10 Rules To A Higher Life

6. Be Truthful

This rule deals with a few things. One, it has to do with being true to yourself. If you call yourself a Buddhist, or a Catholic, or a Christian, then strive to live up to the ideals of those religions. Don’t say “I’m Christian” and then berate the next person who does something wrong to you.

Two, it doesn’t mean you go and tell the truth when you know it can cause harm to someone. For instance, if a little kid asks you about Santa Claus, you wouldn’t tell the kid that Santa Claus isn’t real. This could cause much harm to the child. Or, if you know someone is having an affair with their spouse, you might not go and tell the spouse and cause a huge scene. It takes some discretion to know when to be truthful and when not to.

Three, be truthful with yourself. Try to see yourself as you really are. If you have some faults, that’s okay. Acknowledge that they are there and get to work on them. We’re all human and are here to grow and improve.

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