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Dear America

Please forgive that this story is a bit late for the holidays, but it is still worth reposting.

A very moving story. Although I believe this story is well written fiction, it is still a great reminder of the struggles our servicemen and women go through while serving this country.

Bless and Remember our troops this year and let’s not forget to recognize all our US Veterans also.

US Veteran on LinkedInUS Veteran Group on Linkedin

If you are a United States Veteran of the Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force, National Guard and Coast Guard.

If you are a Reservist, Honorably Discharged, Retired or just looking to help the veteran cause and you are a member of Linkedin, than this Group is for you.

We do except family members of vets, recruiters and veteran resource groups like wounded warriors and other organization.

Come Join us Find Friends, Network with others to share information and resources. There is a job section for veterans looking for work and we also have a special group just for veteran job seekers and any organization, corporation, individual or business looking to hire vets. That group is US Veteran Jobs at www.linkedin.com/groups/US-Veteran-Jobs-3860175

Active Duty Also Welcome -Thank you for your service.

To Visit or Join US Veteran on Linkedin go to  www.linkedin.com/groups/US-Veteran-87020

It is Snowing at On Purpose Magazine


In the spirit of the holidays, it will be Snowing at the  On Purpose Magazine website till January 4th.

Come and check it out and all the wonderful stories and our first ever Author / Book contest / competition.

I grew up around snow…. My father was in the Air Force and it seems that we were stationed in many cold weather places where I got to see snow as a young kid, such as Plattsburgh, NY and Carterton, in West Oxfordshire in the U.K. and eventually my mother and my brother and sister settled in Lake Tahoe, CA and NV.

Snow was what winter and the holidays were about and when I first spend a Christmas away from home it was soooo depressing. I was stationed, while in the U.S. Navy, in San Diego, CA and though it was a wonderfully sunny Christmas Day, it lacked everything I thought I knew about Christmas.’

I now live in Los Angeles and have had rainy Christmases and wonderfully sunny Christmases, but never a snowy one. Yes we have had snow in Los Angeles a couple of times, but never on Christmas.

The point is that I love snow for the holidays and do miss it, but I have learned not to be depressed due to incredibly great weather.

I also have to admit that if reminded, going to school, work or important events can really suck in the snow and sliding off the road is not fun, or putting on chains when your hands are frozen, or slipping and falling or shoveling the walk or going out to carry in firewood and….. well you get the picture.

So at On Purpose Magazine we will make it snow 24/7 for your enjoyment, without any of the hassles. Make sure you stay on the page a second as it starts out very subtle and then it picks up the longer you stay.

Come take a peek and while your their listen or watch one of our great videos or podcasts. We try and put in tons of helpful content that you can use now and share throughout the year.

Happy Holidays to you and yours… – JW