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Finding and Living Your Brilliance and Passion with Paul Hoffman

paul hoffmanPaul Hoffman Tells Us About Living an Authentic Life

Paul Hoffman is a transformational musician, speaker, author, and teacher. He has composed and produced music for internationally acclaimed speakers, best-selling authors, Fortune 500 corporations, films, television, commercials, and radio for over 25 years. Paul is the CEO, Visionary and Chief Creative Officer of Success Creation Institute, LLC, Paul Hoffman Music, Inc., Success Songs, LLC and Blue Music and Sound Design.

Paul is a genius in creating branded music to empower and motivate the listener to wake-up to who they really are and take action in their lives. His music elevates the mind and opens the heart to show the way seeming impossibilities become possible. Paul is a master at merging music with enlightened consciousness to create success. His Success Songs music inspires thousands of people worldwide every day to create powerful moments in their day as they Hear Life from a Higher Vibration. As a speaker and teacher, he changes lives through his programs:

“Do You Know What’s Possible For You…
The Character of Success”

“How To Think Out Of The Box Your In…Now”

“The Awakened Creativity Experience”

“The Power of Music…
How To Go From Inspiration To Manifestation.”

“The Secrets to Building a Blockbuster Business”

Paul is a keynote speaker for seminars produced by people such as Harv Eker and Greg Habstritt, where he shares his wisdom on creating success. He also created the Circles of Brilliance mastermind concept and facilitates personal empowerment trainings and inspirational meditations for Humanity Unites Brilliance.

Paul’s clients in the personal empowerment arena include Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Allen, Chris and Janet Attwood, Cynthia Kersey, Paul Scheele, Marci Shimoff, Christopher Howard, John Assaraf, Alex Mandossian, Lisa Nichols and Loral Langemeier. He has written thousands of commercials for many Fortune 500 companies and major advertising agencies many of which have become familiar in mainstream America including,

Have You Driven A Ford …Lately?

Paul is passionate about sound-healing. He co-authored the widely acclaimed Sonic Access program with Paul Scheele for Learning Strategies Corporation and will release Sonic Access Volume 2 in 2009. Paul’s books entitled, “The Character of Success,” and “Good Morning, Great Day” will be published in the next year.

Paul’s purpose is to inspire, awaken, educate and empower people to live a life of authenticity and integrity. His work facilitates the transformation and empowerment of people to create infinite possibilities for their lives. Through his music and empowerment programs, people change their thinking, connect with their genius abilities and thus transform their life for the better.

Paul is a great humanitarian and a tireless man of service. He is dedicated to developing programs that bring creativity to the children of the world. Paul is an original executive founder of Humanity Unites Brilliance, an organization focused on taking people from survival to sustained abundance. He was personally chosen By Rev. Michael Beckwith to serve on the board of the Agape International Spiritual Center because of his commitment to serve the community and his spiritual journey. His passion to make a difference in the world is evident in all his work. You can see and hear more of Paul’s work at:

www.bluemusicla.com and

For more information and Paul’s Full Story CLICK HERE

Rick Frishman at Author 101 Helping New and Seasoned Authors and Writers Build Huge Success

Bookmark and Share I have been so blessed to be able to have gotten to know Rick. He always answers his own phone and takes the time to listen. I called Rick and asked if he had any media coverage at his Author 101 program in Los Angeles. Now Rick really does not need press as his programs. They are constantly sold out, but Rick, always about gratitude, graciousness and never about lack mindedness, invited me to the event with an all access pass.

I will never forget the day I got to sit down with Rick and his lovely wife for lunch. What a treat, Rick is hilarious and great fun to be around and as you will see from many of the interviews, his authors, agents and vendors really love Rick and Author 101.

Rick takes a moment at the end of the 4 day event to come and talk with me about the event, the programs they had and some new programs coming up. I of course, got some of the greatest interviews ever from authors, agents, vendors and more. Thank You Rick .- JW

Authors: Rick gives away his Million Dollar Rolodex. Rick has compiled this list of top agents and industry resources to help you write, publish and market your book or project. www.rickfrishman.com/resources.html

Rick Frishman

Rick Frishman

Rick Frishman RICK FRISHMAN, the founder of Planned Television Arts, has been one of the leading book publicists in America for over 33 years.

Working with many of the top book editors, literary agents and publishers in America, including Simon and Schuster, Random House, Wiley, Harper Collins, Pocket Books, Penguin Putnam, and Hyperion Books, he has worked with best-selling authors including Mitch Albom, Bill Moyers, Stephen King, Caroline Kennedy, Howard Stern, President Jimmy Carter, Mark Victor Hansen, Nelson DeMille, John Grisham, Hugh Downs, Henry Kissinger, Jack Canfield, Alan Deshowitz, Arnold Palmer, and Harvey Mackay.

More Info on Author 101 University

Rick is publisher at Morgan James Publishing in New York. In 2010 “MJ” published over 100 books. Morgan James only publishes non fiction books and looks for authors with a platform who believe in giving back.

Morgan James gives a portion of every book sold to Habitat for Humanity. (http://www.morganjamespublishing.com)

Rick has also appeared on hundreds of radio shows and more than a dozen TV shows nationwide including OPRAH and Bloomberg TV. He has also been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Selling Power Magazine, New York Post and scores of publications.

He is the co-author of twelve books, including national best-sellers GUERRILLA PUBLICITY, NETWORKING MAGIC, WHERE’S YOU WOW, and “GUERRILLA MARKETING FOR WRITERS”.

His 12th book “SHOW ME ABOUT BOOK PUBLISHING” ( with Judith Briles & John Kremer) will be published in the Spring of 2011

He is the co-host (with attorney Richard Solomon) of the radio show Taking Care of Business, which airs every Thursday from 2:00-3:00 pm on WCWP-Radio in Long Island, New York. (www.tcbradio.com)

Rick has a B.F.A. in acting and directing and a B.S. from Ithaca College School of Communications and is a sought after lecturer on publishing and public relations and a member of PRSA and the National Speakers Association.

Rick and his wife Robbi live in Long Island with their three children, Adam, Rachel and Stephanie, and two Havanese puppies Cody and Cooper.

Go to www.rickfrishman.com for more information and to get Rick’s “Million Dollar Rolodex.”

To contact Rick or get more information:

Rick Frishman’s Author 101

Are you curious about what publishers like Harper Collins, Morgan James, Adams Media, Wiley, Random House, and Simon & Schuster are looking for? What is the best way to get your manuscript read when you’re an unpublished author? Want to know the biggest mistakes to avoid when writing book proposals? You’ll be engaged as these top pros share their expertise, reveal the inner workings of the publishing industry, and discuss various approaches to common marketing and publishing challenges. Author 101 University Event Website: www.author101university.com