10 Rules To A Higher Life

8. Eliminate the Negative

I actually did a writing on this before.
By “negative” Dr. Fleet means: “We use the word negative to mean that the individual selects things, think thoughts, or performs acts that are bad for his life, and bad for all of those who live around him. It is the evil principle of living a life. Vice versa, the word positive means that the things that a person selects for his body are good for his body. The thoughts which he thinks are good thoughts. They are conducive to helping life in the person himself, or in some other form. Also, the acts that he indulges in are acts that lift his life upward, or they lift the life of others upward. In other words, positive means “good for life”.”

So accentuate the positive! Choose foods and things that are good for your body. Eat healthy, get massages, and go outside! Choose thoughts that are good for your mind. Think loving thoughts, happy thoughts, be grateful for what you have! And finally choose acts that are good for your soul. Do good things for others and yourself. Hug someone, say “Thank you” or “I love you” when you can.

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