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Javier Colon 2011 Winner of “The Voice” at GBK Gifting Suite for the AMAs

Javier Colon Talks to Us About His New Album and What Causes He Supports

Javier Colon talks about his newly released album Come Though for You and about his support of cancer awareness and research.

Javier Colon fresh off his video shoot spoke with me at the GBK Gifting Suites at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.
Javier was recently the winner of the new hit show “The Voice“, which I really loved watching. In my mind Javier was the easy winner.
I also took a minute to check out the new album and it is really good. One person on iTunes commented, it is not for everybody and I agree. It is for great music lovers. If you are not one, then you can forget this gem.
OK, Here’s The Truth (Pun Intended), I liked all the songs. Not often I can say that.
All the celebrities are rushed through the interviews by their handlers very quickly so I really appreciate that Javier took his time and answered my questions thoroughly and thoughtfully – JW

Javier ColonJavier ColoN

Javier Colon has a lot of heart.

In fact, that heart is precisely why he captivated America as winner of the inaugural season of NBC’s hit television show, The Voice. It’s why he never gave up on his dream of a career in music even in the face of numerous setbacks and what seemed like endless adversity. It’s why every time he writes a song, it strikes a chord. It’s also why when the world hears his forthcoming 2011 debut album, Come Through For You, on Universal Republic Records, they will feel it.

Colon is no stranger to the music business. After touring with The Derek Trucks Band for two years, he released two major label albums via Capital Records—Javier in 2003 and Left of Center in 2006. Both releases illustrated a daring creativity that expanded beyond the confines of pop music, while still retaining an undeniable sense of melody. He already began to stand out as he carved the foundation for his self-dubbed, “acoustic soul” style.

Colon eventually split with Capitol and released The Truth – Acoustic EP on his own label, Javier Colon Music, in 2010. After a decade, he’d already experienced the road, dealt with the struggles of trying to excel on a competitive and crowded major label roster, and faced the challenges of promoting his music independently. In a sense, he’d seen it all and could’ve thrown in the towel. He wasn’t going to stop though.

Notified of the chance to audition for The Voice in early 2011, Colon took the opportunity. He’d been fighting for another record deal for five years to no avail and wasn’t sure about what the next step would be. Almost canceling the audition due to other show commitments, he decided to go anyway.

“I’m glad I went because The Voice was the best thing that’s happened up to this point in my career,” smiles Colon. “I really try to put everything I am into my songs and performances. I never expect anything, and winning was a shock. I was one-hundred percent happy that I’d simply gotten to the final four contestants. When Carson Daly announced I was the winner, I was elated and I couldn’t believe it. I’m very thankful.”

Original song and debut single “Stitch By Stitch” not only clenched the top prize on The Voice for Colon, but it also became something of a phenomenon. During the first week of its digital release, the song exceeded sales of 145,000 and peaked at #17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Colon even performed “Stitch By Stitch” on the Tonight Show With Jay Leno. With its lilting acoustic guitar and Colon’s palpable, powerful delivery, it’s an honest and heartfelt ballad.

“Stitch By Stitch” is only one thread of Colon’s debut. He began writing songs for the record in July 2011, and he dove deep inside himself. The next single, “As Long As We Got Love” featuring Natasha Bedingfield, sees Colon expanding even further as a songwriter. On this irresistible duet, the singers’ voices intertwine in a hypnotic harmony that’s simply unforgettable.

Colon’s been up for it since he first discovered music as a kid growing up in Connecticut. His father was a DJ at a local radio station, so there was always music playing at home. “From an early age, I’d start mimicking the singers I’d hear on the radio,” he recalls. “With encouragement from my mom and a few teachers, I started performing at school. After that, I wanted to be all over anything that had to do with music.”

In addition, Colon writes his own music, constantly keeping himself open to inspiration. A family man, he keeps his wife and daughters close to his heart at all times often writing about them. He continues, “I connect emotionally to the songs I write, especially if they have anything to do with my wife or my little girls. As a result, music can happen at any time. I’ve had instances where I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with two full verses of lyrics that I hardly even have to think about. I hope people connect to that.

“When they get a chance to hear Come Through For You, they’ll undoubtedly connect. Colon isn’t simply following anyone else’s path either; he’s making his own way. “My influences range from James Taylor to James Brown,” Colon adds. “I approach pop from a singer-songwriter’s perspective, and I try to infuse soul into that style.

“With a fresh take on pop, soul, and acoustic music, Javier’s journey starts with the release of Come Through For You. He concludes, “I hope the album takes people on my journey through all of the trials and tribulations we’ve made it through together. It’s definitely important that the songs move people.”

Javier Colon’s Homepage

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Skylar Grey at GBK Gifting Suite for the AMAs

Skylar Grey Talks to Us About What Causes She Supports

Skylar Grey tells about her tattoo, supporting saving whales and her support of Elton John’s Aids Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer.

I got a minute to talk with Skylar Grey at the GBK Gifting Suites at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA.
I so wish I would have had more time. I love Skylar’s music. I first Googled her after hearing the Eminem, Dr Dre tune I Need a Doctor and so wanted to find out who sung that part. Though I like a lot of it, I am not the biggest Hip-Hop or Rap fan, but I did love the singing in that song.
I also love her rendition of I Love The Way You Lie, much better than Rhianna’s. No dis to Rhianna, love her too.
I understand that Eminem did fight for her to sing the vocal on I need a doctor and if you want to hear more great music from Skylar you need to listen to her single Invisible (spelled weird meaning invincible). Sade pronounces her name “Shar-Day” so why not.
Skylar, hopefully I will get another chance to do an interview with more meaning and depth, but I really loved meeting you – JW

Skyler GreySkyler Grey

Skylar Grey, who just signed with Interscope Records, following a production deal with producer/songwriter Alex Da Kid for his Wonderland Music imprint is currently in the studio with Alex Da Kid writing and recording her debut album for Wonderland Music/Interscope Records, for which she intends to release the lead-off single this spring.

Most recently, Grey earned two 2011 Grammy Award nominations including “Song of the Year” for her collaboration to “Love the Way You Lie” and performed “I Need A Doctor” alongside Eminem and Dr. Dre at this year’s GRAMMY Award ceremony.  Initially, Grey made a name for herself as a songwriter with such  high-profile collaborations as “Love The Way You Lie” (Eminem), “I Need A Doctor” (Dr. Dre), “Words I Never Said” (Lupe Fiasco), and “Castle Walls” (T.I.), Grey was also featured as a vocalist on “Love the Way You Lie,” “Doctor,” and “Words.”

“Getting to perform on television with Eminem and Dr. Dre still doesn’t feel real to me and now to perform with Diddy-Dirty Money in the course of a month is unreal,” said Grey.  “I’m really excited about the opportunity to perform on Idol.  It’s incredible to have all of this leading into my album coming this year – I am so fortunate.”

For Full Bio Go to Wikipedia

Skylar Grey (born February 23, 1986 as Holly Brook Hafermann) is a Grammy-nominated American multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Grey was signed to Machine Shop Recordings under the name Holly Brook. She released her debut album as Holly Brook, Like Blood Like Honey, in 2006. She co-wrote the three versions of “Love the Way You Lie” with Alex da Kid, who signed her to his Wonderland Music label. She was featured as a guest vocalist on Fort Minor‘s “Where’d You Go” and “Be Somebody”, Diddy-Dirty Money‘s “Coming Home“, Dr. Dre‘s “I Need a Doctor” and Lupe Fiasco‘s “Words I Never Said“.

Invisible Video

I Like the Way You Lie

I Need a Doctor Video [Explicit Lyrics]

Skylar Grey’s Homepage
Skylar Grey’s Blog

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