Residual Fundraising Program, benefitting qualified nonprofit organizations
Enroll today for energy that’s affordable and better for the environment.Get Started
Local Change
  • Monthly sustainability events in all markets include cleanups, tree plantings and more
  • Annual Earth Month celebration supports every market with sustainability events
Join us at an upcoming community event or suggest your own event  for us to sponsor.Email for more information:
Global Vision
  • 7 Continents in 7 Years pledge—Viridian undertakes a global project each year to create positive change
  • Amazon Preservation Project—Viridian has committed to long-term reforestation efforts in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest
Sponsor a parcel of land in the Amazon to contribute to our reforestation efforts or join us on an upcoming planting trip.For more information, visit www.viridiansustainability
  • Our Green Energy Observer provides topline industry news
  • Learn about energy generation, how renewable energy makes a difference and our global sustainability initiatives by watching our brief videos Videos explain energy and sustainability topics
  • We provide materials for in-classroom presentations
Download most recent G

For More Information go to: Viridian Energy Website


Current Southern California*

Green is Good: Learn How One Company Avoided Over 4 Billion Pounds of Carbon Dioxide Emissions

“Social Capitalism” Workshop Planned for [Irvine / Concord] July [7 / 8]

Viridian Energy today announced that it will offer a free workshop designed to acquaint [Northern / Southern] California-based, eco-minded entrepreneurs with the power of affordable, green energy. Viridian Energy, a socially responsible retail energy supplier, offers electricity that is more than 50% renewable, natural gas with carbon offsets to mitigate usage and residential solar power to customers in 13 states plus the District of Columbia.

The Discover Viridian workshop will focus on recent developments in energy deregulation on the West Coast, as well as the growing availability of solar power in California. Participants will learn how these changes present opportunities to make a difference while making residual income as part of the growing trend of “social capitalism.” This trend — where sustainability creates a competitive business advantage — is a key reason Viridian has been named one of the top 100 direct selling companies in the world for the past three years. Committed to sustainability, community action and global initiatives, the company connects with customers through a vibrant network of more than 20,000 Independent Viridian Associates.

The two-hour information and networking session is open to the public and will feature Michael Fallquist, President and CEO of Crius Energy and Founder and CEO of Viridian. He will be joined by Meredith Berkich, President, Viridian Energy and Cami Boehme, Chief Strategy Officer, Crius Energy. Local entrepreneurs and Viridian Independent Associates Jessica and Jerry Conti will host the event. Pre-registration is required:

Monday, July 7

Hilton Irvine
18800 MacArthur Blvd
Irvine, CA 92612

Tuesday, July 8

Hilton Concord
1970 Diamond Blvd
Concord, CA 94520

7-9pm ( Registration at 6:30)

Register Here:

* There are many events in many cities across the United States. Please go to the website to find out more.

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