Digging Amy Schumer

Inside Amy Schumer, Smart, Fresh and Funny

Just starting watching Amy Schumer on the Comedy Central. I have been laid up while recouping from spin surgery. Between the DVR and Netflix I have to say I am pretty burned out on television.

So I took a chance and recorded Amy Schumer’s new show. I remember seeing her on that reality show to find comedians, Last Comedian Standing and though I thought she was good, I didn’t go out of my way to follow her. Over the years I also have seen her do many of he comedy roasts and she seems to get better all the time, but her new show is excellent.

Well written, smart, irreverent.  Amy takes on all subjects. She is not afraid to cross lines, look stupid or call people out or just be funny.

Warning Will Robinson: This program is very adult and uncensored. If you do not like rude, crude but incredibly witty humor then you can rest assured that this is not the show for you.

She does some stand up, adds comedy skits and also does booth and on the street interviews.

Hopefully the show lasts. I felt the same way about Sarah Silverman’s show and I believe that one is canceled.

To check out the show and watch clips Visit the Website: Inside Amy Schumer

Amy’s Website

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