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Reno Wilson of Mike and Molly Supports ThinkCure Cancer Community

Reno WilsonReno Wilson plays Mike’s partner Officer Carl McMillan on CBS’s Mike and Molly

Reno, now living in Los Angeles via the Brooklyn, has played many parts and is now gaining recognition on CBS’s hit show Mike and Molly, but Reno also supports many causes including ThinkCure who’s mission is to fight cancer.


My wife and I love the show Mike and Molly and so I was very pleased to see and meet Reno at the GBK Gifting Suites for the Golden Globes.

Reno was having fun cracking up all the vendors with his easy and friendly sense of humor.

Reno is the kind of guy who looks you in the eye and is interested in your name and who you are. It made this interview very friendly and fun.

I need to take you up on that spin class…. Thanks Reno – JW


Reno WilsonReno Wilson

Actor / Voice Artist / Producer

From Wikipedia

Reno Wilson (born Roy Wilson; January 20, 1970) is an American actor and voice artist who has appeared in a number of television programs and films. His first television role was on the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show, where (on a recurring basis) he portrayed Theo Huxtable’s college friend Howard during Seasons 5 and 6 of the series. His most recent film roles were that of Orlando in the 2009 film Crank: High Voltage, reprising his role from Crank, and as the voices of Frenzy, Mudflap and Brains in the Transformers film series. He is also the voice of Sazh Katzroy in Final Fantasy XIII. He is currently in the TV show Mike and Molly on CBS, has also acted in Prison Break and the current voice of the character Killer Bee in the anime Naruto Shippuden.

That is the Wikipedia bio, but you really need to check out Reno’s IMDB page as he has played in so many more great movies and shows… To name a few..

Scrubs, Heist, Blind Justice, Sliders, NYPD Blue, The Sentinel, Sgt. Bilko, Coach, The Fresh Prince and many more….


ThinkCure! is an innovative, community-based non-profit that raises funds to accelerate collaborative research to cure cancers.

Our vision is to bring Southern Californians together to work towards a common cause to cure children and adults with cancer.

We aim to find cures for cancers by funding innovative research projects at City of Hope and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. An objective, peer-based panel of expert doctors reviews two-year grant applications once a year and funds are awarded to the most promising collaborative and cutting edge cancer research projects that can involve other top cancer research hospitals.

At ThinkCure!, we rely on community support, calling on everyone in our community to get involved and make a difference in the fight against cancer. Your support in any amount is essential to our programs, please donate to help us work to find cures for cancers.

Read more about our Mission and History. Or learn about our partner hospitals City of Hope and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

Looking for our most recent 990?  Get the PDF here.

ThinkCure Spin Event Yas-A-Thon at YAS Studios on 06/03/12.

If you live in Los Angeles you can visit any one of the several YAS (Yoga and Spinning) Studios for this event: More Info Here……

ThinkCure! Website


Thanks to GBK Productions – Gavin and his great staff. As always you host the best.